The First Communion – BIG GUIDE – gift etiquette, amount to spend, card

Is there a first communion gift etiquette? Just like many traditions, gift-giving is one of the parts to complete this celebration. First communion gift etiquette suggests what and what not to gift, how much money to give, or how much to spend on the gift for the first communion.

The First Communion is a traditional ceremony that some Christians experience in their lives. What does the first communion gift etiquette say about how much money should you give for the first communion? Not all members of the Catholic Church celebrate this ceremony. But those that celebrate it consider it a “rite of passage.” First Communion often happens between the age of seven and thirteen. Like many traditions, gift-giving is a part of the celebration. If you haven’t experienced this ceremony before, giving a gift might be a bit tricky. 

Let’s have a deeper look at first communion gift etiquette, gifts, amount to spend, how to celebrate it, and how to act at the ceremony.

First Communion Gifting?

Celebrating the First Communion is an important event for Catholic children. This event symbolizes the first time a young catholic receives the Holy Communion. If you’re not sure how much to spend on this occasion, we’ve got you covered. There are also unique gift ideas for boys and girls. You can also find advice on how much money to give for first communion.

First Communion Gift

When one intends to hold any ceremony, in their preparedness, one will think of the decoration to make, the gifts, and who to invite, to mention a few. The first communion is not an exception when one wants to celebrate a person who has just got their first Eucharist. Therefore, this article is purposed to share some ideas on how you can achieve a successful first communion ceremony.

First Communion Gift Etiquette

Since the ceremony is meant to celebrate someone who has commenced a new chapter in their Christian life, it is best if you offer gifts that are meant to nurture their spirituality. These include Rosaries, Prayer books, Religious Statues, First Communion Charm bracelets, Holy Cards, and Bibles.

First communion gift etiquette and what not to give. Rewarding the first communicant with video games, toys, princess clothes, or Barbie dolls does not differentiate this important ceremony from birthday or graduation parties. You ought to reward them with a first communion gift that they will treasure, reminding them to persist in living in their faith.

Also, awarding the first communicant with money perfectly fits the first communion gift if you are uncertain about what to award them on their remarkable day.

Unique Gift Ideas For First Communion

The First Communion gifts are given to celebrate a child’s spiritual milestone. Hence, some gifters give physical gifts instead of money. Appropriate gifts often include rosaries, bibles, and other spiritual items. The idea for gifting a religious gift during the First Communion is to give something a child will appreciate more later on in his or her life. 

Another option in gifting for First Communion is practicality. Some gifters choose to be practical and give something that the child can use. If you don’t want to gift toys, you can gift something usable for school or church activities instead. 

Unique First Communion Gift Ideas for Boys – Bringing up a young man of faith to the point he receives his first communion makes it a great achievement that necessitates you to host a ceremony. With this, do you intend to make this special day memorable by gifting him to remind him to maintain and grow his spirituality? There’s an unwritten first communion gift etiquette and these are safe gifts to give.

Unique First Communion Gift Ideas for Girls – Receiving the first communion sacrament is one of the most significant moments in a minor girl’s life. This calls for a celebration where anyone would want to walk with a gift to reward her at the ceremony. But are you unsure of what to get her for? There’s an unwritten first communion gift etiquette, and it is important to bring a gift of the right kind for her.

Down below are suggestions for the first communion gift to reward a young girl or boy.

Communion Bookmarks

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Sacrament Cross

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Cross Necklace 

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Cross Jewelry

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Olive Wood Rosary

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St. Christopher’s Protection Necklace

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Rosary Bracelet

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Razor A Kick Scooter- Clear/Black 

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Keepsake box first communion

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Wood Beaded Cross Bracelet for Men Necklace

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Athletes Cross Necklace

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Prayer Journal

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Faith Throw Blanket

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First Communion Tie

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Nativity set  

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Wood Prayer Cube

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Cordless drill

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Catholic Holy Bible

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Name Engraved Cutout Cross Necklace

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Wallet with Some Cash Inside  

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Message Pendant for Boys

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Silver Cross Keepsake

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Snow globe

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Cross Bracelet

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Sacrament Wooden Cross

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Personalized Rosary with name

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Willow Tree Figurine

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Teddy Bear

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Floral Wreath Veil

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Pink Rosary and Keepsake Box

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Prayer Pillowcase 

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Glass Cross

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Ballerina Flat Shoes

Ballerina flat shoes might not be considered a traditional First Communion gift. But for budding ballerinas out there, this gift is very appreciated. If the child starts a journey in the dance industry, this is your chance to show your support. Don’t forget to ask the parents for the shoe size if you want this gift to be perfect. 

