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Butterfly Gifts

Searching to find a stellar gift for someone can be tricky. Sending gifts can both be a wonderful and horrible experience at the same time. Sure, you can ask your intended receiver what they want. If you are lucky, they’ll tell you exactly what they hope to receive. However, asking them in advance reduces the romance and excitement of the event. You don’t want to send a half-assed gift or a hurried gift card to a special someone. Sometimes, even the best of us commit the biggest mistake when it comes to gift-giving, which is we buy what WE would like, rather than what the recipient would like.

We have compiled a long list of the best gifts that you can give to a butterfly lover.

Spread your wings and let me take you on a colorful journey amongst all butterfly gifts.

Lavender Purple Mauve Butterflies and Flowers Adult Cloth Face Mask

A timely gift to give to anyone nowadays, this breathable and comfortable mask can be inserted with a filter for added protection. The beautiful lavender and purple butterfly print are both fashionable and whimsical.

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Rainbow Glitter Butterfly Cute and Girly Face Shield

What would be an appropriate gift to go with the butterfly face mask? An equally adorable butterfly face shield of course! Perfect for loved ones who want and need a little extra protection. Made of durable and clear PET plastic, these reusable face shields are lightweight and super easy to wear.

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Pink Purple Floral and Butterfly Personalized Baby Girl Blanket

Even little ones can enjoy butterfly-themed gifts. Whether the mother is the true-blue butterfly lover, or you just want to instill your love for these magnificent winged creatures, this baby snuggle is perfect. With elegant blush pink and lilac watercolor flowers and butterflies, and an option to add a personalized name in a calligraphy font, this baby blanket is sure to be treasured forever.

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Child Tutu Butterfly Costume

Perfect for the little girl obsessed with butterflies, this can be a Halloween costume or just an everyday outfit (who’s to say no?) The vibrant orange tutu is attached to the black polyester leotard, complete with a feathery black and orange trim around the neck and wrists. A headband, antenna, shoe puffs, and butterfly wand completes the transformation.

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Glittery Butterfly Glass Christmas Ornament

Hang this glittery monarch butterfly glass ornament in your Christmas tree. This butterfly ornament will flutter into your home and twinkle in your tree like a star in the night sky.

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Butterfly Chair Multicolour Chindi Fabric

This vintage-style butterfly chair is ergonomically designed, with a gently curving backrest and seat. The iconic butterfly design will capture the heart of a butterfly lover. Durable and sturdy, the four corners are reinforced, with real leather, and the iron frame is iron-coated. Despite its sturdiness and stability, the chair is lightweight and comfortable.

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Solar Powered LED Butterfly Wind Chime

Add a butterfly-inspired soothing melody with this solar-powered, rechargeable wind chime. The solar panel charges the battery during the day, and the LED light turns on automatically at dusk. This will look lovely on a windowsill or terrace.

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Butterfly and Dragonfly Metal Cutting Dies and Stencil for Scrapbooking

For the avid scrapbooker, this carbon steel dies stencils set is very useful. These can be used to decorate journals and scrapbooks for that extra airy design.

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Plus Size Ladies Butterfly Printed Casual Long Sleeve Shirt

Let them show their love of butterflies in their literal sleeves. This comfortable long-sleeved shirt is sure to brighten up someone’s day. With eight different colors to choose from, the possibilities for mixing and matching are endless.

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The Magic Butterfly

This charming accessory is the perfect companion to special announcements and gifts. Wind up the paper butterfly and place it inside a card or book for a pretty surprise when opened. It zips out and flutters in the air with the help of a rubber band mechanism. The unexpected and enchanting surprise will be a welcome delight on any special occasion.

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Crosize Gold Butterfly Decor

This 72-pieces 3D butterfly decor has three kinds of patterns. The shiny and gorgeous 3D hollow carved design is suitable for many applications such as wall decorations, cake decorations, balloon garlands, wedding, and party decor. Application is easy-peasy too, thanks to the high-quality double-sided adhesive. Everyone will love the way these golden butterflies beautify any setting.

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Crocs Classic Animal Print Clog

Who knows crocs and butterflies can look fabulous together? Lightweight and fun, these printed crocs are designed with ventilation ports for added breathability. They serve well as house shoes but are also stylish even in the beach, gym, pool, shower, gardening, or just plain walking.

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Amazon Basics Kids Butterfly Friends Soft and Easy Wash Microfiber Sheet Set

What to give to a kid who can’t get enough butterfly stuff? A 100% polyester bedding set so he or she can show his love of the magnificent creatures even while sleeping in bed. The polyester microfiber material lends strength and durability while maintaining softness.

