Circus birthday party

Circus birthday party
Circus birthday party

Children usually like the circus and children’s parties, so why not have a circus party too?

How do you arrange a circus party? Print circus tickets that invitation. Children can dress up as a clown, ringmaster, lion, circus princess or ballerina. Make your circus tent and decorate with balloons and circus posters. Good things serve at the circus party are clown ice cream, popcorn, and cotton candy. The games at the party walk on a tight rope, put his nose on the clown, or balloon relay.

Invitations to a circus party

Make custom invitations that look like circus tickets with a picture of birthday child on with a clown nose.

Or write the message on a balloon. Blow the balloon without tying and print the invitation on it with a permanent pen. Add a balloon with confetti in an envelope that you address to each party guest.

How to dress for a circus party?

In a circus party, you can dress both clowns, strong man, lion tamer, magician, circus director, lions, circus princess, or ballerina. There are some ready-made costumes, but it can just as well to manufacture their own.

Clown clothes for kids
Clown clothes kids hole dress
Princess or ballerina dress

If you want to be the clown you can take on big a pair of big pants or shorts, gloves, a jacket, braces, a hat, clown noses, bow tie and a couple of big shoes. Clowns use to wear makeup. If you want to make, your clown nose can cut the clown nose of an empty egg carton, paint it red and attach a thin elastic band in the nose, so that the child can attach it behind the neck.

A ballet or circus princess needs a tulle skirt and a beautiful necklace. A circus princess might come riding to the party on a hobbyhorse.

For those who want to dress up as a ringmaster, put on a black suit, a top hat and cloak to be the right clothes at the party.

If you’re going to be a lion mustard-colored clothing to be good, here, you can go all out and even paint the child’s face in the lion’s color and paint where whiskers. The hair may be top of the right wild lions look.

How do you arrange a circus party theme in children's party?
How do you arrange a circus party theme in children’s party?

How to decorate for a circus party?

Make a circus tent by attaching crêpe paper into a hula hoop and hang up the rock ring in the ceiling. Attach the crêpe paper ends to the wall of the room to get a circus tent. A circus party should have lots of balloons, of course. Make small trapezes for dolls and stuffed animals. Trapeze can be produced by using your empty paper towel rolls and rope.

In a circus, the party is fun to make your circus posters. If you have photos of guests, you can use them and make posters for the world’s strongest man, etc. Place a stuffed animal in a chair with a bunch of balloons in his hand.

Place cards can be done by printing images of circus animals that you cut in two. One part puts you on the table. The second part, assign to the children when they come to the party. When it’s time to eat, they look for their place in the second half of the animal.

Want to buy finished materials for the circus party, there is a lot to choose from.

What to serve at a circus party

Some good things to offer your guests at a circus party is popcorn cones and cotton candy.

Make a round cake in the shape of a circus that you decorate with sticks (balloons) and animal biscuits. It is also easy to make a carousel cake. Then take two round cookies that you spread icing or frosting on. Then some animal biscuits in the glaze. Then attach the second cake on top of the cake with biscuit and animal carousel cake is done.

Make Clown ice cream -serve a scoop of ice cream on each plate and put an ice cream cone on top of the ball. The cone is the clown hat. Then do the hair, eyes, nose, mouth, etc. of sprinkles, chocolate, fruit, or candy. It can also be a fun activity to let children handle the decoration of his clown.

You can also open the ice cream stand and serve ice cream cones with sprinkles and chocolate sauce.

Candy bags for a circus party

If you can get hold of red and white striped bags to put candy in, it can be excellent. Otherwise, completely white bags that you attach circus pictures. If you want more lavish kids, there are circus boxes to buy.

Clown noses can be excellent gifts to put in the candy bag.

What to play at a circus party?

Put your nose on the clown – In a circus party, you can play put the nose on the clown or the tail of the lion. Make a big lion or clown of paper that you put up on the wall. The children arrive one at a time, get blindfolded and gets twisted a few turns. Now, the child must attach a clown nose on the clown or the tail of the lion using adhesive. The winner is the child who comes closest.

Walk on a tightrope – Place a rope on the floor and let the kids get the balance from end to end, trying to do tricks along the way. You can also use a plank as a line and make it a contest, where children first must balance over. The second time, they balance with an umbrella. The third time with a book on their head. The fourth time in both a book and un umbrella. When a child loses his balance or drops something, is out of the game. The child who is left at the end wins the competition.

Balloon Relay – Now the children two and two stands with their backs to each other with a balloon between them. Then they, without dropping or pop the balloon, getting around a track. You may not use their hands here. If they lose the balloon or breaking down, they start over. The winner is the team that gets the most balloons into the net.

Clown Relay – Divide the children into teams. Children who are first in each group run to their suitcase and put on clown clothes. It can, for example, bee clown noses, shorts, suspenders, jackets, and big shoes after running the child back to the team and take off all the clothes. The next child takes on the back, run over to the suitcase, and take off. Then she runs, or he is back to his team, and it is the next child’s turn.

Pie in the sky – Have an adult sitting on a chair. The children take turns trying to throw the dot at a certain distance with foil molds filled with whipped cream. It will be a huge success.

Hat trick- Make a hat to each child two paper plates deep as you glue the bottoms against each other, and an elastic band to put under the chin. If you want, you can let the kids get to decorate and paint their hats during the party. Give each child a hat, a pea bag, or a foam rubber ball. They will then try to throw the bag or ball in his cap.

Taming the Lion – All children, except one, the lion tamer, and form a long line. The lion is standing with his back to lion tamers, a few meters ahead. The lion tamer will now try to sneak up to the lion and tame it. It does so by pounding the lion in the back. But the lion can always turn around and yell lion cage while growling. The lion tamer who then moves must start at the starting line again. The first succeeds in taming the lion will become lions next round.

Activities at a circus party

One can manufacture clown hats. Make custom cones that children can decorate with markers, sequins, and glitter. Write your name on the caps, so you know which is whose. Once the caps have dried, you put elastic to hold them in place.

You can also put clown makeup when the children come to the party.

Learn some simple magic tricks and show the children. You can also work out some that you teach the children.

In a circus party, you can also arrange a circus performance where the children can have leading roles. One must be the ringmaster and bid welcome. A child can juggle with hula hoops, clowns, circus princess balancing on a rope, making a fiery ring (hula hoop with fluttering red tape) that a child will jump through so on.

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