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Wild one birthday

It would be awesome to celebrate your baby’s first birthday party cause you want other people to meet your baby and see how fantastic and awesome they are.

Many parents look forward to this day cause they want it to be special and something they can save the memories on video and pictures. Videos and pictures their baby can cherish once they grow old.

Most parents will hire a party organizer who will take care of every detail. Since there are now numerous companies who deal with handling such parties, it is now easier to prepare for such occasions and less stress for parents. This may cost a great deal and some parents would rather prepare it themselves.

How do you arrange a wild one birthday?

They are also more interested in being hands-on with the preparation than letting other people plan their child’s birthday party.

It is not easy to do but with the correct planning, a wild birthday party can be quite a success. Here are things one needs to prepare for the party.


Birthday invites should be sent at least three weeks before the party. Some even send an invitation six weeks before the date. It is to ensure that people who are invited can keep their calendar free on the day, and they can also let you know whether they have something planned on the said date and if they cannot make it. It ensures you know how many visitors you will have, and the food estimation is easier.

The invitation should include the five W’s or the who, what, when, where, and why. The information should all be there on the invitation so your visitors won’t be looking for details once they receive the invitation.

Birthday themes may include Animal Safari, Under the Sea, Princess, Unicorn, Tea Party, Mermaids, Dinosaurs, Hearth Theme, or just pink or blue theme. Themes and design depend also on the child’s gender.

Wild One Birthday Invitation

Tee Pee Birthday Tribal Invites by Big Sky Design

Customizable design and simple to order online. You need to indicate specifics such as the quantity of the invites you need, list any customization you require, and you need to wait for 24 to 48 hours for the finished design.

The finished design will depend on what you approved of, and if there are any necessary revisions, it will be changed quickly. Once you approve the finished invitation and the design, it will be printed and shipped within 2-days.

Perfect for the party you are planning for, and it is just simple and fast to order.

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Safari Animals First Birthday Party Invitations

This set of 25 sized at 4.25″ x 6″ Invitation with envelopes is cost-effective. It is printed elegantly in Heavy Card Stock that does not crumple and is made of high-quality materials. The design is perfect for your little one’s birthday as the colorful print, and the drawings are done elegantly.

Also, you can return the invitation if you are not satisfied when you received the invites, and your money will be refunded. It gives you nothing more to worry about if you don’t like the printing, which rarely happens to clients.

The invitations are made to make your baby’s first birthday party just outstanding.

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Shaped Fill-in Invitations Number One

Baby Girl Invitation Cards with Envelopes

You can order it in a set of 12, and if you need more, you can add additional sets to the order. For an intimate get-together with family, this is the perfect number to celebrate your little one’s party.

The invitation also includes envelopes to complete the party invitation. It is printed in high-quality material, and the materials used during the printing are also made professionally. The manufacture made each invitation individually and with such care to ensure each invitation will be classy as the next invitation card.

It is also priced at such an affordable cost and will give you a great deal for each set.

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When you find a color scheme for your child’s birthday party, the decoration does not stop there. The color, effects, table decors, linens, chairs, coverings, party favors should all go together.

Like for instance, when you plan a safari party for your baby boy, everything should go well together.

Animal balloons featuring lions, monkeys, and other wild animals. Zebras, elephants, tigers should also be in the mix.

Animal Stickers can also be another favorite, and best included during decorations. Animal print tableware as well as paper plate, cups, napkins must be featured.

Birthday Banners should have an animal backdrop with the name of the celebrant. Photo booths, costumes, and even wild animals are in the planning.

Jungle Tray Kit Safari Animal Party Supplies Birthday Party Tableware Set

A package that is what you need to celebrate a jungle safari birthday theme for your baby boy. This is perfect cause the banner, cups, plates, dessert plates, napkins, table-cover, forks, knives, spoon, cutlery bags are all included and you need not worry about purchasing it piece by piece.

The high-quality and thick materials used will provide you with plates and other utensils that are thick and will not easily crumple or fold when laden with food.

When you don’t want to stress yourself with finding materials, you will need for your baby boy’s jungle safari theme birthday, here is where you can order with no worries.

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Safari Birthday Supplies Theme Zoo Jungle Animal Party Plates and Napkins for Birthday Party

The set includes cups, plates, napkins, and tropical theme decors with vivid colors. It has 24 pieces of each and is perfect when you want to celebrate your child’s first birthday with family and friends.

Plates are made of high-quality materials to ensure that it is not just attractive for kids but it is durable while in use. It can carry a good weight of food and will not get damaged easily.

Since it is disposable and is of eco-friendly, it is safe to use. There is no more worry about washing dishes or of plates getting broken into pieces.

The dinner plates are just right, and they can accommodate different food because of their dimension.

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For clothing, it should also be suitable for the theme preferred. If it is a birthday boy and you want him to have a safari party, then a brown, or green-based color is perfect for his attire. A girl who would have the same theme can also wear khaki and also any shade of green.

