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Cheerleader Themed Birthday Party

If you want to have a unique birthday party for your little girl and throw her a fabulous party surprise, this cheerleader-themed birthday is one of the best. Gone are the days when you only buy cakes and make everything about the party traditional cause nowadays, the more remarkable it is, the more memorable it is going to be. Some parties do not need you to spend loads of money, but you can still prepare a birthday party and save up some cash by being wise in the planning and preparation. The trick is knowing what to use to make the party appear fabulous and finding the best bargain for the items you will utilize for the party. Do not worry cause you can still have the most fun birthday and at the same time enjoy it to the fullest. Let us discuss some of the preparation you need to do for the party.

Invitations For A Cheerleader Themed Birthday Party

You can DIY some invitations if you prefer, or you may also purchase cheerleader theme invitations online. Some samples are below.

Cheerleader Birthday Party Invitations with 25 complete sets and envelopes

This party invitation can be a great start to your party. It is designed and created with beautiful details such as colors, designs, and backgrounds. The size is just right with enough space to fill in the details of the party. It includes envelopes to make it decorous and make the guests feel they are going to a fabulous party indeed.

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We’ve Got Spirit Cheerleader Party Invites

The guests will immediately know what theme you are going for with this design. There are cheerleader drawings at the front, doing their routines with a solid pink background. The invitation is sized and priced right. Some details you need to add are easy, as the spaces are all there for you to fill in. This invitation is made of high-quality paper to further add style to the party.

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Cheerleader Themed Birthday Party Decorations

A cheerleader theme party will not be complete without the banners, glitters, and colorful decorations. You can choose the color you prefer, whereas most party planners would choose blue, silver, pink, and any other color that will make the place pop. Some DIY ideas you can make include a printout and cut-out of pom-pom images or perhaps ribbons, bows, megaphones, or even samples of cheerleader attire. You can print these out and hang them using various colored yarns or threads. As long as you make the posters or the images colorful, this will do for the party.

Cheerleading Pom Poms Metallic

It is a fabulous addition to your party decoration because of the metallic design and the color that will make the guests feel the cheerleading vibe. There are various colors to choose from, and you can even combine a few colors if you wish. The price is affordable and even getting just a few pieces are all worth it.

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Sequin and Holographic Cheer Ribbon

This item is an 8-inch size bow that you can use for decoration, as well. You may also wear them on your hair or clip them anywhere at the party venue. Since it is designed with metallic sequins, it is a stunning decoration to choose for the party.

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Cheerleader Party Decor Hanging Designs

Make the party a huge success not just because of the food or the activities but add that special hanging cheer decors. The accordion-style spiral makes this design can complement the theme you are going for. There are sizes of swirls ranging from 11 inches and below. The colors are black, pink, and white in various shapes. The cheerleader theme is regarded with such decoration cause there is no doubt that you are partying with a cheerleader theme.

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Cheerleader Themed Birthday Party Supplies

If you want to make it simple for you yet make the party a success, you may need party supplies to complete the preparation. It is a good thing that there are packs of party supplies that are also available online, and you only need to order them days before the date of the party. Also, these party supplies are cost-effective as you can buy them in sets of 10 and up. However, if you have the time to purchase the items yourself, this is also better as you can choose and see the pieces yourself before paying for them. Below are samples of cheerleading party supplies that you can order online.

Party Supplies Cheerleading packs of 16

This pack includes paper dinner plates, dessert plates, cups, paper lunch napkins, plastic forks, and spoons. You may double the order if you have more visitors but for 10 to 15 guests, this will do. It is affordable with an appealing design, and it is also durable.

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Clothing For A Cheerleader Themed Birthday Party

Having a cheerleader party theme, it follows that the celebrant will be wearing the said outfit, and so do the guests. But of course, it is still up to the guests what they prefer to wear and what will make them comfortable throughout. Some celebrants will insist to have their guests wear the same outfit to make it appear authentic. There are various samples of cheerleader outfits that you can find online for purchase, and you may also customize some of the costumes or add more details.

Cheerleader Costume for Girls Toddler with Available Size

With various cheerleading outfits available to choose from, this one is perfect and will make the birthday girl stand out. It will transform them into a cheerleader, complete with the make-up and other materials, including shoes, bows, plus pompoms. This dress is of 95% polyester and is highly comfortable. It is the perfect ensemble that is great, whether for parties, cosplay, or another role-playing that requires said outfit.

