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How to Pack a Gift Bag?

Getting the right gift is often a big headache. Next, after that is packing it nicely in a gift bag. Not many people enjoy doing that. But once you learn the tricks and nuances of doing so, it’s going to be the most enjoyable task ever. So, how you do pack a gift bag?

The most common way to pack a gift bag is to line tissue paper on the sides and bottom of the bag. The process also includes covering the top of the bag nicely and decorating with ribbons, gift tags, and other embellishments. There’s another method that involves first wrapping the gift in tissue paper before placing it in the bag. 

What is the step-by-step process involved in packing a gift bag? What do you need to pack a gift bag? How do I seal a gift bag? How do I decorate a gift bag? These are common questions that surface when it’s time to present a gift during holidays and special events. You’ll find answers to these questions and many more in this article. 

How to pack a gift bag?

How to Pack a Gift Bag

Packing a gift bag often involves using tissue papers and ribbons to make the bag turn out nice. But putting tissue paper into a gift bag isn’t as easy as it sounds. Many people end up damaging the paper and ending up with a bad-looking bag. So, how do you pack a gift bag to end up with a nice and colorful one?

The following methods will help you pack a gift bag properly:

1. Lining the Bag with Tissue Paper

This first method is the most common way of packing a gift bag. Here, you first place tissue paper in the gift bag before placing the gift inside it. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to go about it.

i. Gather Your Materials

The very first step is collecting the materials you need to pack a gift bag. Often, you’ll need the gift (of course), tissue paper, gift paper, a card, ribbons, or other materials for decorations. 

You shouldn’t get a gift bag before getting the gift, except you’re very sure of the gift size you’re getting. The gift should have absolutely no problem fitting into the gift bag. Also, the bag should be of good quality and attractive.

To arrive at a colorful and nice-looking bag, you’ll need tissue papers of different colors. Also, it’s best to get tissue paper colors that go with the color of the gift bags itself. We all know that colored tissue paper adds the life of festivity to gift bags. 

When choosing a tissue paper color, you should go with the one that reflects the mood of the occasion. For example, red tissue paper is always great for the Christmas holidays. You can also complement the color of the gift bag with decorative ribbons. Pre-curled ribbons are always the best option to save you the stress of having to do the job yourself with a pair of scissors. 

ii. Prepare the Tissue Paper

Tissue paper is arguably the most important piece of material for packing a gift bag. How you prepare and add the paper to the bag can decide how the gift bag turns out. Consider spreading each sheet of tissue paper wide open. Opening them up will increase the volume of the tissue paper and enhance the appearance of the gift bag.

It’s important that you open the tissue paper with all care because it tends to tear and wrinkle. You don’t want to ruin everything from the beginning – not that you should even ruin it at any point. Placing the tissue paper on a flat table or flow will ensure you spread it properly without damaging it.

One cannot but help but emphasize the importance of getting high-quality paper. It often takes a lot to get a thoughtful gift for a loved one; you can go the extra mile to make the presentation perfect with a perfect gift bag. That starts with a good tissue bag. Now, let’s go to the next step. 

iii. Line the Gift Bag with the Tissue Paper

After getting the tissue paper all spread out, the next step is to line the interior of the gift bag with the paper. Start by placing the paper right to the bottom and spreading it out to line the sides. The paper should come out of the top. Keep adding papers until the bag is completely and fully line up with tissue paper. 

To give the bag a colorful appearance, alternate colors as you add the tissue paper. When you’re done putting all the papers into the bag, arrange the parts that extend out of the top so they look amazing. 

If you have a transparent bag, ensure that you can’t see through any part of it. A common rookie mistake is to displace or destroy the already-placed paper while you do this. So you have to be very careful not to make that mistake.

iv. Put your Gift in the Bag

With the tissue paper in place and the top coming out properly arranged, you’re finally set to put the gift in the bag. This is as simple as it gets, just ensure you do so carefully and calmly. Also, the gift should be placed in a manner that doesn’t affect the bag’s shape.

To ensure no part of the gift can be seen, place a sheet or more of the tissue paper over the top of the bag. The sheets should be properly arranged over the top so it doesn’t appear you rush everything.

Then examine the gift bag to ensure everything is okay. Particularly check for the tissue paper if it looks torn or wrinkled. 

v. Decorate the Gift Bag

The final step is to add a gift card (if any) and necessary embellishments to the gift bag. Most people prefer to place the card right inside the bag, but attaching it to the exterior isn’t out of place. 

To make the bag more fun and attractive, add some ribbons to the sides or handles. At large holiday parties or big events, you might want to attach a gift tag to the bag. This will ensure the recipients know the gift is from you. 

2. Wrapping the Present with Tissue Paper

In this second method of packing a gift, you first wrap the gift before placing it in a gift bag. So, let’s take a look at the step-by-step procedures involved in this method:

i. Prepare Your Materials 

Like in the first method, gathering materials for the gift bag packing is the very first step to take. Essential items include tissue paper, a gift bag, the gift, a gift card, and embellishments. 

Here, you’ll need to get multiple sheets of white tissue paper, as well as different colors of tissue paper. The white paper serves the purpose of wrapping the gift before using the color paper. With multiple colors of tissue paper, you can achieve a more festive design for the gift bag.

As mentioned in the first method, ensure the gift bag is of good quality and appropriate for the occasion. 

ii. Wrap the Gift in Sheets of Tissue Paper

Wrapping the present in white tissue paper helps to conceal it properly. A sheet of paper is usually enough, but you can use multiple sheets for fragile gifts. You might also want to consider adding newspaper sheets to further protect the gift.

