How to Wrap Candles for Gifts? X Awesome Ideas

Wrapping odd-shaped items like candles can be pretty tricky. If you fail to wrap it well, you will end up with a messy-looking gift, and it’s not something one would want to receive as a gift. So how do you come up with a perfect wrap for candles?

Put the candle in tissue paper and wrap it. Place the candle in your cute gift bag or box. Decorate some tissue papers, maybe by altering their shapes and add them on top of the pack. Add any other decorative thing such as ribbon or a gift card that you may want, and your gift is ready to go.

How do you wrap candles for fifts?

Well, there are many creative ways that one can follow when wrapping candles for gifts. Keep reading the article since I have a simple guide that you follow when packaging candles. Moreover, this article will give you insights into awesome ideas for wrapping candles.

How to Wrap Candles for Gifts

You do not need so much when wrapping candles because you can improvise the most simple thing like a tissue. Tissue papers tend to work way better than wrapping papers, and it adds a very cute finishing to the gift bag. Moreover, tissue papers are easier to work with because its material is light. Now, let’s dive into the procedure, but first, ensure you have the materials you need: a candle, gift bag, tissue, extra decorating like ribbons, a thread, double-sided tape, and scissors.

Step 1: Place the candle on a tissue paper

The tissue offers protection to the candle from any scratches in case it falls. First, place the candle on the tissue paper. You can use two sheets of tissue paper, so in this case, you place it in between the two. Also, if the tissue paper is significant, cut it to size.

Step 2: Wrap the Candle

 Bring the corners of the tissue paper up the candle. Ensure that the base is secure and if you are using two tissue papers, secure the bottom with the tape. This video gives a good illustration on how to wrap a candle.

Step 3: Create a design of your choice at the top

In this case, I prefer to create a pocket-like design at the top. You can also choose to cut slits on it or even leave it that way since it will still be looking good. From here, I usually squeeze the pockets directing them to the middle.

Step 4: Add a ribbon of your choice

In my case, I love using flower-themed ribbons to tie the top of the candle. You can also DIY yours, maybe by curling it up with something straight.

Step 5: Place the Candle in a box or gift bag and add decorations of your choice

Since the candle is well wrapped now, you can now place it in the gift bag. Tissue papers also make perfect decorations on top of the pack. You can decorate it to how you want it to look, then add several of them on top of the bag. I like adding a gift card to the box since it adds more taste to the present.

Awesome Ideas on How to Wrap Candles

1. Using a plastic paper bag

Here, you will be using a clear plastic bag to wrap the candle, and the bag is quite hard. The bag should be open on only one edge, so place the candle inside. Squeeze the bag to the middle, then tie the center with a ribbon. You can use a more popping ribbon and maybe spice things up by matching it up with the candle’s color.

Well, for the edges of the paper, they are already stylish so leave them the way they are. To make the gift more appealing, add a note around the side with a beautiful message for the person. I prefer this wrapping gift idea since it is supers effortless. Also, you need not have many items to bring it out, and it will take less time to fix.

2. Wrap the candle with tissue paper and a cellophane bag

In this case, try using more beautiful tissue paper, not the ordinary plain white ones. Place the candle on the tissue paper, then bring its sides up. Place the candle in the cellophane bag and Squeeze both the bag and the tissue to the middle.  Decorate the edges by making some bag-like designs on them and finish by adding on a cute ribbon to tie the middle and place an ornament of your choice on the side of the cellophane bag.

I like this method because you end up with super cute gift wrapping if you follow the procedure well.  It is such a simple yet appealing method to use when gifting.

3. Using a dust jacket

A dust jacket is the one people use when covering books, and other people can call it a book jacket. A dust jacket also makes a good wrap on candles. Start by cutting the dust jacket to size. Then wrap it around the candle and secure it with tape.

Fold the base of the paper flat and secure it with tape, too, for the extra wrapping at the top cut petals on it. Make the petals flat and fold them down one at a time. While doing this, ensure you secure them in place, and once the last petal is down, tape all the petals down.

Finish off by adding a ribbon on top. You can also be creative and add on some fresh berries or any other fruit on top. Then add a popping color tag.

This method is among my best, especially when I add in the berries on top. It is so creative and super straightforward.

