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20 Great Ideas to Store Gift Bags and Make Extra Space

From baby showers, birthdays, graduations to Christmas gifts, it is obvious there is a lot to be wrapped during the year, and this means a whole collection of gift wrappings in your house. When you look at all the essentials involved in gift wrapping, leaving them in your house office or playroom without proper storage can be chaotic and create a lot of mess around your house.

Some of the ways include shower caddy, storage rods, homemade behind doors, Dowels, a black wire, a gift storage station, or even top-shelf storage. The ideas are endless. 

Regardless of how many gift wrappings come into your house in a year, you don’t have to get worried. There are fantastic ways to store all the wrappings and still have plenty of space in your room.

Here are 20 great gifts storage ideas that will leave you amazed.

How can you store gift bags and gift wrapping stuff?

Seasonal Wrapping Station

Securing a corner in your bedroom, office, or children’s playing room can be a great place to serve as a seasonal wrapping station. It would be best to put the wall with adhesive hooks to work with a clutch and secure tags and labels on a clipboard.

You don’t need to worry about the clips as they are unobtrusive and usually come off the wall without a trace. With your tags and labels secured tightly with a clipboard, tuck tissue paper on a wire-mesh wall file and suspend wrapping paper rolls, scissors, and wrapping bags.

Party-paper Storage Hamper

An ordinary party-paper storage hamper can collect several wrapping paper rolls, bags, scissors, ribbons, and other gift wrapping supplies. During the off-season, you can put it in a corner of the house waiting for the gift wrapping season to commence, and then move it to whatever place you want it to be.

It would help if you had a tall enough hamper for the lid to close when you put your supplies inside. With such a hamper, you are sure that your gift bags are safe and still your house is kept organized and neat.

Top-Shelf Storage

Top-shelf is the best place for storing your gift bags and tissue papers. For the lovers of gift bags, you don’t have to wander around thinking of where to keep them anymore.

Top-shelf is an ultra-efficient wrap storage place where you can quickly put bags in clean containers or tuck them on a shelf in your bedroom. It would help if you placed your bags with their handles facing outside to facilitate easy removal.

Personalized Shower Caddy

The shower caddy presents you with one of the most outstanding storage ideas for your wrapping papers and gift supplies. The storage is perfect for small items like tapes, scissors, tags, and small gift packs.

If you are the type of person who likes having a personal touch with cards, boxes, and every gift bag, then a shower caddy is the most convenient store for you. You can as well use them to hold tackle boxes and old tools.

Out of Sight Gift Wrap Storage

If you are the kind of person who prefers to store your gift wraps in the sneakiest part of the house, then this is for you. You need a lidded under-bed container, put all your wrapping suppliers inside, then put it out of sight until you need it. Since under the bed is a rarely used place, you are left with enough space for other chores.

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Putting Them in a large Bag

A great idea to store your bags and still save space is folding all your gift bags properly, flatly arranging them, and putting them all together in a large bag. It is crucial to place them according to their sizes to facilitate easier removal when you need them.

If you don’t like the idea of them being on the floor, you can hang the giant bag on the wall or on the hangers of your closet. This is a perfect idea as your bags can stay safely in the closet and are still easy to remove when the need arises.

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Filling all the Bags in a Large Plastic Container.

If you don’t have a big bag to put all your smaller gift bags inside, then a large plastic container can be a perfect idea for you. Put dividers in the container to separate birthday bags, wedding bags, baby bags, and so on. Placing the container in one corner of your house will help you in saving space.

Filling Gift Bags Using an Expandable File Folder

If you have a few gift bags in your house, filling them in an expandable file folder can be an excellent idea; sort your bags by type, then put each bag in its folder and store them safely in the cabinet. If you need them to be hardy, you can keep them together with tissue paper.

Use a hanging Gift Bag Organizer

Some of the storage methods listed above might either require storage space for containers or a shelf space that might not be available in your home. When you face such a situation, using a hanging gift bag organizer is an excellent idea.

You need to buy an organizer that is tall enough and has several pockets where you can sort all your bags by type and place all of them in their respective pockets.

Storing Gift Bags in Drawers

Drawers are an excellent storage place for your gift bags. Apart from storing gift bags, they serve as an easy way to keep all your gift supplies such as wrapping rolls, adhesive bows, pencils, stickers, and scissors.

Organizing all your bags by colors, occasion, and type, you need to put them in respective drawers, and you will never have to look for gift suppliers anymore.

