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Knight party

Knights, jousting and swordplay interests often little guys, so why not organize a knight’s party when he has his birthday?

So how do you arrange as a knight‚Äôs party?¬†Invitation card can, e.g.,¬†be a paper cut like a knight‚Äôs castle where you fold out a drawbridge to read the text‚ÄĒgood food for the party‚Äôs chicken and knights cake.¬†A mantle and a shield can be useful to have in case you are invited to a knight‚Äôs party.¬†When guests arrive, you can dub them knights.¬†To manufacture their shields is an excellent activity for a knight‚Äôs party.

How to arrange a knight’s party?

But let me tell you a little more about a medieval knight party is done!

Invitations to a knight’s party

Make custom invitations and announcements in a gray paper where you cut a knight castle. Also, cut out a drawbridge in brown paper. Print the letter on the inside of the drawbridge and tape or glue the drawbridge on the fort. Cut out an invitation formed of a shield. Decorate and write the message on the backside. Take a piece of paper that you moisturize with a used tea bag to make it look old out. Tear the edges, then write the invitation and roll the paper and tie a ribbon around.

What do you wear to a knight’s party?

On a knight’s party can be helpful to have the knight’s helmet, sword, and mantle. The mantle can make a piece of cloth that you attach to the clothes using safety pins. There is a toy sword in plastic that is good for the party. Or maybe you can find those where thin balloons that you are blowing balloon animals off. Blow them up and shape them to the sword with a handle.

A shield can also be fun to have at the party. To do this easily by cutting out a piece of cardboard as you decorate and attach a handle on. Decorate with color, beads, or aluminum foil. The handle can be made of a piece of string. A true knight is arriving at the party riding on a horse.

Wooden hobbyhorse
Mantle for the knight
Sword for the knight

As a parent, you may want to dress up as the king. The king studs knight when they arrive. He also fritters away his (plastic) money during the birthday party.

Decorations at a knight’s party

  • Purple, burgundy, or dark green with gold is a good knight‚Äôs colors.¬†Try to choose a tablecloth in those colors.
  • Set the table with gold tableware.
  • Set up shields made of cardboard that you painted or covered with aluminum foil on the walls.
  • Decorate with horses, dragons, swords, etc.
  • If you can get hold of large boxes, you can make a knight‚Äôs castle with a drawbridge, which the children can play in.


Grilled chicken clubs is good food. They can be eaten with your hands because you did not use cutlery in the Middle Ages.

The cake you can form as a knight castle. Use ice cream cones, upside down, to get the towers. Make windows, drawbridge, etc. by decorating with candies, wafers, or whatever you see fit.

An alternative cake can be The Sword in the Stone ‚Äď if you bake a round cake with whipped cream, colored gray. Or use marzipan to make it look like a stone.¬†Decorate with a small plastic sword.

The easiest cake, you might, if you do it as a round shield, which you decorate with candy in different colored rings. Serve the cake with the help of a toy sword instead of a cake slicer.

Candy bags at a knight’s party

On a knight’s party, it is nice to get golden money in the candy bags. If you can find chocolate money it is the best!

What can you play on a knight’s party?

Look gold money ‚Äď Hide gold coins in the room and let the knights help to collect the king‚Äôs lost treasure.¬†The knight who finds the most gets a small reward by the king.

Jousting ‚Äď sitting on a board, the children try to knock each other down with a pillow.¬†Make sure there are mattresses for only so that no damage.

Put the helmet on the knight ‚Äď Put up a picture of a knight on the wall.¬†Cut a helmet and then let the children come up one at a time.¬†Blindfold the child‚Äôs eyes and spin a few laps.¬†Let the child try to put the knight helmet.¬†The child who comes closest wins a small prize.

Activities on a knights party

When the children arrive at the party king can dub them knights and call them ‚ÄúSir Robin,‚ÄĚ ‚ÄúSir Ossian ‚ÄĚ and so on.

At the party with plenty of time, you can see the movie The Sword in The Stone.

It can also be a fun activity to allow children to produce their shields as they paint and decorate‚ÄĒthe shields they can bring home with them afterward.

What to do if you want to invite girls to the knight’s party? Many girls are thrilled with knights and medieval well. Although women could never become knights of the Middle Ages, today’s girls get it without problems. Do you worry that there will be few girls at the party and maybe the guests can choose to be princesses and knights?

What are the themes that have a children’s party? Good topics to have a children’s party, for example, ghosts, disco parties, Barbie Party, soccer party, etc. Read about party ideas here.

Must gift for kids party cost so much? No, actually not. Most people think that $ 10 is just right to put on a gift for a children’s party. Read more about the survey here.

My child is invited to a party, what should I buy as a birthday gift? Great gifts for the kids, for example, small games as Uno or Monkey drop. Pencils, erasers, and craft books are also popular gifts to buy at a children’s party. You can find more tips on excellent and inexpensive gifts to give away at children’s parties.

How do you arrange an airplane party? Make your flights where you write on the invitations. Decorate your home with aircraft and clouds on the ceiling and along the walls. Serve the children an airplane cake. Enjoyable activities at the party are to teach children to fold some more advanced aircraft model and allow them to compete against each other. More tips on how to organize an aircraft parties are here.

What tends to be for games on kids? It usually always dance stop, fish pond, and some form of a relay. For more tips on games at children’s parties, I have collected them here so you can read on.

Knight party
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