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Carnival birthday party

Is your child a massive fan of carnivals? Then throw him a carnival-themed birthday party! It’s now easier than ever to find several carnival party ideas. While there are several activities to choose from, it is vital to select those that appeal to your kids. Here are some Carnival birthday party ideas.

Carnival Party decorations

Carnival Theme Party Decorations

These circus-themed party decorations include signs, banners, hats, balloons, and background, among other things. All of them will bring a splash of color to your gathering.

The background may be a wall decor with balloons, making it a must-have carnival decoration. Your kids will have a blast with the beautiful photo booth accessories and cone hats.

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Decoration Circus Carnival Banner

The WELCOME banner is ideal for Carnival decor and may be used as a greeting front door banner or party decoration. Carnival garlands can be strung from ceilings, windows, and gardens, among other places.

The WELCOME banner is excellent for Carnival decor and may be used as a greeting front door sign for party decoration. Carnival garlands can be strung on ceilings, windows, gardens, and other surfaces.

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Carnival Party Directional Signs

The bundle has 20 pieces of circus sign decor in ten various designs, each of which contains two parts, making for a lovely decoration for your home that adds vitality and a circus aroma.

The circus game signs come in various forms, including ovals, arrows, and more. The circus directing characters have some text printed on them to guide you the way.

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Circus Carnival Party Decoration

Each part of these circus carnival-themed decoration sets has been meticulously crafted, allowing you to create a circus carnival full of mirth and laughter swiftly; Make your children’s birthdays much fun and leave them with a pleasant childhood remember.

The circus background backdrop is constructed of high-quality polyester and may be repainted; The circus confetti balloon kit is constructed of high-quality latex, durable and long-lasting. At the same time, the balloon’s thickness allows for long-term flotation without air loss. The circus tablecloth was made of plastic and can help you have an exciting party.

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Carnival Party Foods


They’re quick, simple & ideal for any occasion! These meatballs are soft and juicy, thanks to beef and pork. With Italian spices & parmesan cheese added to the mix, you can anticipate nothing but delicious sensations with each mouthful.

Sausage Rolls

These treats, sometimes known as sausage rolls, are drool-worthy. And while we usually prepare these tasty bits with store-bought sausage, this recipe kicks it up a level. The ground pork blended with bacon is the key to this fantastic dish! It creates the most OK sausage rolls I’ve ever tasted, wrapped in puff pastry & cooked to perfection.

Chicken Empanadas

Empanadas are famous in Portugal, Latin America, and the Philippines, but they also go down well at my house. What’s not to like about that? A well-seasoned meat filling (we’re using chicken in this recipe) is wrapped in a flaky & buttery crust, which would then be deep-fried or baked until brown. These half-moon nibbles are flavorful and will amaze your party attendees.

Steak and Cheese Quesadilla

Tender meat and cream cheese wrapped in a soft tortilla that’s been toasted? Please, yes! Because they’re so simple to make, this crowd-pleaser is indeed a must-have at any party. In only 30 minutes, you’ll have mouthwatering quesadillas bursting with flavor.

Chicken Tenders

Crispy on the exterior and juicy on the interior, flavorful meat? Who can say no to that? Expect a massive plate of chicken tenders to vanish in 5 minutes or less when you set it on the table. That’s how delectable these chicken tenders are. These tenders don’t even require any specific spices or seasonings to be flavorful! Lemon juice, water, sugar, and Frank’s Red Hot Sauce are all you need to make delicious tenders.

Bacon-Wrapped Pineapple

These bacon-wrapped pineapple pieces prove that the mix of sweet, salty, and smokey tastes never fails to wow. They’re also the simplest appetizers to make! It’s as simple as wrapping pineapple pieces in bacon and baking them. You may even make them ahead of time, refrigerate them, and bake them when ready to serve.

But here’s a tip: I’ve prepared these appetizers numerous times before, and I prefer fresh pineapple pieces to canned ones since they’re more crisp and juicy. Of course, this may add to the complexity, so I’ll leave it to you!


Croquettes were deep-fried balls filled with melted cheese, mashed potatoes, and bacon.

They are certainly the kings of nasty delights.