Use a Simple Magazine Rack

When you don’t have a place to store your bags, you don’t need to throw them away or just put them anywhere where you might take forever looking for them when the need arises. Purchasing a simple magazine rack can do wonders.

You don’t need a fancy magazine rack. Just a simple magazine rack will do a great job when it comes to the storage of your magazine. You require to purchase it, sort your gift bags by category, and place them on a designated rack for each bag category.

Use a Wicker Basket for Simple Long-Term Storage

It might be simple, but it serves as a unique and fantastic way for long-term storage of your bags; a wicker bag is also a simple but fantastic idea to organize your gift bags.

You need to fold your bags up and place them by category one in a separate basket. You can then put some hooks on the wall and hang your baskets for long-term storage. This storage idea is best suited for someone with a lot of shelf space but lacks an organization system.

Putting them in Empty Water Bottle Boxes

When looking for a cheap and straightforward gifts bags storage option, you can repurpose empty water bottle boxes and use them for storing your gift bags. For people who purchase water regularly, recycling them for homemade baskets is relatively easy.

All you need is to organize your bags by category, put them in a different box then store them beside or on top of each other. For a more accessible holding place, attach metal drawer handles to them using screws.

Use an Adjustable Tension Rod underneath Your Craft Table

If you have a craft table in your house, strong your gift bags underneath it is a fantastic idea. It helps you in saving space and gives you a permanent solution for your bag storage. For the best results, suspend a tension rod between the two bookcases of your craft table, then sort your gift bags by category.

You need small hooks to help attach the suitcase to the tension rod, and you are good to go. However, it is critical to note that this storage method is only convenient for people with few bags who don’t have to sort them by category.

Use Metal Hooks to Hang your Bags Directly in your closet

Your closet can be a great idea for storing your gift bags. With the help of hooks, designate a specific color for a particular bag category, then hang each group of gift bags to their respective hook colors. However, if you don’t have a more extensive collection of bags, you don’t have to hang them with designated colors as you can easily retrieve them even without categorizing them.

Use a File Organizer to Store Your Bags on a Craft Desk

Wired file organizers are a great idea and offer a permanent storage solution for your gift bags. While they are easy to transport and cheap, they also occupy a relatively small space in the house hence ideal even when you don’t have ample storage space.

They are available in different shapes, sizes, and colors and therefore give you various options. Besides, wired file organizers provide you with flexibility regarding where and how to store your gift bags.

They are great ideas when you have an extensive collection of bags as they have different compartments where you can sort your bags by category. They also offer easy retrieval options.

Holiday Storage Hamper

An organized place in the house that will help you remember where you have kept all your supplies is essential. If you lack shelves, containers, or even a closet for storing your bags, you don’t have to worry anymore.

A holiday storage hamper can save you a great deal and keep all your loads safe. It doesn’t have to be expensive. Take an ordinary gift or clothes hamper with a lid and put long cords or ribbons on the inner side of the cover.

Tie ribbons around the strings or the tissue papers, then make some pockets on the hamper. These pockets will act as safe storage for all your wrapping supplies, including your bags, markers, and holiday tapes.

Gift wrapping Desk with Hanging storage

Do you have a desk that you use as a wrapping area when preparing your gifts? If yes, then, amazingly, this desk can also act as storage for your gift bags and other wrapping supplies.

All you need is to set up your wrapping desk and equip it with plenty of overhead cabinets and drawers to make storage of your bags pretty easy. Regardless of how many bags and categories you have, drawers and cabinets will provide sufficient storage room.

Sort all your bags and put each of them in a different drawer and cabinet for easy retrieval. This will work even better if you label the drawers or put removable sticks for easy identification.

Wire Shelves

Wire shelves can serve as excellent storage for your gift bags to help you save space in your house. Classic wire shelves with many compartments will help you store not only your gift bags but also other gift supplies like tapes, ribbons, scissors, and stickers. Organize your bags by categories and place each type in different compartments.

Also, you can organize them by colors as you can see them through the wire. Wire shelves make the art of gift bag organization so fun and enjoyable that you don’t have to worry that you don’t have a closet or drawers for gift storage.

Luggage and Suitcases

Have you ever thought of converting your suitcase and old luggage in your house into gift bag storage? If you never have, then this is a fantastic DIY idea for your bags.

All you need is to fold your bags and then lay them flat in your suitcase or luggage. You can partition your suitcase to put them according to categories, or you can sort them by size for easy retrieval.

The briefcase is an excellent idea for a portable storage station that allows you to retrieve all your bags in a minute when you need them. It is adorable too.

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20 Great Ideas to Store Gift Bags and Make Extra Space
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