4. Placing the candle in mason jars

This method is a super minimal but very fantastic method for packaging candles for gifts. All you require is a mason jar. Then add on some cute decorations around it. In this case, the pot has some threads running all around it.

You can then add a touch of some white lace at the center of the thread to make it unique. Well, you may choose to buy the jar which already has decorations on it or buy the pot and decorate it yourself.

This gift wrapping idea is pretty minimalist, and the one thing I like about it is how unique it is. Moreover, you can easily manage to create the decorations alone.

5. Wrap Using a mansion jar with lace all over it

The method requires you to have a mansion jar that has laces all over it. Well, if you are creative enough to create your unique lace, then well and good. But if not, you can purchase such jars and for a brighter look when the candle is burning.

For decorations, add a ribbon and some small leaves around the ribbon. You can also add some cute small round balls on the ribbon. I like this look because it is unique, and if you can play around with the colours well, you end up with a super cute wrap. Also, it is something you can fix fast if you buy a jar with the lace already.

6. Glass jar with fabric on its lower part and green flowers decoration

According to this candle wrapping idea, one will require a large glass jar. There is fabric, with stitchings that you place at the outer part and on the more downside. The stitches have a fine finishing on both edges. Then there is a ribbon matching the color of the line on the stitches.

On the inside, there are nature-like decorations. They are green in color with few white patches. Then one places the candle in there.

I like this wrapping method because of its simplicity and the fact that one can use the jar as a candle holder and as home decor.

7. Using wrapping paper, a square box, and a red satin ribbon

If you want your gift to look more elegant, this is the kind of wrapping you should use. It requires a square box, or if you lack that, cast a stiff paper into a square shape. For the outer side, you can cover the box with beautifully decorated wrap paper. You can use a wrapping paper of your choice or that which matches the occasion, such as Christmas or birthday, to bring out the day’s theme.

To finish off, add a wrap of a red satin ribbon, ensuring that it passes across each side of the box. Make a unique wrap at the top since you want the recipient to be eager to check what is inside. I like everything about this candle wrapping idea. It is something one can handle alone and in minutes. The results are also undoubtedly cute.

8. Using a cardstock

In this method, one cuts the card stock to a small size that can fit the candle. Then one wraps it and secures the ends in place. It would help if you also fastened the bottom of the wrap in place. For the upper part, leave it open and make small-inch bends all around and ensure that you keep them intact using your hand.

On the end, add a sticky note, and on the upper side, pour some colorful wax press on it to create a unique shape. You can now put the candle in a gift bag, and you are good to go! This technique is pretty straightforward, effortless and very affordable. I also like it because it brings out the thoughtful wrapping, and it is very engaging.

9. Wrapping using a red paper doily, kraft paper tag, and red and white bakers twine

This process requires about 10-inch paper doily that you use to place the candle and ensure that it is at the center of the paper. You can then pull up the doily to cover all around the candle.  The bakers’ twine then wraps around the doily. It wraps around the candle 4 to 5 times, ensuring that it stays intact.

There is a small knot that one needs to make to ensure that the twine does not unwrap. On the side, add a kraft paper tag, and you can make some comments on it. I like this method because it brings out a beautiful and unique wrap.

10. Using Corrugated paper and a waxed twine

This technique is also a simple and straightforward idea of how to wrap candles. You need a corrugated paper, and in my case, if I lack one, I can improvise one using the inner part of a carton. Typically one puts the corrugated paper all around the candle except for the upper part where burning occurs. It somehow seems to be sticking on the candle.

There are ties of two waxed twines at the top and bottom of the candle, each on either side. Then on the inside, there is a message for the sender. I like this wrapping idea because of its uniqueness, simplicity and how straightforward it is. It is appealing and creative.

11. Wrapping using Furoshiki  Fabric

This packaging method is a candle wrapping technique from Japan that involves a reusable material. It creates an elegant and unique look on the wrap. It requires you to place the candle in the middle of the fabric then bring the fabric up to cover around the candle. You then tie around its edge with a twine containing some dry leaves.

This procedure is effortless and straightforward, which is why I like it. Also, I consider wrapping a candle with fabric so thoughtful.

Candle wrapping is one thing you can navigate through with even the most inexpensive materials. Typically, you can DIY a perfect wrap without necessarily going to the shop. The procedure is also wildly engaging and fun to carry out. The candle wrapping methods above will help you come up with a good-looking candle wrap for gifting.

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