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Harry Potter-themed birthday Party

Sure it’s fun to organize a party with different themes. The Harry Potter books are books that many children enjoy, so why not arrange a Harry Potter party?

How do you arrange a Harry Potter party? Children dress up as witches and wizards, maybe someone famous from the books. Send magical and fun invitations. You need the room decorated with owls and magic decor. Cook some food from the Harry Potter Cookbook and maybe muffins with the golden snitch. Good games are such as Hide and Seek and Quidditch.

How do you arrange Harry Potter party?
How do you arrange a Harry Potter party?

Let me tell you more about how you can arrange a really successful Harry Potter party!


Print invitations with invisible writing. Invisible pens can be found both in toy stores and hobby shops. They come in a few different directions, for some need a UV lamp, and others require a special pen to get the script to appear. Otherwise, you can write the invitation using a toothpick and lemon juice. Then you need the invitation heated with an iron for the text to appear.

Use thicker paper for the invitation card. To get it to look like old parchment, drag a used tea bag over the paper. It gives it the right color. It can also be a nice effect if you burn the edges of the invitation card.

It is, of course, also possible to write the invitation with an ordinary green/red/purple pen. (green, red and purple are wizarding colors) If you want to make the invitation a bit trickier, one can write the mirror.

Seal happy invitation with a wax seal.

If you know which room the guest has at his home can also write on the invitation.¬†‚ÄúEmma, who lives in the room right above the stairs.‚ÄĚ

For example, type so this invitation

Welcome to Hogwarts School …

But give your address and draw a map on the back

Ask them to take each with a broom and respond with owl mail or muggle phone whether they come to the party or not.

Clothes on a Harry Potter party

Ask guests to dress up as a character from the books. It can, for example, be Harry, Hermione, Ron, Draco, Nick, Hagrid, Snape, etc. Or maybe just an ordinary magician or witch.

It is also ok for the children not to dress up, they become the muggles.

To become a magician needed a robe, wand, glasses, owl, and perhaps a broomstick.

The wand is nothing you need to buy. You can do an elegant one yourself. I made a nice wand for my daughter with the help of a chopstick, painter’s tape, hot melt, and acrylic paint. I took the stick and built a handle of masking tape. The adhesive I used to drizzle a bit on it, then I painted everything in black and brown. Perfect when you are at the wizard party but do not want to spend so much money on equipment.

Harry Potter magic wand that you can make yourself
Harry Potter magic wand that you can make yourself


A short distance from the house put up a billboard Platform 9 3/4.

Do you live in your own house, you can put up an owl on the mailbox with a letter in his mouth.

At the front door, make a sign, ‚ÄúWelcome to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.‚ÄĚ

You can decorate your home in an old castle with large paintings on the walls and some cobwebs that enhance the feeling. Try to emulate the dining room in the Harry Potter film when you decorate the room as the party is held.

On one shelf, you can snakes, rats, bats, or other water-filled cans.

Take balls and cut the wings of paper pasted on them. Spray them with gold paint and hang them from the ceiling. These are the golden snitch.

In the ceiling, attach the luminous stars and planets to resemble a starry sky in the great hall of Hogwartz.

Right colors to decorate with this black, purple, and gold, all of which are typical wizards colors. Or perhaps the Gryffindor colors are burgundy and gold. Or green for Slytherin, blue Ravenclaw, or yellow for Hufflepuff.

Set some broomsticks in the corner. Decorate your home with toy owls, wands, bats, etc.

Fill small glass jars with magic ingredients to use when making potions. It may be the water that you colored with food coloring, small round candies, soaked spaghetti, thyme, black pearls can be beetle eyes, and so on. Feel free to come with more magical ingredients to control the drinks!

You will find a black paper table cloth or black fabric for the table. Decorate it with stars and moons.

Use the gold plates and gold-colored napkins.

Make small wizard hats used as place cards. Cut round slices and then a cone that you tape to each hat. Write the child’s name on the hat. Or make a wand, see above, and write the child’s name.

What do you serve at a Harry Potter Party?

Maybe you can cook a delicacy from Harry Potter Cookbook? There are recipes taken from the story of Harry Potter. Here are a great many recipes to choose from.

Harry Potter Cookbook with recipes from the story of Harry
Serve food in a cauldron!

Are you looking for some more uncomplicated food for the Harry Potter party? You might make soup or spaghetti with meat sauce work if there are many kids at the party?

Buy soft drinks in various colors as you make new potion labels. Want more colors. You can buy lemonade as an example of the color blue with food coloring or crushed berries.

Make dessert tables that are as richly as in the books, ice cream, sorbets in different colors, chocolate, strawberry, birthday cake, nougat, chocolate balls, and chocolate cake.

For that little extra in a Harry Potter party, you can also bake cupcakes with yellow frosting that you can then cut out paper wings and makes the Golden Snitch.

Candy bags

Buy black candy bags of paper or sew simple bags of cloth and tie a ribbon around. Fill the candy bags with chocolate coins and a wand (see above how to make them), candy beans, chocolate frogs, rats, and chewy black candy.

What to play on a Harry Potter party

Divide the children into different houses in that they can deduct respective patches from a witch hat (sorting hat). Prepare pieces of paper with:

  • Gryffindor
  • Hufflepuff
  • Ravenclaw
  • Slytherin

During the party, once they get different houses, score in the competitions but also for good behavior and good things they do. It can, for example, carry out the dishes to the kitchen. Put up a picture on the wall where the houses/teams score posted.