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A young girl would certenly love those lovely ballerina shoes for her first communion gift.

Metal Bookmark

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Precious Moments Prayer Girl

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Angel Wings Protection Necklace

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Simply Charming Children’s Bible

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Unicorn Prayer Journal for Girls      

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First Communion Personalized Bracelet 

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Dancing Cross Heart Necklace

Jewelry is a pretty popular option for girls celebrating their First Communion. A good option is giving a sterling silver necklace, probably with a piece of cross preciously added. Necklaces with sterling silver tend to have a precious luster in them, making them a versatile accessory for any event. It is a great little adornment that can fit on numerous stylings. 

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Cross hart necklace is a traditional first communinan gift.

First Communion Bracelet

Another jewelry gift for girls is a First Communion bracelet. A bracelet can be a cheaper or more expensive alternative than a necklace, but it’s more versatile in function and style usage. For a bit of personalization, you might want to order a customizable bracelet.  Take note: you might want to avoid giving stainless steel bracelets, as these products can trigger allergic reactions. 

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A first communion bracelet are a lovely gift for a young girl.

Sports Wristband Bangle Bracelet

If you’re gifting an outgoing person, a traditional bracelet or a necklace might not be a good idea. There are silicone wristbands available with an embedded cross on the design. Additionally, because the main part is made with silicone, you can choose from different colors and designs.

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How Much Money Should You Give For The First Communion is not the only thing to decide. The gift also have to mach their style.

First Communion Purse

Another popular option for a First Communion gift is giving a good purse. After all, the child might want something to put all the communion gifts in a nice purse or wallet. For girls, an adorable and fancy-looking satin purse might be more appropriate.

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For a girl you might want to consider a first communion purse as a gift.

Leather wallet

For boys, there is nothing better than a durable leather wallet. 

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A leather wallet has the right price for a first communion gift.

Godson Dogtag

Boys can also receive their first communion necklace. But instead of a fancy and cutesy design, you can give a cool-looking dog tag instead. Another cool thing about this gift is that it is customizable by adding a small message in the dog tag itself. Those who don’t want o wear it like a necklace can still use it as a keychain. 

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For a dodson this dogtag with special engraving for him is a goog gift.

First Communion Tie

Ties and tie pins are another great gift idea for boys who just celebrated their first communion. These gifts are relatively cheap and come with different designs and sets. You can add more items and make a first communion gift box too. You might want to check on whether a product has clips or hooks before purchasing. 

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First cummunion tie are a great gift.

Communion Photo Frames

What makes photo frames a good gifting idea is convenience: it’s always better if you have a spare frame lying around. After all, you never know when will be the next time that you’ll need to frame something. Picture frames help the show and preserve great memories for the family, especially in events like first communions. 

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How Much Money Should You Give For The First Communion? A photo frame with a photo from the great day has the right price.

Jewelry / Keepsake Box

Keepsake boxes are traditional gifts for the first communion. These fancy boxes are usually where the celebrant keeps his or her other gifts from this occasion. Additionally, the child can also use the box for other items that they might deem important later in their lives. Try to get a durable product that can last for years. 

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A jewelry box are traditional first communion gifts


If you’re unsure what to give to the celebrant, you can always get a first communion bible. This book is usually child-friendly and consists of bible stories and daily prayers for easy reading consumption. Pictures and illustrations also make the experience engaging. With outstanding quality, the book would last long, even in a child’s clumsy hands. 

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How Much Money Should You Give For The First Communion? A bilbe is a gift in the right price range.

How Much Money Should You Give For The First Communion?

Being in a First Communion ceremony is typically enough to show your support. Gifts are not a primary expectation from guests, especially if you’re not a celebrant’s direct relative. However, any gifts are seen as a thoughtful gesture and are usually well-received by the child’s parents undergoing First Communion. 

How much money should you give for the first communion? Gifting for someone’s first communion is a great way to celebrate a spiritual passage. The amount to spend on communion gifts depends on your relationship with the child. Family friends can give $25 to $50, while close family and relatives usually gift at least $100.

However, there’s an unwritten first communion gift etiquette. If you’re a close family member or a relative, you’re expected to give more to the celebrant due to family values. On the other hand, guests like the parent’s friends are expected to provide less. 

For Grandchildren

As grandparents, you’re considered as one of the closest people to the first communicant. Most grandparents spend in the range of $200 or upwards. It depends on your budget. In most cases, this gift serves as a support for the child’s school funding. The parents can and would often secure the fund in a safe account. 

