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Unicorn-Themed Birthday Party

It’s hard not to be happy when you see the little Unicorn, so no one is well surprised at what a success this figure has made. Also that even boys like it and please both play and dress up as a unicorn. Although the Unicorn is white, it’s probably the horn with a rainbow of colors that creates that happy feeling, and what could not be more glorious than getting chills in colors at a party.

How do you arrange a unicorn party?

A color sparkling invitation

It’s always a good idea to start planning for the party to make the invitations because you should get some tips here on how they might look.

In bookstores, you will find colored paper, and as you probably know, it consists of a rainbow of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet as that is what you look for. Try to choose a white card that you attach to a rainbow cut out of colored paper. Or cut out different shapes in different colors and fit. There will be at least as effective. Remember to sprinkle some gold and silver glitter over too.

As the tip of the text on the invitation so you can write ‚Äúwe meet under the rainbow Central street 12‚ÄĚ.¬†Feel free to add instructions for clothing such as all-white clothing or send white disposable coveralls for children are available at the hardware store.¬†Perfect if you want to let the children play with finger paint and do not want to ruin your clothes.

To dress like a unicorn

As I mentioned earlier, there are white disposable overalls that are very cheap. If you have not sent with such along with the invitation to each child, they can dress up when they arrive at the party. Amongst hair products, you can find pink hairspray that kids will love. As horn head, purchase conical party hats and paint them in rainbow colors.

For those who want to dress a little nicer at a unicorn party, there are finer clothes for it.
Even flashing tiaras can be fun to have the unicorn party.
With ordinary party hats get all party participants easy and cheap a unicorn horn to wear.

Table setting and decorations

Use up the colors of the rainbow when setting the table and decorate it. Balloons in the colors red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet are a lovely touch and give the feeling of being in the rainbow world.

Set the table with disposable plates in different colors and were equally generous with various colored cutlery and napkins.¬†Or why not have a white mug with pink towels as the unicorn‚Äės body and man.

If you set the table with a white paper towel, you can put crayons in different colors at the table and let guests paint their rainbows and unicorns directly on the table. Also, be sure to sprinkle generously with glitter across the table, for everyone knows that glitter lot in the rainbow world. If you want to, there are also a lot of ready-made decorations to wear to a unicorn party.

For a unicorn party, you may want to set the table with a unicorn table cloth.

Paper cups with unicorns
Paper plates unicorns

What to serve at a unicorn party

Unicorns like colors, and so do children. Make use of food coloring for both the food and baking.

Serve spaghetti boiled in two or three different pots, for example, green, yellow, and orange. Let the ketchup stand for the red and serve, for example, sausage or meatballs.

For dessert, or you do not want food at the party, you can bake colorful cookies. Put the dough, then separate and color with different caramel colors. Cookies are good as they are, with a jam-click in the middle or rolled in hacked nuts. Meringues are also great to color, or you do not have time to make your own, it is available in different colors.

The cake is made in different steps.  Make several bottoms dyed in different colors, add jam between each layer, and perhaps a green buttercream. Decorate with white cream and sprinkle with pink or multicolored sprinkles on top when you cut the cake, the rainbow up to everyone’s delight.

Candy bags

No party without bags of sweets! Why not hang a rainbow-colored fabric over a door frame and hang the bags there. There are bags of unicorn themes to buy, but you can also choose to put the candy in little more white paper cups and hang them in ballons (like air balloons) in a rainbow.

Fill ‚Äúthe candy bags‚ÄĚ with colorful candy as nonstop or foam dots and do not forget the balloon.¬†Would you also add a little gadget is the tip unicorn erasers that smell of strawberry, and a unicorn pen is also suitable?

Candy bags with unicorns
Unicorn Rings to add the candy bag
 Mini Unicorn Toy Figures

What to play at a unicorn party

Now that you have a house full of unicorns, it may be time to find some games to entertain the children. There are, of course, some traditional games where the theme can be quickly embraced, and here you’ll get some tips.

Place the horn on the unicorn

You probably know the game where kids will put a twist on the pig, and this is, of course, the horn to the unicorn. Painting up a unicorn on a large sheet or sheets and attached to the wall. Make a horn of colored paper and put a blindfold on it to try to put it in the right place. Write with a colored pencil child’s name, and when everyone tried is the one who came closest to the correct spot, that is the winner. If you want to save some time, there are premade unicorns to place horns on.

Game place the horn on the unicorn

Paint a rainbow

Of course, this is a game that works best outdoors, where it can get quite messy. Finger paint, you can either buy or mix yourself. There are many recipes online, but be sure to use ingredients that all children can tolerate. For example, it is not appropriate to use buttermilk or flour if any of the guests are allergic to them. Take a white sheet, and let the kids create a beautiful rainbow.


At the end of the rainbow, there is a treasure. It is a bucket full of gold coins. But the end of the rainbow is not so easy to find. Let the kids go on a treasure hunt with a treasure map, or if there are young children, it may be sufficient to provide them with clues. Give the kids a bucket to collect the gold coins in, and spread them in slightly different places. Let them then fill the bucket. Like gold coins, you can either buy chocolate money or cut their own in gold paper.


Unicorns are always happy, and they love to dance. For this game, you pick some poppy and happy music and tell the children that unicorns like to both dance and jump. All the children stand on the floor and dance while the music plays. When it gets quiet, you have to standstill. Whoever moves is out of the game, and play continues until only one child remains.

Unicorn birthday present

Of course, it is not necessary, but the child who has a unicorn party can be highly appreciated to give unicorn gifts. She or he likes unicorns guaranteed in all cases. Some suggestions for fun unicorn gifts, you may find here.

Unicorn-Themed Birthday Party
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