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Do you think it is expensive to buy gifts? How much are gifts allowed to cost? I have found out it! You quickly get the impression that everybody else is giving a much more expensive gift than you self can afford.

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So, how much are gifts really allowed to cost? This is how much gifts are allowed to cost:

To whom is the gift?How much will cost the gift?
Your childrenAbout $100
For siblings$30
The Children’s friendsAbout $10
How much are gifts cost?
How much are gifts cost?

But I’ll tell you more about the results of the survey! When you buy the gift, you have, of course, the right to decide how much money you want to buy. When I buy gifts, I often get the feeling that I should purchase for more money. Then it can be helpful to know how much money others usually spend on gifts. Maybe I was not as cheap as I thought. I was not the mother who gave my children the most inexpensive presents. I found out that I was very generous when I gave gifts.


To find out how much the gifts really should cost, I have done a survey online. The people who participated can be assumed to be adults because I asked a few different Facebook groups and asked people for help. Facebook has an age limit of 13 years, and many young people are not at all interested in being there. The groups I put the request in each hand a parent group and also a group of people who like to sew. I also added the issue to my business pages on Facebook.

I have the time of writing received 99 responses to my survey.

Before the study, I had the notion that everyone else seemed to spend lots of money on gifts, but it turned out to be wrong.

An interesting observation I made was that it is common to put more money on a gift for their children than with their partner.

Some commented that this is the amount they spend on a typical birthday. When it is an even birthday, the gift is allowed to cost a little more.

In addition to the groups I asked of purchase, it also presents for dogs, in-laws, grandchildren, nieces, and teachers. I got into some empty answers to specific questions. E.g., how much they spend on gifts to their children. I have chosen to remove the empty response when I calculate the mean and do not interpret it as zero. I decided to understand it as that the person does not have children, and then they should not be replaced by zero.

I have looked at both the mean and median. The mean is what we buy for the average. But it can be a bit misleading. Someone wrote that she or he gave his partner a gift of $1000. The person who bought the gift alone raises mean. The average value is then no longer the amount that most people usually buy gifts for. Although most are in much lower amounts as a mean value can be misleading. Looking instead at the median is the middle value of the scale, so you can see clearly how much most people think that a gift should cost.

When I made the survey I asked people in Sweden and got the answers in SEK. $1≈10 SEK.

I’ll tell you a little more precisely what I got out of my investigation.


When asked how much money gift for a partner may cost the most varied responses between $0- 1000. But most of the presents to partners located around $60.

Mean $114
Median of $60

Maximum amount for partner giftnumber of respondents
$0 3
Number who have not responded22


Christmas tends to be expensive for families. Especially in families with many children. Wish lists are long! A year we amused ourselves by counting up the value of everything that was on her daughter’s wish list. It was long, and it was a lot she “needed”. It all summed up in a total of $3000.

As a parent, one could quickly get the impression that all the others give their children enormous quantities of gifts. But when I examined how much the gift will be sold to a child, so it was not as large sums as I thought.

Mean $122.1
Median $100

Maximum amount for gift to childrenQuantity
Number who have not responded16


When the children are going to a friend’s party, it will quickly sum up to large sums if everyone in the class invites to a party when the birthday. If you have several children in the family, it can become huge sums in a year. It is not possible to deny children to go to birthday parties because it is such expensive presents.

But as you can see from the survey is that many people believe that it is also ok to buy gifts anywhere between $5-10. My opinion is any way that you should never have to say no to the kids going to a birthday party because you can not afford to buy the gift. If you can not afford to buy expensive gifts to the kids so you can, for example, look at the book sale or when there are clearance sales and buy into a small warehouse to have at home. Then you always have cheap gifts to take when it’s party time. If you want, there are also many inexpensive gifts for $5.

Mean $12.8
Median of $10

Maximum amount of the gift to the child’s friendsQuantity
Number who have not responded40


The answer to how much a gift for a sibling maximum may cost varied between $0-400. But 300 could probably be considered the right amount to spend on a gift for your siblings.

Averaging $37.9
Median $30

Maximum amount of the gift for your sibling
$0 5
Number who have not responded37

HOW MUCH is a gift to YOUR CHILDREN allowed to cost?

The answer to the question of how much a gift for a parent is allowed to cost – the maximum must cost, which varies responses from 0 to $400.

Averaging $46.6
Median $40

Maximum amount of the gift to your parentsQuantity
Number who have not responded40

HOW MUCH is a gift to a friend allowed to cost?

A gift for a friend may cost between $0 and 100—most places around $30 when it is a friend’s birthday. But when even birthdays they usually add a little more.

Averaging $29.1
Median $30

Maximum amount of a gift for a friendQuantity
Number who have not responded41


The price of the gifts thus varies very much. The survey shows that we put between $0-1000 to give gifts to our loved ones. Many people have stopped buying presents for each other or playing Christmas play instead. The price also depends on whether you are alone sensor or if several people share the gift.

When you’re buying the gift is not always easy to know what is a “moderate” level. I have often asked myself the question of what is the right amount to buy a gift for. The amount depends on how close you are to the person in question, whether it’s a birthday or even if they are many who give the gift together. But of course, it has the right to decide how much money you want to spend on a gift.

But it can still be nice to know how much others usually buy gifts for.

In my survey, I put even questions about whom he or she usually gives gifts to, the best gift that he or she is given away and what she or he desires. The questions I will return to in another post.