With that done, spread open several sheets of colored papers on a flat surface. Wrap the gift with the paper carefully to avoid wrinkling. Alternate the colors to achieve a more colorful effect. The number of sheets you use often depends on the size of the gift bag and the present. 

Gather the sheets over the top of the gift so they form a cover. Ensure you also avoid wrinkling the paper during this process.

iii. Place the Gift in the Gift Bag

Lift the gift from the gathered top and place it in the gift bag. Remember that you’re doing this with care to afford to wrinkle the tissue paper. You don’t want to mess things up when you’re in the final lap.

There’s no need to add extra sheets of tissue paper over the top since the gift is already wrapped. 

iv. Finish Off with Nice Decorations

While there’s nothing wrong with presenting the gift bag the way it is, you can add some special touch with nice dĂ©cor. Many people achieve fantastic decoration with ribbons that they make into decorative bows. 

You can also add a gift tag with your name written on it if the occasion demands it. Don’t forget to add a gift card (if you got one) inside the bag or attach it to the body with tape.

Your gift bag couldn’t be more ready!

How do you Seal a Gift Bag?

Now, your gift is sitting pretty in the gift bag. How do you put a final seal on the gift bag? There are several ways you can go about this, and many a time, it depends on the size of the gift.

In most cases, you can seal the bag by placing folds of tissue paper over the top and leaving the bag handles hanging. This method is usually great for large gifts to allow for easy carrying.

On the other hand, if you have a small-size gift, you can opt for another method of sealing a gift bad. This is a simple method that involves tying the bag handles together to properly cover the bag. To do this, you need curled ribbon or you can cut one with scissors. Tie the handles together at both ends with the ribbon.

You’re good to go!

How Do You Decorate a Gift Bag?

Gift bags are a necessity in the gift wrapping world. Whether you’re using them to hide the shape of your gift or simply using them to make your gifts more presentable, they never run out of use cases.  However, not many people get it right when it comes to decorating a gift bag.

The most important thing to consider is what accessories to use. When you mix that, you mix everything. There are several gift bag accessories out there – whether it’s just a simple ribbon or a jingle bell. Where do you start from? What do you use? Let’s take a look at some ideas you may want to consider:

Dress up with heart shapes

  • Make sure you have all your materials gathered before you get started. You’ll need a pencil, scissors, art card, package twine, glue stick, and of course, the gift bag.
  • Fold the art card and smoothen till it’s completely flat.
  • Draw half-hearts with a pencil on one side of the paper. Folding the paper in half will give you two hearts the same size so they fit together.
  • Cut out the heart shapes and add glue to one side of each heart shape.
  • Place the hearts to line vertically and let the package twine run in their middle, on the side where the glue was attached.
  • You can make more hearts as you want. Join them to the twine.
  • When you have the length you want, attach the hearts in twine to your gift bag.

Paint the bag with different colors

If your gift bag is a plain white bag, then you can try painting the bag with different colors. All you need are color paints and the end of a pencil. The pencil end, which is usually an eraser, will create a nice poker dots design on the bag.

  • Dip the pencil end in a color pet and apply it randomly on the plain gift bag.
  • Enter another color and apply it randomly to the paper bag. Three different colors should do.
  • Concentrate the paintings towards the bottom of the bag and leave space at the top to create a nice decoration.
  • You can choose the colors that match the occasion for a better effect.
  • Attach some trimmed ribbons to the handles to add an extra touch.

Decorate with decorative bows

For most people, a simple decorative bow is enough. If you fall in that category, you might want to learn a DIY method of making awesome decorative bows.

A simple decorative corner at the top right corner of the bag might be all the bag needs to glow. You can take the chance and add one to it. Thankfully, you can make a bow yourself using a wired ribbon. The following steps will help you make one in a couple of minutes:

  • Unwrap the ribbon to give yourself enough width to work with. Ensure you don’t spin the ribbon from the spool because you’ll need the ribbon held in place while you make your bow.
  • Once you’re unraveled a length of about 12 inches, make your first loop of about 3 inches. This is the center of your decorative bow. Pinch both ends of the loop together.
  • Twist both ends of the loop together to seal it up. Ensure the twist is tight enough.
  • Then move to other parts of the ribbon length to make other loops. Unwrap more of the ribbon and create another loop, about an inch longer than the center of the bow.
  • Bring the loop under the first twist and twist the end (where you pinched the loop) again to hold them in place, while keeping the loops apart. 
  • Make the other side of the loop and then repeat the same process.
  • Depending on the bow size you want, keep making a loop on each side of the center loop. Ensure that each new loop you make is slighter longer than the previous one.
  • Then make your final pinch and twist, unwrap more parts of the ribbon, and cut with scissors.
  • Loop a chenille stem through the middle of the center loop and pull it down underneath through all of your pinches and twists. Twist the chenille stem tightly.
  • Trip the loose tails to give you a decorative pattern.

There you have it!

Use your scrap pack and tissue paper

Another simple and easy method is using your scrap pack and tissue paper to make beautiful designs. Nothing goes to waste. Here’s a suggestion on how to go about that:

  • Gather your scrap pack, tissue paper, and curl ribbon. You’ll also need a pair of scissors, glue, and stickers.
  • Cut some pieces of the paper sheets into different designs. Just be as creative as possible. Combine colors and ensure the cuts are of different thicknesses, if possible.
  • Attach the designs to the top of the bag with glue.
  • Make a little bow with the curling ribbon and attach it to the handle.
  • You can decide to attach a sticker. It could be a ‘happy birthday’ or a ‘happy graduation’ sticker.

Your gift bag décor is ready!

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