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How Much Money Should You Spend For Baptism?

Baptisms like weddings are some of the occasions that only happen once in a lifetime. How much money should you spend for baptism? The occasion comes with lots of excitement and also its fair share of social anxiety. Being one of the oldest traditions in Christian history, there are norms and etiquette attached to it, including gifting, finding godparents, some expected ways to behave, and a dress code, just to mention a few. One can get anxious, especially if one is close to the one getting baptized. Not to worry, I am here to provide insights and answers to some of the most common questions regarding baptism and gifting.

Anything between $10 and $100 is generous. If you are close to the child, aim for the higher end. It’s a kind gesture to gift money, but you need to know a range to go for.

How Much Money Should You Spend For Baptism?

How much money should you spend for baptism? Whether you are the godparent, cousin, grandparent, auntie, or uncle, you should find answers in the subsequent sections. The child is getting baptized only once in their lifetime, so make sure that you support them as you ought to. It’s a delight to be a part of their life and a significant moment of their life, like baptism, makes it beautiful.

How Much Money Should a godparent Give for a baptism?

How much to give for a Christening gift?

The cost of a christening can vary depending on how close you are to the child. The immediate family probably gives a slightly more expensive gift of baptism than distant relatives and friends. But of course, you should adjust the size of the gift to your options.

Unlike Christmas presents and birthday presents, baptismal gifts do not usually count as many. You typically give one christening present per household.

Christening and baptisms are similar, however, Christening refers to the naming ceremony, whereas baptism is the welcoming ceremony into the Christian church. Both are essentially the same ceremony in nature, and so both are appropriate events to bring and give gifts at.

If giving cash at these events, you should know that the ballpark figure is $50.00. Again, you will need to determine your relationship with them, and give an amount reflecting this. However, $50.00 is considered a very generous amount and will be received kindly. 

If you can and would like to, you can gift over $50.00. If you are extremely close to the family and have the financial capabilities to do so, then anything over that amount is your own generous decision. 

Similarly, if you want to gift below $50.00, that is appropriate also. If you are distantly linked to the family, a $50.00 cash gift will unlikely be expected of you. You will know your situation and how much you feel is appropriate to reflect this. However, do not leave yourself short in this situation. You don’t need to hit this amount. 

Being a child’s godparent is one of the greatest honors anyone could get. As a part of baptism etiquette, you need to offer the right gift for the occasion. The godparent is as responsible for planning for the ceremony as the parents, so you will be contributing handsomely to support the parents raise the bill for the entire ceremony.

Ideally, you can aim for a gift from $50 and $150. Don’t beat yourself hard, if you can’t raise the amount. There are several factors you should consider before deciding on the amount of money to give in baptism as a godparent.

1. Your financial condition determines how much money should you spend for baptism?

As much as you may have a kind heart and the love pushing you to give your godchild the best of what you have, sometimes your financial position may not allow it. The parents of your godchild already know your financial situation, and they gladly choose you. It’s not always about the money but giving willingly. Give money depending on your means of living. You don’t need to give what you can’t afford or might cause you a financial crisis.

You can play around with some amazing money gifting ideas to make your gift appear special and unique. As a godparent, you are expected to guide the child throughout their life and assist their parents. You could, for instance, present your baptism money gift in a piggy bank to instill a saving culture in your godchild.

2. Your relationship with the child

Being a godparent to a child is not restricted to any person. You could be a relative and also a godparent. Your relationship with the child may affect how friends and the parents expect you to gift. If you are a close relative, you will probably provide for the child for the rest of both of your lives. This means that you can give an amount between $50 and $100 or more, depending on your capabilities. If you are not as close to the child, you can comfortably give a lesser amount.

You should relax. The parents probably don’t expect you to give up your entire fortune. Just give as much as you are willing and able to provide.

3. Your target for gifting

If you are the kind of a godparent who gets worried about the child’s future, you definitely don’t want the kid’s parents to spend all the money on food and drinks during the occasion for their toddler who can barely have as much fun. You can give the money in the form of saving or an investment that can help the child for the rest of their lives. You can deposit your gift money directly into a college account for the kid.

Savings bonds are another great present from a godparent to a godchild. The initial amount doubles after 20 years. The doubled plus interests accumulated over the 20 years could be a great jumpstart for the child’s career and adult life when they need it the most.

How Much Money Should Grandparents give for a baptism?

If you are reading the post as a grandparent then you are definitely into gifting grandkids. You should not get anxious about it. You probably have gifted your loved ones during birthdays, anniversaries, and other occasions. It’s the same with baptism.

Any amount is acceptable, and considering you will be around the kid for several important occasions, you don’t need to worry if you feel like your gift isn’t that hefty. Give as much as you can afford and are willing to give.

So, as a granny, you don’t want to play favorites with grandkids. You probably have many of them and should try to make it similar to them. Here are a couple of things grandparents should consider when gifting grandkids on their baptism.

1. How many grandkids do you have?

If you have several grandkids, you might want to spend with that number in mind. Remember that each of them will need a gift, if not on their baptism day, then on their birthday or another event. Spend wisely to avoid frustrating some of them. All of them need you and expect you to spoil them. On the other hand, if you have one or a few grandkids, you can get generous. After all, they are all you have.

2. Your relationship with the kids

 If you live with your grandkids, $10 to $50 should be more than enough. You are actively involved in their daily life, and having you around is a gift on its own. If your grandchildren live far from you, you might want to get them something above $50. Still, you need to stick to your budget and capability.

3. The age of the child

You can’t give a toddler the same amount as your teenage grandchild. An older child has more needs for cash than the younger ones. Grown grandkids may need the money for tuition, rent, or other expenses, and giving an amount on the higher end will give them a boost.

How Much Money Should You Spend For Baptism?
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