For Nephew / Niece

Most people give at least $50 plus a toy or a religion-related object for nieces or nephews. If you’re thinking of giving a money-only gift, you might want to consider handing a crisp $100. It also depends on the area where you live. Some places like NYC tend to gift on higher amounts if down with cash. 

For Godson / Goddaughter

Godparents are considered a child’s second mother and father. In most cases, godparents gift their first communicant godchildren at around $200 worth or upwards. Practical godparents would often give three gifts: a savings bond, a piece of jewelry or any religion-related items, and a toy. 

If the event is celebrated in a restaurant, consider giving a bit more to cover the food cost. This step is not required but will be appreciated by the parents. Don’t hesitate to ask the parents if you’re unsure about your gift, especially for jewelry or other possible gifts.

For Friend’s Child

Attendees who are not directly related to the first communicant can give between $20 to $50, according to the first communion gift etiquette. It is a decent amount for gifting if you’re a family friend. Gifting money is quite an understandable approach, especially if you don’t know what the first communicant wants to receive during this special day. 

How Much Should You Spend on a first communion gift?

The rule of thumb here is to give a gift worth between $20 to $50. If you’re a close family member or a relative (grandparents, godparents, aunts, etc.,) you’re expected to give a bit more. Family members are likely to give gifts that are worth $100 or more. Close relatives are expected to give more than distant relatives. 

You might also want to consider the family standards and location. For instance, the expected price for a first communion gift in NYC can be more expensive than in other places. Family standards are also a factor, although this varies from family to family. 

When In Doubt, Gift Money Instead

There’s an unwritten first communion gift etiquette and choosing an appropriate gift for this celebration can be challenging for people who are not Catholic or don’t practice any religion. This is also the case if you’re a part of the extended family or a parent’s friend. Additionally, it’s kind of challenging to gift a child if you don’t know him or her too well. 

When you’re in this situation, gifting money is a safe option. Here are not any first communion gift etiquette that says money gifting is bad. You can add a general item to make the gift more personal (such as rosaries, bibles, and even a stuffed animal or any toy.) Parents would often save the monetary gift into a savings account for the child’s future needs. 

So, how much money should you give for the first communion depends on your relation to him or her?

What to Write In the Card

Receiving the first communion is a vast milestone in one’s journey of believing in God’s word and promising to act towards what it says in all their days. Therefore, to encourage and make the first communicant feel celebrated for making this decision, make this day memorable for them.

One of the ways to achieve this is by accompanying a first communion gift with a card. Other than the writings on a printed card, put together your own words to give it a personal impression. Here’s what you cannot miss writing on the card:

A Congratulations!

Make it known to them how delighted and proud they are for coming this far and choosing to endure being true to their religion. For instance, write ‘Congrats on your First Communion!’

Proposed to Give Support

This ceremony is meant to represent a form of coming of age. This would make the first communicant a little scared to transit to this. Hence, it is important if you make them aware that you got their back as they embark on their journey in life.

Offer Some Words of Advice

Young communicants who are about to delve into a new world of spirituality they just got into may feel insecure about doing so. This is common to those first communicants who have not experienced much. To calm them, put together some words of encouragement on the card. You would note, ‘do not overwhelm yourself in life, but instead make time for yourself too.’

Note Some Quotes Concerning the First Communion

As a first communicant commences on their spiritual journey, they want to perceive the experiences of others who have been in the religion before them. For sure, these words will be of use to them in times when they feel pressured to make progress.

Include a Bible verse of your choice as it is a great way to motivate the first communicant, making them know of their duties in the church. Also, remind them of the love God has for them as it is essential in growing one’s faith in Him. Well, we have come up with some ideas that would aid you in getting the perfect words to write on the card for this special day:

Always know that Jesus loves you, your family, and your friends. We take pride in seeing the achievement you have made. Happy First Communion!

Congratulations on your First Communion! May you never regret taking this path, and I pray that God’s warmth of love is upon you daily.

This special day marks the beginning of your spiritual journey and when you feel as if your faith is weakening, remember that God’s love will at all times be there to comfort you.

On this extraordinary day, I hope you can already start to feel Lord’s light shining upon you. Happy First Communion!

I hope you consider using these beautiful words to write to your children or friends in the first communion cards.

Is There A Party for the first communion?

The first Holy Communion is an exceptional occasion where this achievement calls for jubilation. For a first communicant to vividly remember this day, it does not necessarily call for one to moderate a big party but instead make sure you spend quality time with them. The party held at one’s place of choice differs from that held in the church.

