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What to play on a birthday party

Children’s birthday party is something that the child themselves looked forward to all year. The child has been planing carefully who may come and who may not come to the party. As a parent, thinking surely over which games should be for kids, what foods you should serve, what them to have at the party, and so on.

But what are the games to play on the kids? A standard play on the kids’ party is Dance Sop, where you dance to the music stops. Then you should stand still until the music starts again. Children’s parties often end with a fish pond where they get a bag of candies. But there are other games for kids such as relays, soap bubbles, put the tail on the pig, dishcloth race, kiss the frog and chocolate pudding game.

what to play on a birthday party
What to play on a birthday party?

Now you’ll learn fun games for the kids and get suggestions for good themes.

Games for kids parties

Here you will find excellent games for the children’s party. Children tend to be very creative and have a good imagination when it comes to starting games. But sometimes it may be necessary that an adult goes in and start the game for it to take off. It is important not to steer too much while it may be required that an adult start the game. Children can be a bit shy, both for each other and for the birthday child’s parents. But the game is a great way to build relationships. Extra fun is that if you, as an adult, also join in the fun and get to know the child’s friends.

Children’s birthday party in our family has degenerated! My daughter, who is 12 now the world party organizer. It’s not just her birthday, and she will manage and organize quizzes and games on. It is also my birthday that always turns into a children’s party. I have wished to celebrate an adult party. A party with just dinner and pleasant conversation. But no! Somewhere along the road, it degenerates. I have had a princess party, a party with the theme of the summer, and had to spend the day walking quiz that is all about her. I’ve always full of streamers and balloons for my birthday. I hope that one day not to have a kids party when I celebrate my birthday. I do not like games. I do not fancy disco mingle with baking or role-playing where I have to be a hypochondriac !!

So if you are reading now is 12 years and called Emma, ‚Äč‚ÄčI think you should stop reading here.¬†The rest of the page is forbidden for you to read.¬†I do not want to give you more inspiration than you already have!¬†The rest of the page is about games at children‚Äôs parties ‚Äď you know such a where children are inviting.¬†It‚Äôs not about games for my birthday.¬†I would like to celebrate my next birthday in peace, no games, and no theme.¬†Not more princess party thanks.¬†Good food and chatter as well!¬†Thanks in advance!

Party Themes princess party
Party Themes princess party

Where is the party located?

When choosing games for kids, you need to begin to think about our children’s party is going to be located. If it is winter, you might want to have the party indoors, but not necessary! If the party is held indoors, maybe you can have the contests outdoors?

If possible, so it is usually helpful if all the wild games at the children’s party can be performed outdoors. It is generally good if the kids can do something physically also at the party. Having 20-30 turbocharged children in one place, usually in all cases for the birthday child’s parents can be quite strenuous, so you have to plan the games where the children can plummet off a little.

Good outdoor games have on children’s party’s quiz, relay race, treasure hunt, and obstacle courses. Occasionally length of the kid’s party usually is 2-3 hours.

Quiz walk

In the middle of the games on the children’s party can a parent be friendly to have a little relaxation. Then a scavenger hunt comes in handy. The questions should be a bit tricky so that everyone does not have all the right if you want any price ceremony afterward.

It’s fun to ha a theme at the quiz as stories, farm animals, ice creams, and the like. Are the participants at very different ages? You can have different questions for the youngest so that everyone thinks that the quiz will be something fun.


Relay is good games have on kids. You can have five-fight, seven-fight-or 10-fight depending on how many branches you want to relay.

Apple mask

One of the most enjoyable games on birthday parties is the apple mask. Divide the children into teams. Roughly six children are usually enough of each group to play an apple mask. They will form a long worm by holding each other’s feet, and together they crawl across the finish line that you have set up. The winner is the team that manages to cross the finish line first.

Chocolate pudding game

Here the children are competing in pairs. Each pair receives two blindfolds, a spoon and a cup of chocolate pudding. They put on blindfolds, and one should try to feed the other with chocolate pudding game. Chocolate pudding game can get very messy and fun when none of them sees something. The winner is the pair who first manages to eat up their chocolate pudding.

Dishcloth race

If there are many children? Then the dishcloth race is a fun play at the party. In the dishcloth race, you transport water from a full bucket into an empty bucket with the help of a Dishcloth. The team that manages to fill their empty bucket with water wins the game.

Divide the children into two teams stand on that stands in a row. The child, first inline, wet the dishcloth. The dishcloth will be handed over, over the heads of the first child, between the legs of the next, over the heads of the third, and so on. When the dishcloth reached the last child, he or she will squeeze the water from the cloth and sending the cloth forward again.

Each team will need two buckets‚ÄĒone at the start and one at the goal. The bucket standing at the target is where the water will end up. In that bucket, you need some kind of level meter‚ÄĒfor example, tape, so that you know when you won.

Smush balloons

You need balloons on strings. Each team will have a color of the balloons. Each participant binds the balloon at his leg, and one should not keep in his balloon with the hands. Then you have to crush balloons from the opposing team. When they got their balloon trampled, one is out of the game, and the winner is the team that has a lot balloon the farthest. To have this game on kids suit older children best. Young children tend to get upset when there are loud noises and when their balloon breaks.