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Cheerleader Costume by Zamzirrow Girls

This is the perfect outfit for your little one if she is to attend a cheerleader theme party or if she is to celebrate one herself. It will surely make her look the most stunning and special, which will wow the crowd. What is also worth mentioning about this outfit is that it has various sizes to choose from.

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Minnie Mouse Cheerleader Outfit for Toddler and Little Girls

No one can say no to this lovely and cute costume. This Minnie Mouse cheerleader outfit is the best option if you are letting your little one go to a cheerleader theme party or if she is celebrating her birthday with the same theme. It also makes your toddler highly adorable as you dress her in this costume and add the big ribbon for her hair. You may also remove the ribbon and replace it with another color if you wish.

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Games and Activities For A Cheerleading Party

A party will not be complete without the activities or games you planned to make it exciting. It has to make the guests wonder what they need to do to win some of the small items or gifts you provide for the celebration, or you may also have these games just for fun and to make the party lively. Remember it is an incomplete preparation without readying any activities or games for the party.

Impromptu Cheer

Here is where a group of more than 3 people is required, the more participants, the better. They need to compose a cheer that they will also perform in front of the other guests. It can be as simple as arranging a few words and adding whistles or claps to add a kick to the performance. The trick is in making the people feel the energy while the group performs.

Pompom Making

As long as you have some materials you prepared for the pompom-making, this is another activity that will take the attention of the guests. Use plastic tablecloths or metallic ribbons. Add a bit of sparkle to enhance the design of each pompom. The best design and the thickest pompom wins.

Make Hair Ties and Ribbons

Another easy activity that attendees will surely enjoy. Their creativity will be tested here, and the best-designed and most perfect bow will win this game.

Fastest Dresser

Anyone can join this game where the fastest to wear the cheerleader costume wins. One should be really fast in wearing the costume. All they have to do is put it on top of their dress and make sure they are wearing it as stylish as possible. The hair is also included in the criteria, where ribbons are needed to ensure that you are as pretty as a real cheerleader.


There is a need for a photo booth so that everyone will have something they can bring home and check now and then. It is their pictures during the party. There should be enough costumes for the kids to use or props, so they can enjoy and act as if they are the real cheerleaders.

Skirt Decoration

You will need decorating items such as colored markers, ribbons, sequins, and other colorful fabric. Those who will join this activity can be in groups of 3 or more. They can help each other come up with the best skirt design and make the costume amazing. It should have the right color and decoration to make it unique and stand out from the rest of the designs.

Cheerleading Birthday Party Food

Preparing snacks is way easier than organizing a complete meal, it would be better to time the party after lunch so you only need to prepare light snacks and refreshments for all the attendees. Some samples of party food that you may add to the list include pretzels, cookies, popcorn, red velvet brownies, and any juice or drinks with a tinge of pink colors such as strawberry, cranberry, guava, and more. The usual party food is also ideal so the guests will have more options. It may include pizza, rolled slices of bread with sugar sprinkles, colorful jelly, tiny sandwiches with various fillings, macaroons, mini quiche, and sausage rolls.

The Cake

Since you can now have cakes designed like bags, phones, and shoes, it will be easy for you to find one where they can design a pompom cake, megaphone cake, or even a cheerleader’s costume. It will depend on how much you are willing to spend on the birthday girl’s cake, but surely you will add some more to make all the preparations perfect.

Some are more used to cupcakes decorated with various toppings depending on the theme they have. It is also doable since the guests will pick cupcakes if they want to without the need for a plate to place the cake or even a knife to slice the cake. This is lesser work for the host of the party.

Party Favors For The Cheerleader-Themed Birthday Party

To make the birthday party a success, there is no need for you to spend a hefty amount on party favors. Pick the items or materials you will place inside the goody bag wisely and refrain from buying items, or goodies that will break or rot after a few hours, or put it simply ‚Äď it should not be something that is junk.

Cheerleading Stickers

You can place this inside the goody bag and include it in your cool and stylish giveaway. The sticker may have various designs pertaining to the theme of the party.


Including some candies is also popular for goody bags as the little party guests will have something to munch on, do not only pick candies for the goody bags and ensure you are using candies as additional treats.

Ribbons, Ribbons, Ribbons

What else can make the goody bag special, but the addition of ribbons that cute little girls can also use daily, whether at home or outdoors. There are also different ribbon colors to choose from and not just the pink ones, red, white, or peach is perfect.

Face Make-Up/Glitters

There is play-makeup available for purchase that is hypoallergenic and will not cause any irritation or allergy to kids. Glitters may also be added so the party goers will have something to look forward to at home when they want to experiment with putting on cheerleader makeup.

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Cheerleader Themed Birthday Party
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