Visitors may also come in safari outfits or wear something neutral. Having a hat for the party is also welcome, but it will also depend on where the party is being held.

Birthday celebrants may have their outfits customized if nothing will fit them, particularly for their age.

For the birthday celebrants, some ideas include:

Jungle Safari 1st Birthday Outfit Boy by Bub Bling Boutique

This piece is popular and highly fancied by first birthday celebrants. A wonderful attire for your baby’s first birthday, and if you are not keen on having a customized outfit, this one can be your option.

It is handmade, has high-quality materials, is complete with suspenders to keep the outfit in place, and is made of organic cotton fabric.

Manufacturers painstakingly patterned each outfit and cut it into pieces for sewing with care.

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Baby Girl Toddler 1st Birthday Romper Tutu Skirt with Headband Clothes Set

An outfit that is perfectly made for your daughter’s first birthday party. The tutu skirt plus the ribbon and the head knot make your child doubly adorable.

The clothing is easy to wear and is convenient during diaper changing. The skirt is also non-itchy and includes the overall material used during the manufacture of this clothing.

These are the clothes to make your daughter look like a cuddly princess. For her first birthday party, whether it is a princess theme or just a pink theme, you can never go wrong by choosing this dress.

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Baby Boy First Birthday Clothes by Kionio Romper Black Pants Suspenders

When you want your baby boy to shine on his wild one birthday, you can choose this outfit for him. It is 100% cotton, which is highly comfortable, particularly for your baby’s soft skin. There are no snaps or buttons that will irritate your baby’s skin cause the snaps are located in the right place and are covered. Your baby will surely love wearing this outfit.

Even when outdoors or indoors, it will not be an issue cause the materials used are all soft and comfortable.

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It is not just decors, invitations, and outfits, but food can make or break the party. It can mean its success or failure. The kids should have fun not just in the games or the tokens they get from the wild one party, but they should go home with their tummy filled with their favorite food.

There should be food for kids as well as adults. The buffet for the kids should include mini sandwiches, bananas, muffins, cheese cubes, hard-boiled eggs, and small-sized meat. Check the food you will offer according to age cause toddlers may not be able to bite on certain types of food.

For older kids, it is safe to offer hamburgers, baked potato bars, stuffed mushrooms, nuggets, barbecue sandwiches, pasta salad, wings, pasta with meatballs, macaroni, and cheese, or even pizzas.

Adults can also enjoy the food mentioned above and include some salad or tacos.


Cake, cupcakes, fruit skewers, S’mores, mud cups, ice cream bar, apple pies, strawberry pies, waffle bar.

When preparing the food for the birthday party always be aware of foods considered choking hazards. This is doubly true for a first birthday party where there are many guests, especially toddlers. Some choking hazards include marshmallows, grapes, raw veggies, candies, and even sliced fruits.


Giving gifts for a wild one birthday takes consideration and understanding, what the child needs during this milestone. Gifts must be something that helps them in their development and aid in their fine motor skills, language, and vocabulary.

Gifts must be durable, engaging, safe (not a choking hazard), multifunctional, and environment friendly. Some are recommended for two years old, but they can be given to a one-year-old.

Pull and Push Toys

Will develop their strength and coordination. Push toys that have a broad handle should be your option. Wheels should not spin too fast. It is best to have some shape sorters or music.

Sorting and Stacking Toys

The perfect partner for your toddler who is learning how to sort shapes and is practicing his stacking skills. Blocks can help your child develop such. Your child is learning how to stabilize and manipulate, and they need toys that will help them improve and enhance such learning.

Rock-and-roll Toys

A toy that will let your toddler build their core strength and enhance their balance. A toddler’s rock-and-roll toy must let them get on and off a rocking toy without losing their balance.

Toys for Creativity

This enhances your child’s creativity and imagination. There are many toys available, and there are also art materials, Play-doh, markers, among others.

Toddler Push & Pull Toys Easy Push and Pull Action, Family Early Learning, and Motor Skills Toy

The best partner for learning and exploring for your little one. It is safe and healthy since it is Phthalate and BPA-free. All surfaces are smooth, and no splinter can hurt your baby.

The small beads found inside the wheels will give your toddler something to listen to cause the rustling sound while they are pulling or pushing their toys will surely excite them.

Perfect toy to improve your child’s hand-eye coordination as well as dexterity. Not only is this toy entertaining, but your child will learn while enjoying this toy.

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Wooden ABC Blocks Engraved Baby Alphabet Letters Counting & Building Block Set

This is a bigger block that your child will surely enjoy. It will help a toddler with stacking and recognizing pictures. It is kid-friendly and non-toxic. Includes a storage bag to keep everything neat and in place.

A gift for your kid or any toddler for their birthday.

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Wild one birthday
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