The party held at church constitutes of a priest presiding over a unique ‘First Holy Communion Mass.’ Here the congregation participates in singing, reading the word of God, placing their petitions to the Lord, and engaging in the actual communion. Although there are no restrictions for guests to attend the ceremony at church, it is normally secured for the closest family, grandparents, and godparents to the first communicant.

On the other hand, after this service, is a party at one’s choice of place. Here things are different because you celebrate the first Holy Communion by eating, drinking, and engaging in fun activities without doing anything in the church.

Who do you invite?

The first communicant and their families are at liberty to decide on the people to invite to the first communion party. One would wish to call for an intimate gathering comprising the closest family and friends or include all your relatives and extended family on your guest list. These are people that you believe have taken part in your life. Decide on the number you plan to welcome and then arrange for the party accordingly. If you opt for a small event, you can consider hosting it at your house or booking a private room at a favorite restaurant. Alternatively, if you settle for a larger gathering, you might as well reserve a room at the church. The time to host this first communion party also is for the communicant’s family to decide. Most of them happen right after the mass, but you have the option of delaying it if you wish to moderate it in the evening.

What do you eat at a first communion?

Just as you plan for other ceremonies, the first communion party is not much different in planning what to eat. What to eat at the first communion party is determined by the time of the day. During lunch, perhaps you would have a loaded vegetable sandwich and fruits with a protein salad at the side. If the party is being held in the evening, you can serve white rice combined with some chicken breasts and garlic bread with a green salad on the side. Also, a celebration like this cannot miss a cake. Order your kid or bake them a cake with a cross of Eucharistic chalice decoration with a congratulatory note. If most of your guests are children, give them the tiny cupcakes to avoid messing up, accompanied by lemonades or iced tea. On the other hand, for the adults, if it is suitable for them, give them insufficient amounts of beer and wine.

How to dress?

You ought to dress up on the first communion occasions. This does not mean that you wear clothes that reveal too much of your skin. You should dress in a conservative tone since it is a holy celebration. ‘Sunday best’ is the term most people who go to church give to this dressing mode. Suggestions for the men are to wear a suit or sports jacket with dress trousers and a tie. Women must wear a dress or skirt with a hem that needs to be closely above the knee or longer to one’s preference. Children are supposed to be dressed just as their parents are. The casual look is not encouraged on this occasion, that is, being in jeans or shorts. For women, if you must wear a tank top, spaghetti straps, and deep necklines, they should be under a sweater or blazer and not on themselves. One needs to shun being in short or tight clothes if you are invited to such an occasion. Ladies should avoid wearing too much makeup- make it simple and elegant.

Decorations for the party

The theme you will decorate the party is not cartoons as you do for birthdays. Instead, you will be required to keep the decor restrained but attractive. You can achieve this by enquiring with the first communicant about their favorite color. Use color to decorate the area the party is to be hosted while casing with some of their cherished Bible verses. Make sure to set up a framed photo of the guests of honor celebrating their first holy communion. Cover the photo with white matting so that the guests can sign their blessings.

Activities at the first communion party

At the first Holy Communion party, there were no special activities done. There is no harm in having fun at the party, although it should be kept respectful and mindful. You can choose games that suit all the ages on your guest list to engage in and make the ceremony lively. Bible trivia and quizzes, hide and seek, and tag games are some of the games you would go for. Play games without necessarily having to follow the religious themes. Find commercial games that suit children and adults, such as ‘Scattegories.’ You should make the ceremony fun and one that the first communicant will always link to in remembrance on a special day. The first Holy Communion party should be carried out in etiquette, but there is no special etiquette that distinguishes it. This is a religious party, and acceptable ways in society should be evident. One should carry themselves, including their mode of dressing, to reflect Christianity.

Tips for Non-Catholics

The following tips are for being the best non-Catholic at a midnight mass vigil like a pro:

  1. Discern when the “midnight” mass commences
  2. Wash up, dress, and arrive at church to clean your soul
  3. Make sure you do all that is done during the mass.
  4. Do not be afraid to sing in your loudest voice despite your voice.
  5. Worry not if you are left behind while others are standing, sitting, or kneeling
  6. Study the structure and culture of the church when the priest is preaching
  7. When it’s time for the sign of peace, be open to shaking hands with those you are seated next to
  8. Contribute to giving offerings if you can
  9. As a non-Catholic, remain seated as a symbol of respect when others wake up to receive Christ (communion)
  10. Remain silent as you embark on your talking game soon. It is time for the priest to sit and meditate after giving the Holy Communion.
The First Communion – BIG GUIDE – gift etiquette, amount to spend, card
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