Naruto Headband

Among the many Japanese manga series available worldwide, Naruto has made its indelible mark among anime fans. In 2020, it holds the record as the fourth best-selling manga series in history. US media giants USA Today and The New York Times repeatedly include the English translation version of the manga on their bestseller lists. The series’ commercial success and popularity are truly evident.

Naruto headband gifts

Naruto headbands are also perfect gifts to give to your loved ones who are fond of the manga series. Whether you are buying it for yourself or for gifting purposes, here are some of the coolest Naruto headbands you can find at Amazon.

Missing Nin Headband (Leaf Village Defector)

Genki Anime Naruto Anti Leaf Village Headband

Bearing the symbol of defection, Missing Nin headbands consist of the same plate and cloth, with the symbol of the Leaf village scratched out. This headband is 100% cotton which measures fairly large, fitting a wide range of sizes.

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King Ma Haruno Naruto Headband

The character’s unusual head protector is designed differently. With red cloth and a high-quality metal plate, this exquisitely produced headband is sure to delight Naruto fans.

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Leaf Village Headband With Matching Veil Mask And Ninja Props

Lystin Leaf Village Headband With Mask and Kunai

This upgraded headband now measures 55 inches, long enough for adults and kids alike. What we like about this product is it comes with a Kakashi cosplay mask which is quite handy in today’s COVID scares while staying true to your Naruto character. The set also comes with a plastic Kunai for that very extra ninja costume.

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Sound Village Defector Headband

CosInStyle Headband Cosplay for Naruto Sound Village

The mask bearing the symbol of the Village Hidden By Sound is quite cool to look at. The Musical note struck across the middle is a nice touch.

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Leaf Village Head Protector in Red And Blue

Ninja Head Band With Metal Plated Leaf Village (4 Pack)

For those who want to veer from the standard black band of the headbands, this is perfect for you. Consisting of two colors, you can mix and match it with your Naruto outfit or just use it as an everyday accent piece for your casual clothes. And since it comes in a pack of four bands, you can gift or share one or two with your friends or use them at the Naruto birthday party.

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Naruto Headband-Inspired Snapback Hat

Bioworld Store Naruto Leaf Village Pre-Curved Bill Adjustable Snapback Hat

Now for truly casual Naruto merchandise, you can wear literally every day. This hat is a cool interpretation of the ninja headband. With the adjustable snapback design, finding a comfortable fit is pretty easy. Material is made from acrylic wool which affords durability and softness to the feel. A metal plate displays the Leaf Village symbol in a glossy, metal finish.

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Naruto Headband Drinking Glass

Who says Naruto Headbands are just for headwear? You can now drink Naruto style with this funky Leaf Village Drinking Glass. A great gift for any Shinobi, this glass features an all-black color with a metal plate bearing the leaf symbol, reminiscent of the iconic headbands. Be the “Hero of the Leaf” and drink your way to being the next Hokage. This glass is a perfect way to show your love for the franchise. Shinobis can get thirsty too.

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Leaf Village Ninja Bracelet

Mueka Ninja Bracelet Cosplay Wristband Konoha Leaf Village Badge

Ditch the traditional cloth headband and translate the same design to a wearable bracelet. This black synthetic leather bracelet and metal alloy combination are still pretty close to the original Naruto headband design, except, it is smaller and of course, meant to be worn around the wrist. An excellent Naruto accessory for all Naruto fans.

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Naruto Headband 12 Pieces Set

Naruto Headband Metal Plated

For fans who want them all, this set is perfect for you. Can’t decide what village symbol to don today? Well, what’s there to think about? Buy all of them! They come in different sizes, so you will not encounter any problem fitting the headbands to different size heads.

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Yellow Leaf Village Naruto Headband

Go for that pop of color with this yellow Naruto Forehead Protector. Made of premium cotton fabric and durable metal, this accessory is perfect for feminine fans.

