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Party Themes & Fun Ideas – 200+ Ideas

Party Themes and Ideas

Parties on their own are fun gatherings for socialization, conversation, and overall festivity. However, parties with party themes add extra excitement to the attendees, adults or kids alike, especially when they are encouraged to dress up or follow a set of rules.

By having party themes, you as a host have a semblance of rules or guidelines to follow when you arrange for important party aspects such as the kind of food to serve, the activities, the motif of guests’ outfits, and most importantly when you are choosing the decorations.

Fun Party Themes and Colors Ideas








  • Ghost party
  • Glamorous Bollywood
  • Glam Hollywood
  • Go-Karts
  • Greek
  • Garden
  • Gingerbread Man
  • Giraffe
  • Golf
  • Goodnight Moon
  • Grinch



  • Japanese Theme
  • Jingle Bells
  • John Deere
  • Jungle



  • Lavender
  • Lilac and Silver
  • Ladybug
  • Luau party
  • Lego
  • Lemonade Birthday Party
  • Leopard
  • Lion and Lamb
  • Little Boy Blue
  • Little House on the Prairie
  • Little Man
  • Little Mermaid
  • Llama Birthday Party Theme


  • Masquerade
  • Mermaid party
  • Metallic Rose Gold
  • Mint, Pink, and Gold
  • Modern Vintage
  • Moomin party
  • Movie Theme
  • Mardi Gras
  • Mario Bros
  • Mexican Fiesta
  • Mickey & Minnie Mouse
  • Mickey Mouse
  • Minecraft
  • Minion
  • Monkey Party Theme
  • Monopoly Birthday Ideas
  • Mother Goose
  • Movie
  • My Little Pony




  • Pastel
  • Parisan Pink
  • Paris Theme
  • Peppa Pig
  • Pink
  • Pink Floral
  • Pink and Gold
  • Pink and Brown
  • Pippi party
  • Pink and Rose Gold
  • Pirate party
  • Pizza party
  • Pool Party
  • Princess party
  • Purple
  • Paint
  • Parade
  • Paris
  • Peacock
  • Peas in a Pod
  • Peter Pan
  • Penguin
  • Peter Pan & Tinkerbell
  • Peter Rabbit
  • Pink Flamingo
  • Pink Poodle in Paris
  • Pirate and Princess
  • Pokemon Go
  • Polar Bears
  • Polka Dot
  • Polka Dot / Stripes
  • Prince
  • Project Runway
  • Pumpkin
  • Puppy and Kitty Birthday
  • Puppy Dog Birthday Ideas


  • Rainbow Party
  • Red
  • Red and Gold
  • Red Carpets
  • Rock Star
  • Rose Gold
  • Rose Gold Blush Glitter
  • Rose Gold and Purple
  • Royal Blue
  • Royal Blue Silver
  • Rustic
  • Rustic Lavender
  • Raggedy Ann & Andy
  • Red Riding Hood
  • Reindeer
  • Robin Hood
  • Rock Star Party
  • Rudolf Red Nose Reindeer


  • Sailor Moon
  • Skate Park Party
  • Slumber party
  • Soccer party
  • Spa Party
  • Space party
  • Spring
  • Star Wars
  • Summer
  • Sunflower
  • Sweet 16 Party Ideas
  • Safari
  • Sailing
  • Santa
  • Scarecrow
  • Scooby-Doo
  • Sesame Street
  • Shark
  • Sleeping Beauty
  • Snips and Snails Birthday
  • Snowflake Birthday
  • Snow globe
  • Snowman
  • Snow White
  • Sock Monkey
  • Spa Birthday
  • Spiderman Birthday Ideas
  • Sponge Bob Theme
  • Sports
  • Spy Birthday Theme
  • Stars Birthday
  • Star Wars
  • Stranger Things
  • Strawberry Shortcake Birthday
  • Sugar & Spice Theme
  • Sugar Plum Fairy
  • Super Hero
  • Superman
  • Survivor


  • Tea Party
  • Teal Pink
  • Teenage party
  • Toga Party
  • Trampoline Party
  • Trampoline Park
  • Tropical
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  • Texas
  • Thing 1 & Thing 2
  • This Little Piggy
  • Three Little Pigs
  • Tinkerbell
  • Tom Sawyer Party Ideas
  • Toy Story
  • Train
  • Treasure Island
  • Trolls Party Ideas
  • Twins Party Ideas
  • Two Colors




  • White Lie Party
  • Water Playground
  • Watermelon
  • Western Theme
  • Wish Upon A Star
  • Wizard of Oz
  • Wrestling Birthday Theme



  • Zoo
  • Zebra Party Ideas


Children usually love to have themed parties. These events are great opportunities for children to feel special and to interact with their peers. The added wonder and excitement of having themes make everything more interesting and stimulate every child’s imagination. Some themes popular at children’s parties are also suitable for adults.

Things you need to consider when planning a party?