Do you want a complete scavenger hunt for the Harry Potter party it is nice to have a Quiz?


Prepare before by hiding the toy spiders in the room and let the children look them up. The winner is the student home to find the most spiders.

Spiders 50 pcs


Place wizard hats on the floor, one for each child. Add candy, wands, spiders, and other magical items under each hat. Let it be two of each kind. The children will then, in turn, lift the two hats if they get up two as they keep it available for the hats. Otherwise, the tour goes on to the next child. Then let the kids get a wizard hat when they go home from the party.


Children stand in rows, depending on their house. They shall touch each other on the shoulders. The child who is at the end has a tail of some kind, maybe a sock or a piece of string. The game is to take the rear of the other dragons. The team that got its tail stolen is out. The winner is the house, which stays in the game for the longest.


Cut out a Harry Potter image and place it on the wall. The children will then come up one at a time and get a blindfold and be spun a few laps. Then they will try to put a pair of paper glasses on Harry Potter.


All children receive a note on the back of one of the characters in the Harry Potter books. They will then try to figure out who they are by means of yes and no questions.


Each team gets a piece of paper with the alphabet written from A to Z. Once the competition starts, each house finds a word for each letter. The words should be taken from the Harry Potter books or movies.


Hide several gold treasures ‚Äď rocks that you spray paint, chocolate coins, and gems of plastic gold.¬†Give each house a cloth bag where they collect their taxes.¬†Taxes can be worth different points when no one can find more treasures estimated combined score and give points to the dormitory with the most points.


Here they will use the brooms they bought for the Harry Potter party.¬†A ‚Äúhome Quidditch‚ÄĚ can be achieved by putting up two goals, one on each side of the pitch.¬†Now the children are seated on the opposite brooms trying to sweep the ball into the net.¬†Prepare happy golden balls of different sizes.


A child counts, and others are hiding.¬†When the counting child finds someone, he calls ‚Äúnumb‚ÄĚ as the petrifying spell.¬†When you become numbed will be the one that is counting, and starts counting right away.¬†

If the child who hid sees the counting child first, she or he can jump up and shout ‚Äúexperiallamus,‚ÄĚ which is the disarming spell.¬†The counting child becomes paralyzed and can not conjure.¬†If that happens, it is the same person who will close their eyes and count again.


Here the children compete for their various houses.¬†Each house has a broomstick.¬†At the far end of the room, set up magician hats or cones.¬†The first child of each team stands astride the broom and ‚Äúfly‚ÄĚ around the track and the cone and back to their team.¬†The next child takes over the brush and flye.¬†The winner is the house that was first to finish their flying.

Activities in a Harry Potter party

The party should start with a ghost holding a history lesson. It’s good to have all the guests get acquainted with Harry Potter and his friends.

Let the kids go through Diagon Alley, and turn from Muggles to wizards.

They can make their garments. Prepare the mantle and let the children decorate their mantle with fabric pens, glitter glue, stickers, beads, etc.

They can make their magic hats. Here’s how cones of black paper stapling together, and the children then get decorating.

Let the bar make their wands. Prepare chopsticks that you hand out to the children. The course contains feathers of a phoenix, dragon teeth, hair Unicorns, etc.

Teach children to do a simple magic trick or rent a magician as entertainment at the party.

Making potions is fun.¬†Add baking soda in a small jar that you mark with ‚Äúground unicorn horn.‚Ä̬† Add a little vinegar with the help of green food coloring into another pot that you find up with ‚Äúextracts from the Whomping Willow.‚Ä̬†Pour the unicorn horn in a bowl, add a few drops of dishwashing liquid and add the extract from the Whomping Willow.¬†Now comes the bubbling cauldron of real wizards.

Herbology on Hogwartz achieves this by giving each child some mysterious seeds to take home. Good and fast-growing seeds, for example, pumpkin, pea, or bean.

On the lesson of Transfiguration with Professor McGonagall, add up the dough-snakes that kids will turn into spiders, sorting hat, or something else to pass the class. Or maybe balloon animals balloons that they’ll turn into any animal.

What do you give a gift to a children’s party? Great gifts at a children’s party, for example, be craft books, slime, small games, or maybe jewelry. More tips on good gifts to give away when it’s kids, you can find here.

What do you give Harry Potter lovers as gifts? Great gifts to give a Harry Potter lover, collectibles, metal models of the Harry Potter world, Marauder’s Map, and if he or she does not already have all the books and movies, they are sure to welcome the gifts. You can find many more great birthday gifts for Harry Potter lovers.

What can you find on the theme of the children’s party? You do not want just a Harry Potter party, maybe a Barbie Party, an artist party, or a slumber party can be fun ideas. Want more tips on good themes in the children’s party, so I gather everyone I come in here.

How do you arrange Valentine’s Day party? Make the hearts of paper where you decorate and write the invitation. Good clothes for Valentine’s Day party are pink or red clothing. Decorate with tulle and satin ribbon. Sprinkle with heart-shaped sequins across the table. Make your heart-shaped cake and decorate with marzipan, candy hearts, silver balls, or sprinkles. More tips for Valentine’s Day celebrations can be found here.

Harry Potter-themed birthday Party
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