Mor branches in the relay

  • Nail the board.¬†Here, a nail turned down entirely in the board wins do it first strikes the nail.
  • Throw the ball in the water-filled bucket, each team has five shots, and you get points for every ball you get in.
  • Spitting Frog ‚Äď everyone gets a green jelly frog was and will spit it as far as possible.
  • Eat candy string without using your hands.
  • Guess the number of schools in a jar.
  • Apples are placed in a bucket of water, using only your mouth to pick them up from the bucket.

Bubble blower

It can be a welcome break in the party that all children get a can of soap bubbles and get to play with it a little while. Maybe not your typical play to have a party, but it is something that most kids usually like.

Packing game

The unwrapping game is a favorite among the games at children’s parties. It has a small thing such as soap bubbles, stickers, or another small gift inside. The innermost gift is wrapped in lots of layers with different wrapping paper. The children sit in a circle and will open a sheet of gift wrapping each was. Eventually, you reach into the innermost layer, and the child who receives it must also keep the little gift.

Put the tail on the pig

Putting the tail of the pig, the tail on the donkey, etc. are popular games at children’s parties. The child wearing a blindfold should place a tail on the animal. The goal is to get as close to the donkey or the pig’s butt as possible. You note where each child had put the tail and whoever is the closest wins.

Treasure hunt

Treasure Hunt is a classic game of kids.¬†For smaller children, you can put a string around the home.¬†The children follow the rope to get to the treasure.¬†For older children, you make clues.¬†The clues in the treasure hunt adjusted to the children‚Äôs level, of course, but it might be something like ‚Äúhere you can get a secret mail‚ÄĚ and then finds the children‚Äôs next clue in the mailbox.

  • The clues can be different maps of the garden, where you draw an X where they will be able to find the next clue.
  • It can be a photo of the place where the child can find the next clue.
  • The clues can be somewhat tricky as the children can help each other to solve.

The treasure may be gold coins or candy bags instead of a fish pond.

The paper in a gray-brown color you get if you take a used tea bag and iron over the paper. Let it dry. You get great treasure maps by tearing the edge of the document and burn it with a lighter. Now, treasure maps and clues given the right pirate feeling!

It should also be the right amount of clues, neither should be a too long or too short treasure hunt. Somewhere between five and eight clues usually enough. Would the kids run out of clues, give them little to help to get along!

Kiss the frog

Kiss the frog is a top-rated game to have on the children’s party. Here you need a big frog in a paper that you put up on the wall. You also need a red lipstick. Now the child is wearing the blindfold trying to kiss the frog in his mouth. It is easy to see who wins. Do not forget to write who kiss mark belonged only!

Musical chairs

Musical chairs is a classic game to have on the children’s party. In the basic version and you have chairs in a circle on the floor. The chairs are one less than the number of children at the party. When the music plays, go all participants around the room. When the then silent, you have to be fast and find a chair to sit on. Whoever gets no chair is out of the game. Then you remove a chair and starts the music. One child at a time is out of the game. And for every round, you remove a chair. The winner is the one who is left alone at the end.

Musical chairs can also be varied with the pillows as you sit on the floor.

Dance Stop

Children usually love to dance. Prepare a playlist of favorite songs. Turn down the lightning in the room and use the disco light if you have access to it. Dance Stop is a party game where you suddenly pause the music, and then you have to stand still until the music starts again.

Mind reading

It might also be nice to have a few breathing pauses and play some quiet games at children’s parties. Such a peaceful game is mind reading. It can also be a fun part where the parents can participate in the children’s party. When my son was little, his grandfather was mind reading at his party. How he did it? He brought newspapers and a magic stick. We put the magazines on the for in a 3×3 formation. Grandfather had to turn around. When he could not see what we did, we chose one magazine. When grandpa turned around and read our minds, he would know what newspaper we had selected.

What we did to Grandpa could read minds? Well, I showed grandfather which newspaper we have chosen by giving him a secret signal. I pointed to a randomly selected paper and asked if it was the one we thought of. It was where I pointed at the magazine that was the secret signal.

  • If we had chosen the magazine upper left corner, I pointed to the upper left of any newspaper.
  • Had we chosen the newspaper in the middle, so I pointed at the center of any newspaper.
  • If the newspaper was in the middle to the right, I pointed in the middle-right of any newspaper.

I could then choose a newspaper at random as I pointed out, and asked if that was it. But, depending on where on the random paper I pointed, grandpa understood what we have chosen.

It was a fun and exciting feature of the children‚Äôs party.¬†The children did not manage to figure out how he was doing, and I think grandfather thought it was inspiring to be magical for a while‚ÄĒone of the funniest games we had on the kids‚Äô party.


When it’s time to go home, it is usually time for the fishpond where the children will each receive a bag of candy. Sometimes it is even small gifts in the bag. It can be hair clips, stickers, tattoos, bubbles, etc. Here you have to be resourceful and find cheap gifts if there are many kids at the party. Gifts for under $5 you can find here. There is perhaps something that can be put in the children’s bags from the fishpond.

How much may the gift for kids party cost? Most believe that gifts for kids can cost $10. To read more about how much my readers believe that gifts may cost when shopping, so I have gathered all the information here.

What to buy as a gift to the kids? Great gifts to give to a kid are small games, activity books, pencils, erasers, glitter, flashlight, magnifying glasses, magnets, balls, snowball creator, and whoopee cushions. More great tips on gifts for kids’ parties can be found here.

Please, feel free to share this page with party games!

What to play on a birthday party
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