  1. Space or the place where to celebrate a party.
  2. Canvas first the materials and the cost of the needed decors.
  3. The Decors, Materials where to buy, and the availability of materials needed for the party.
  4. What kind of party you want to achieve is the party’s name. What Theme Party?
  5. What style of clothes to wear for the party.
  6. What kind of food to prepare and need for the party.
  7. How many chairs, tables, utensils, and other materials that need at a party.
  8. Making party invitations and the day of distribution is essential because people or the guest can prepare and inform them ahead of time.
  9. Decide who will attend, the number of guests, and how many guests will be invited.
  10. Plan and ask someone where to purchase materials or call the supplier for the pricing.
  11. Make a checklist or a planner for the party, so you will not miss any crucial matters regarding the event.
  12. Always check the dates if when is the right day for the party.
  13. Ask professionals, event planners, or experts to handle or arrange a party.
  14. Plan ahead of time if planning to arrange a party.
  15. Always check the availability of the materials for decorating, the venue, the place, etc.
  16. Don’t forget to plan the guest list and the checklist supplies.
  17. If you want extras rather than entertainment and fun, book them ahead so they can prepare the things for the party.
  18. Regarding the food, hire someone who can prepare the food and assign a caretaker or homemaker for food assistance.
  19. After deciding what food, decors, theme party, and how many guests, check your budget for a party.
  20. And if you are having a problem with what decors need to put in your party, there are a bunch of ideas on the internet you can search for it.

Fun Children’s party themes

It is common knowledge that children immensely enjoy themed parties. These are memorable events that may become part of impressionable childhood memories they might accumulate. Of course, it is always fun to play make-believe and dress up!

What themes can you choose for children’s parties? Click on the links above to get helpful ideas and suggestions for invitations, clothing, activities, decorations, and music.

In some cases, theme party decorations can be all out and include the entire house. Other times, you may want to stay low-key and have an intimate setting with decorations on just one side or place in your home. However you want your decoration, the above list will definitely give you some helpful hints.

The same can be said about the appropriate clothing for a kids’ party that your guests should wear. In some themed parties I wrote above, I have included guides and suggestions for guests and celebrant attires.

Incidentally, what games or activities can we do at a themed children’s party? I also have a helpful guide HERE for anyone looking for good games to do, even at parties with no particular theme.

No children’s party is complete without gifts. Gifts should depend on the recipient’s interests. But the most common gifts are probably cuddly toys or even craft books.

Fun and Unique Adult Party Themes

As I have stated above, themed parties not only capture the hearts of children. Even adults love to organize and attend these parties. Having fun and playing dress-up is never restricted to kids only. Here are a few adult-themed party ideas you might be interested in.

Superhero Shindigs party theme

With Marvel and DC churning out superhero content left and right, dressing up as someone with powers appeals to most people. I mean, who doesn’t like to dress up as Superman? Superhero insignias or merchandise can be used to decorate the place, with movie soundtracks as background music. Superhero powers are not required.

Harry Potter World

Remember what I said about children’s party themes that are also adult-friendly? The wizarding world of Harry Potter captures the hearts of children and adults alike. The magical banners of the four houses can be purchased or even done by hand. Balloon owls, floating candles, and Hedwig’s theme in the background add mystery and magic to the venue. Food with magical and whimsical names is a must.

Game of Thrones party themes

Fancy channeling your inner Khaleesi? Why not go all out and do a Game of Thrones-themed party? Prepare some meat pies and spend the time swapping GOT trivia. Quiz bees about your favorite characters can be organized too. Everyone is encouraged to dress up as their favorite characters.

A Thousand and One Arabian Nights in One Night

Bright and gold decorations are a must in this exotic-themed party. Guests can have the chance to wear their most opulent Arabian costumes. Cookies with beautiful and intricate icing patterns will not look out of place.


Not the movie but the actual cars. Adults with automotive interests or hobbies will definitely enjoy this theme. You can go all out and hold the event at a car museum if you can. Car displays make for interesting conversation starters. Pro tip: hot wheel car giveaways.


This tried and tested party theme has been around since the olden days. Lavish decorations and even lavisher masks make this theme one of the best there is. If you want to, you can either tone down the decorations or do one that could rival the one in “The Mask of the Red Death” minus the death part of the course.

Color Party

Really, really like the color purple? Then, you and your friends can go and have an “All Purple Party.” Everything from decorations down to outfits should be purple, or whatever color tickles your fancy. Monochromatic food might sound unappetizing but imagine the visual impact of a purple food buffet! Want to spice it up? Post a penalty for anyone wearing something of a different color.

Bring Your Own Food Festival party themes

This one involves every attendee as they would be required to bring food assigned to them. You can have everyone bring food from a list of countries. This theme is perfect for gastronomic adventurers.

All Aboard the Murder Mystery Train

Perfect for fans of whodunit murder mysteries, this exciting theme will not be complete without actual case solving. The food can be anything you fancy. Detective outfits can be optional. Mystery-solving skills, however, are a must.

Hello Luau Time

Guests can wear their best Hawaiian attire. Welcome them with beautiful leis and drinks on coconut shells, complete with little umbrellas. Reggae music is a good addition. In addition, you can all sorts of happy games such as Limbo Rock or Belly Dancing Competitions.

More adult party themes to consider are pizza party, anime party, Yoda birthday party, toga party, Aesthetic, Dungeons and Dragons, and Coming out party.

No matter the age, a themed party is always a good way to socialize and be merry. You have to find the perfect party themes you and your friends will definitely enjoy.

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Party Themes & Fun Ideas – 200+ Ideas
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