Soccer Party

When a soccer guy or soccer girl’s birthday, it is more fun if you can organize a birthday party with a soccer theme. Here you can find inspiration for table settings, clothing, games, etc. at a soccer party.

How do you arrange a soccer party? A soccer party can be held both at home in the garden, in a rented sports hall, or anything green. You can serve a soccer cake and juice in sports bottles. When there is a soccer party, it is, of course, essential that it played soccer at the party. Other great activities include a scavenger hunt with soccer matters, cone soccer, or to guess the right name for soccer players.

How to organize a football party?
How to organize a football party?

Invitations for a soccer party

Make custom invitations on thicker paper that you cut like soccer balls or goals. The birthday party is sure to be remembered if you purchase plastic balls and writing letters to them.

How to dress for a soccer party

Sportswear, shorts, a T-shirt and sneakers.

Decorations on a soccer party

Decorate with balloons of favorite team’s colors. Put up posters of your favorite team’s players. Set the table in the team’s colors. For example, have table cloths in the different colors for the team. Add a soccer ball in the middle of the table and spread the confetti around. You may also find paper plates and cups in the team’s colors. There is also a ready-party package to buy a soccer party.

Party Package for soccer feast

What can you serve at a soccer party?

Bake a round ball cake – cake base with many layers, with filling in between, which you can then cut round like a ball.

Baking molds if you want to decorate the cake, so it looks like a real football with the help of marzipan

The easiest way is perhaps on the cake, looking like a soccer field. Then do the cake base in a roasting pan and fill with eg, jam, banana, vanilla whipped or otherwise. Garnish like a soccer field: green marzipan, coconut flakes, whipped cream like grass. Then the white edge lines and center lines. Goals can be built-in barbecue sticks or straws. Extra fun is it if you can find some soccer figures in the toy store to decorate with. When I looked around, I managed to find a ready-made kit with both player and goal!

Soccer players and goals for decorating the birthday cake

Serve juice in sport water bottles.

Candy bags at a soccer party

In addition to candy, maybe you can find something soccer-related to put the candy bag. It can, for example, be soccer cards, stickers, whistles, medals, or soccer reflexes.

Soccer reflections can be useful to add the candy bag soccer party

Games for a soccer party

Divide the children into teams and play regular soccer.

soccer goal can be helpful to have a soccer party
A soccer ball is a must on soccer party

Cone soccer – played as usual, but with a big beach ball and all children have a different cone front face to attach behind the head using an elastic band.

Create a quiz with soccer questions, tailored to their age.

Compete to see who can hold soccer at the air using the feet, head, and knees.

Who can name most soccer players?

Activities at a soccer party

Let guests write their autographs a soccer birthday child then gets.

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