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Coming Out Party: A Celebration Of Freedom And Love

Many members of the LGBTQ+ community are still closeted, and this is a sad part of our world’s reality. However, it’s already 2021, and nobody should ever condemn the existence of anybody, regardless of gender.

But it is great that more and more parts of the world are very open, accepting, and loving of all people, whatever their gender is. Any human being would feel so happy to be accepted and loved for who they really are.

How To Arrange A Coming Out Party?

Coming out, finally

For many LGBTQ+ individuals, coming out of the closet is very difficult to do. Sometimes, they are being prevented from coming out because of their fear and doubts. But, most of the time, they cannot find the courage to come out because of their people.

Nevertheless, coming out is a very challenging thing to do because it requires the person to take the first step to ultimate freedom. And because it is so hard to do, it is truly rewarding when one finally does come out of the closet.

In fact, it is worth celebrating! It is like a birthday celebration where a closeted LGBTQ+ individual is finally born again with newfound freedom and love. If ever you are wondering how to go about a coming-out party, listed below are some important tips you should take note of.

Tips on how to decorate a fabulous coming-out party

1) Set the best date

The best date is when every one of your close family and friends is all available to join your coming-out party. The best date is usually during weekends, either Saturday or Sunday because most people don’t have work on these days. Once you decide on the best date, the next thing to do is to pick a venue where you will be holding your coming-out party. You can either book a hotel or choose to hold your party in the comfort of your home.

2) Make a fabulous invite

A coming-out party is truly special. That means your invitation should also be extraordinary. So, why not design a fabulous invite? You can make it stylish or colorful or elegant. Either way, make sure to make your invitation something to be excited about. After making a fabulous invite, send it to your close family, friends, and all your loved ones that you want to be present during your coming out party. They will definitely be happy and excited once they receive your invitation.

3) Prepare the menu

In preparing the menu for your coming-out party, make sure to choose the dishes and drinks that everyone, especially you, will get to enjoy and appreciate. You can cook for your party but you also book a caterer to prepare and cook everything on your menu. You can choose to serve American dishes, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, or any cuisine that you like. Once you have decided which foods to serve, make sure to do a taste test so that you will know if the dishes are delicious. Also, take note of your or your guest’s allergies if there are any. You don’t want anyone having an allergic reaction emergency during your party.

4) Go above and beyond the decorations

The decorations at your party are everything! Go for rainbow colors, colorful decorations, elaborate designs, and joyful themes. You can use colorful table covers, wall designs, balloons, banners, displays, tokens, and many more. Your coming-out party is a remarkable event to celebrate and remember so make sure to really go all out with the decorations.

5) Pick the best outfit

Before your coming-out party, make sure to go out and shop for the best outfit. In picking the best outfit, you should consider which clothes complement your style and personality. Wear something that will show the best of you! Most importantly, don’t forget to have fun with your party outfit. Be bold with colors, glitter, beads, shimmer, and more. Or you can opt for a minimalist yet stunning outfit! Either way, make sure to pick the outfit that you will be proud of and happy to wear on your special day.

6) Have fun at the party

On the day of your party, don’t stress out! Have fun, enjoy, and relax with all your loved ones. You can have a mini-program and play exciting games so that everyone will participate and enjoy. You can sing karaoke and have fun while everyone is belting out your favorite songs. You can drink some booze and socialize and catch up with everyone. Also, you can do a gift-giving session where everyone will give their birthday message as well as their gifts. Most of all, make sure to have fun and really have a great time together.

Perfect gifts to give at a coming-out party

1) Gay Agenda Notebook

This paperback notebook has a colorful cover with the text stating ‚ÄúThe Gay Agenda‚ÄĚ and it is filled with 100 pages of blank-lined top-quality paper. This is the perfect gift for people who like expressing themselves through writing or for those who are studying or working and needs a notebook to write on. Sized 6 x 9 inches, this notebook has a soft matte cover and its pages are suitable for pencils, ink, or gel pen.

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2) Nanafast LGBTQ+ Pride Bracelet

Made by Nanafast, this 11mm bracelet is available in white howlite stone and black matte agate. There is a single resin bead that has a rainbow color which symbolizes gay pride. This bracelet will definitely be appreciated by anyone who will receive it! It is cute, adorable, easy, and fun to wear. This jewelry will surely make the day even more special for the celebrant.

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3) Love is Love Rainbow T-Shirt

Love is powerful and this black t-shirt with an amazing and colorful text stating ‚ÄúLove is Love‚ÄĚ just shows how beautiful love is. The print is silkscreened by expert artists and printers so you can be assured of its high quality. The t-shirt has a modern fitting and soft fabric that will surely make it feel comfortable to wear. Made with 100% cotton, this unique t-shirt is the perfect balance between comfort and style.

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4) Rainbow Striped Black Long Socks

You will get a pair of long black socks that will definitely make anyone’s feet feel cozy and happy. These long socks have a rainbow stripe accent or design, which symbolizes gay pride. These can be worn during concerts, festivals, or the usual day-to-day activities. A product of Tipsy Elves, these socks are lightweight and made with 100% cotton so comfort is ensured. These beautiful pair of socks will surely be a fun gift to open during a coming-out party.

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5) Gay Pride Science Hoodie

‚ÄúScience Is Real. Black Lives Matter. No Human Is Illegal. Love Is Love. Women‚Äôs Rights Are Human Rights. Kindness Is Everything.‚ÄĚ These words are beautifully printed and etched on this comfy pullover hoodie. Available in black, navy, royal blue, dark heather, and heather grey. Made with cotton and polyester, this hoodie will surely bring comfort and style to the next level. Anyone who receives this as a gift will truly enjoy and take pride in wearing this amazing pullover hoodie.

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6) LGBTQ Pride Shot Glass

This fun and cute white shot glass have a black inner part and it has an artsy text on the outside stating ‚ÄúLET ME GET ONE THING STRAIGHT, I‚Äôm NOT‚ÄĚ. This unique shot glass is one of the perfect gifts for a coming-out party. Made with sturdy ceramic, this shot glass can endure hot and cold fluids with no hassle and it can also withstand microwaves and dishwashers. With its distinct design, using this shot glass during parties or other celebrations will surely make a drinking session more enjoyable and exciting.

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More coming out gifts

A coming-out party is something to cherish and remember forever. It is the day when a closeted person finally comes out with newfound freedom and love. Every member of the LGBTQ+ community deserves an amazing coming-out party that symbolizes their re-birth to a happier and more meaningful life.

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Coming Out Party: A Celebration Of Freedom And Love
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