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Antique Watercolor Floral Ephemera Tissue Paper

Who says tissue paper cannot be fancy and stylish? Make your gift perfectly unique with this personalized tissue paper designed with a beautiful still-life watercolor floral and butterfly painting from the 1800s.

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Hair Stylist Elegant Butterfly and Scissor Vintage Business Card

You can’t get more specific and personalized than this! For a hairdresser or hairstylist friend who is passionate about butterflies, this standard-sized semi-gloss business card hits the spot. This will surely help them create a lasting impression.

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Butterflies and Dragonflies Cute Watercolor Two-Tone Coffee Mug

You can’t go wrong with the staple coffee mug. All the more so when it features a hand-painted watercolor butterfly and dragonfly design. Give this to a friend and add a pop of color to their morning coffee.

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2.4L Four-Sided Carved Ray Air Butterfly Carved Humidifier Colorful LED Light

Provide relief from dry air discomforts with this humidifier with colorful LED night light. The elegant design features a floral and butterfly cutout. The 2.4L tank promises long hours of vibrated atomization technology and moisture. This will be a tasteful addition to a butterfly-themed room or office.

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Running Tiger Outdoor Butterfly Printed Large Capacity Schoolbag

This large capacity bag can accommodate a 14-inch laptop, A4-sized magazine, umbrella, power bank, and other small gadgets, perfect for traveling and other outdoor activities. The beautiful printed design is eye-catching and charming.

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Elegant Ivory Cathedral Length Butterfly Petal Bride Wedding Veil

Help your butterfly-lover someone incorporate their passion on their special day. This beautiful wedding veil features flowers and butterfly trim and is made of soft bridal illusion material that allows it to drape beautifully.

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Butterfly Outdoor Solar Lantern Lights

This butterfly lantern pair can be used in a variety of ways, as a table lamp, hanging lights, or garden stake lights. Because of the unique butterfly cutout, the warm light casts an amazing butterfly shadow. In addition to being durable and eco-friendly, these lanterns are waterproof and corrosion-resistant.

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Dainty 14K Gold Plated Butterfly Necklace

Any butterfly lover will appreciate the simple beauty of this dainty butterfly necklace. The simple design looks great in casual and formal outfits. The 14K gold plates necklace is paired with a hand-selected quality cubic zirconia pendant.

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Glow in The Dark Butterfly Throw Blanket

Ensure that your loved ones stay cozy and warm during cold nights with this microfiber blanket. If that isn’t enough, the unique butterfly pattern emits an amazing glow, creating a beautiful atmosphere for dark and cozy nights.

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Butterfly Curtain Fairy Lights

Fairy lights are beautiful in their own right, but a butterfly design takes it to a whole new magical level. The delicate crystal butterflies are very transparent, emitting warm light. With eight different light modes with the help of a remote, there is no boring moment with these cute lamp beads.

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These incredible butterfly gift ideas will be sure to add color and vibrancy to anyone passionate about the magnificent insects. Just looking at these gifts can make any butterfly enthusiasts’ heart swell with delight. It is indeed a poorer world if butterflies don’t exist.

Butterfly Symbolism

When you know someone is passionate about a certain thing, gift buying can be a lot easier. Their passion becomes your gift-giving guide. When that all-important recipient’s passion is butterflies, you are in for a wonderful gift-buying journey. One doesn’t have to be a full-fledged butterfly collector (a lepidopterist) to be tagged as a butterfly lover.

Butterflies represent Psyche, the princess of outstanding beauty who aroused Cupid’s love in Greek mythology. It is why we describe the unusual feeling when we see the one we love as having butterflies in our stomach.

The butterfly is considered a symbol of change owing to its humble beginnings as an ugly caterpillar before transforming into a magnificent winged creature. Aside from its beauty, the butterfly represents spiritual rebirth, change, transformation, life, and hope,

Different cultures all over the world maintain the belief that the butterfly symbolizes the human soul. Christianity, for example, sees it as a symbol of resurrection. The passing of a loved one is often represented with the butterfly. There are also beliefs that these beautiful creatures are winged messengers from the spirit world and that they are sent here in our realm to bring signals and validations, helping and guiding us through life.

Gifts for Butterfly Lovers

Nowadays, you can easily see butterfly-themed gifts everywhere, from printed dresses to home designs. Who can forget the butterfly clips that were evident in the 90’s chic hairstyles? They have fluttered their way back into our hearts, and we can’t be happier.

Let your butterfly-lover recipient spread their wings with beautiful gifts that will touch their heart and make them flutter. Butterflies are a source of joy and inspiration, so naturally, your gift should reflect the same sentiments.

Butterfly Gifts
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