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Fire brigade-Themed Birthday Party

It’s fun to have a little different theme for children’s parties. Children usually might think it’s exciting with fire trucks and emergency relief, so why not organize a fire brigade party too?

How do you arrange a fire brigade party? Print pictures of fire trucks and invitations to the back of the images. The clothes on a fire brigade party can be and a pair of boots. Decorate with water hoses and ladders. You can bake a fire engine cake to serve at the party. Fun games are a relay race, put out the fire and carry water.

Let me tell you more!

How do you arrange a fire brigade party?

Invitation cards to a fire brigade party

Print fire trucks on a little thicker paper cut them out and then write the invitation on the back. Or cut out the square cards in orange and then attach the tissue paper in yellow, orange, and red are shaped like flames.

Clothes on a fire brigade party

Good clothing is a fire brigade helmet and a pair of boots. It also good to ware red clothes.

Party decorations

Decorate your home with ladders and water hoses. Take out all the fire trucks and other toys that fit. It can also be fun to make your fire truck of a large cardboard box. Cut out the fire truck and paint it. Decorate with things you have at home. Maybe it can be a fun activity at the party for the children can decorate the fire truck.

It is good to have a small fire also in a fire brigade party. It fixes quickly with a fake fire.

What can you serve at a fire brigade party?

Bake a cake in the shape of a fire truck. Sponge cake is done in the pan and cut rectangular pieces that you stack on each other. Finish by spreading red cream on top. The wheels on the fire engine, use the Oreo biscuits. Makes a ladder with pretzels and raspberry licorice laces or straps that hose. For windows, sirens, etc., you can use cookies, sweets, etc.

What can you put in the candy bag?

Whistles and small fire trucks are good things to put in the candy bag.

Fun games at a fire brigade party

At the party, it is common to have different relays. In fire department celebrations, there are several fun relay races to choose from. Here are some suggestions:

Option 1 ‚Äď All children take on the boots, helmet, gloves, and raincoat, and then run an obstacle course.¬†The obstacle may have elements of walking the plank, crawl, and climb.¬†The goal of the relay may be to save the life of a stuffed animal and make it back to their team, and it will be the next child‚Äôs turn.

Option 2 ‚Äď Build an obstacle course that kids need to get through to get out of the burning house.¬†You can, for example, hang lace curtains, organza on the lines of the room.¬†Children must crawl under them to avoid the smoke.¬†They may also have to scroll around to put out fires in their clothes and so on.

Extinguish the fire ‚Äď Give children a respective water pistol or ketchup bottle filled with water.¬†Their task now is to ‚Äúput out the fire.‚Ä̬†Decide before where the ‚Äúburn‚ÄĚ that you do not get water in the wrong place.

The fire engine ‚Äď Children sit in a circle on the floor and pass around a fire while the music plays when the music stops leaving the child holding the fire truck out of the game.

Put the helmet on the fireman ‚Äď Draw up a firefighter (without a mask) and attached to the wall.¬†You also need a helmet that you cut out of red paper.¬†Now the children one by one come up, get blindfolded and spun around.¬†Then they try to put the helmet of the firefighter‚ÄĒthe child who comes to the closest wins and gets a small prize.

Download waters ‚Äď This is a fun game if you can have the party outdoors.¬†Divide the children into teams.¬†Set a large bathtub with water halfway between the groups.¬†Each of the groups will then have a separate bath.¬†Each side should have a bucket, and when the relay kicks off, they run to the tub in the middle and fill his bucket.¬†They then run and drain the water into the team‚Äôs bowl.¬†Then take the next child bucket and run after water.¬†The team with the most water in their bowl wins the relay.

Extinguish the fire ‚Äď Draw a house on a large cardboard box.¬†A cardboard box filled with red, yellow, and orange balloons that are inflated.¬†There will be a balloon for each child.¬†Each team will have a color.¬†The balloons are flames.¬†A team will put out the red balloons, a team yellow, and team orange balloons.¬†Each side will each receive a blanket.¬†The first child of each team taking their sheet and run back to the house, bring a balloon and put the blanket over the balloon until it breaks.¬†Then you have extinguished the fire.¬†Then, the kid with the sheet and run back to their team.¬†The winner is the team that first puts out his fire.

Activities on a fire brigade party

Check with your local fire station if you can get to do a visit and talk with the children about what to do if a fire starts.

Draw flames in the driveway with street crayons and let the kids spray water on them with water guns or water-filled bottles of ketchup.

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Fire brigade-Themed Birthday Party
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