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Naruto Anti-Village Symbols T-Shirt

Ripple Junction Men’s Naruto Shippuden Anti-Village Symbols T-Shirt

Another twist on the headband style, this t-shirt features prints of the village symbols all struck out. Alternative wear for those days when wearing a Naruto headband just doesn’t cut it. The shirt comes in black or charcoal colors. Enjoy geeking out and about with this crew neck shirt. What better way to shout your allegiance to the manga series than wearing it literally on your chest.

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Naruto Headband-Inspired Stainless Steel Ring

Godyce Anime Naruto Stainless Steel Ring

Another innovative way to wear your love for Naruto. This stainless steel ring is suitable for everyone since you can choose any size ranging from 7 – 12 US. The ring also comes in a cool branded gift box so you won’t have to worry about wrapping them.

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Naruto Leaf Village Headband Design Beanie Hat

Naruto Cuffed Adult Knit Embroidered Beanie Hat

Yet another way to incorporate the Naruto forehead protector into your daily outfit staple, this beanie hat has a soft and comfortable knit material with embroidered silver patch for that extra soft and cozy feel.

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Pet Ninja Costume with Naruto Headband

Even pets get to enjoy cosplaying too. This adorable Naruto pet costume comes with an Akatsuki robe complete with velcro for easier attachment and an option to add a Naruto headband. Cosplaying has never been this furry cute.

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What is Naruto?

Naruto is a comic or graphic novel that originated from Japan. It tells the story of a young ninja named Naruto Uzumaki, his struggles to seek recognition from his peers, and his dreams of becoming the Hokage, leader of his village. The manga is divided into two parts, Naruto, the story of his pre-teen years, and Naruto Shippuden, the sequel with Naruto in his teens.

Perhaps the most recognizable symbol of the show, the Naruto headband or forehead protector, is very popular manga merchandise. Sometimes called Shinobi (ninja) headbands, these forehead garments are extremely important in the world of Naruto. The headband is composed of a band of cloth with a rectangular metal plate in the center, bearing a symbol.

Forehead protectors are worn as a sign of a Shinobi’s pride and fealty for their village and they are careful to wear it at all times, even and especially when practice-fighting with a comrade from the same village. It is an extremely important part of their tradition and not wearing one denotes disrespect and disloyalty to one’s village. Furthermore, the removal of the forehead protector is a sign of unworthiness, stripping of any position held, and even transgression of proper rules. Some ninjas who decide to leave and renounce their allegiances to their villages still wear their headbands though they carve a horizontal scratch across the symbol.

When do you wear a Naruto headband?

As pointed out earlier, the Naruto headband is a very popular and recognizable Naruto merchandise coveted and worn by fans all over the world. But in what instances can you wear one?

Despite it being called a headband or forehead protector, the garment can be worn in any way. Even in the manga universe, characters usually wear it every which way other than on the forehead. Incidentally, on what occasions can you wear the headband without running the risk of confusing the people around you? Well, read on.

  • As Part Of A Cosplay Costume – A Naruto headband can be used for cosplay and themed parties as any Naruto costume will never be complete without it.
  • As A An Everyday Casual Hair Band – Female fans can channel their inner Sakura Haruno by wearing them as hairbands. This would be perfect for smaller versions.
  • As A Masquerade Party Mask – Taking a page out of Kakashi Hatake’s book, you can use the Naruto headband as a makeshift eye patch, effectively covering parts of your face, or when you go to a Naruto birthday party.
  • As A Geeky Choker – Fancy wearing Naruto-inspired jewelry? Smaller and slimmer variations of the headband can be worn as a choker.
  • As An Accent Belt – The slim fabric is perfect for usage as a belt.
  • As A Keychain or Bag Accessory – No occasion to wear one? Attach it to your keychain or use it as a bag handle to keep it close even on the most un-Naruto days.
  • As A Bandage Cover – If you want to cover an unsightly bandage on your arms or legs? Another use for the headband, tie it over the bandage to hopefully lend Ninja strength to your injury or you know, just to look good.

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