Do you plan on serving croquettes at your gathering? It would help if you warned your guests not to worry about their diets since these guys are incredibly addicting. You can’t have more than one, even if you convince yourself you’ll only have one. It’s just not feasible!

Mozzarella Sticks

Mozzarella sticks will quickly win over your guests. Crispy, creamy, and much fun to eat! Who doesn’t like ripping a mozzarella stick in half and stretching the stringy cheese inside out? Also, making these mozzarella sticks is a snap! Instead of ordinary mozzarella, string cheese is used in this dish. You’ll be done cooking in about 10 minutes since string cheese is already the correct shape and size for mozzarella sticks.

Carrot Cake Shooter

Here’s another tasty alcoholic beverage for you to try. This carrot cake shooter combines three different liqueurs to create a delicious alcoholic drink.

What is the significance of the name? This cocktail tastes a lot like carrot cake, thanks to the mix of Irish cream, cinnamon & butterscotch schnapps, and coffee liqueur. Yum. Serve your cheesecake shooter in a rimmed glass loaded with crushed walnuts for added oomph.

Cookie Dough Dip

That wasn’t a mistake! Sure, it’s not the most powerful party meal, but it is not easy to find someone who doesn’t like cookie dough dip.

Cream cheese, buttery, toffee pieces, and chocolate chips abound in this dessert/appetizer! Imagine all of those rich & sweet sensations in a single bite. This delicious dip is best served with a crisp graham cracker, but an ordinary spoon will suffice.

Carnival Party Cake

Circus Happy Birthday Cake

Food-safe, odorless, and non-toxic, high glitter substance. It’s also about sturdiness and longevity. This one-of-a-kind cake topper would look great during your fiesta birthday bash. It will undoubtedly astound everyone at the celebration. Send an email to notify us if the cake topper is damaged or does not live up to your expectations. We’ll devise a suitable solution for you.

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Carnival Theme Cake Decoration

Very suitable Carnival Themed party decoration, may also be used as a decoration for any party, record all your happy memories, and add more joy to your celebration. With them, you may enjoy the party with your friends.

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Carnival Party Favors

Albay Party Favors

All of the bulk party toys are manufactured of high-quality, non-toxic materials that are suitable for use by young children. Great for encouraging youngsters to exchange their toys and meet new acquaintances while having a good time at a party.

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52 Pcs Party Favors

Puzzle balls are ideal for party favors, Xmas stockings, goody bags, & Easter eggs. This is an excellent party favor to provide at your next anniversary event. This assortment of plastic mind teaser puzzles provides a challenging mental workout for developing minds.

Squishy Mochi toys & sticky hands are excellent for relieving physical and mental strain. They will aid you in improving the circulation of blood to your hands.

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Carnival Party Activities

Instead of playing all the activities as a group like typical parties, it would be fantastic if you could set up games for a carnival theme party where the kids could go thru and play at their own leisure. Of course, you’ll need to enlist the support of family and friends to manage the many games. You might give each visitor a dime when they enter, then charge a coin or two for each carnival-style game booth.

Dart Balloons

You’ll need balloons, pushpins, a corkboard, and several darts to make your own dart balloon game. Inflate the balloons & pin them to the corkboard with push pins. You may even stuff certain balloons with extra prize tickets as a bonus.

Cupcake Walk

Organize a cupcake walk! Three pieces of the poster board are all you’ll need. Make four distinct sheets out of the poster board. You should have a total of 12 people. Mark each posterboard 1-12 with a black marker. Make a circle on the floor with them all. Write the numerals 1-12 on slips of paper and place them in a bag or hat.

Ping Pong Toss

Arrange 25 plastic cups in five rows. Allow the kids to try to earn tickets by throwing pennies or ping pong balls into them. By placing a gold star sticker on the bottom of a handful of the cups, you may make extra cups.

They can win twice as many tickets if they land their penny in that cup. You may also give away little packs of goldfish crackers as a fun alternative to the carnival games that give out live goldfish.

Target Game

Try shooting ping pong balls off the top of golf tees or two liters with a water pistol with the youngsters. Place ping pong balls on top, then allow the player to shoot until their gun is completely dry. Depending on their age, determine how far back they should attack. Remember to have a pail of water available for pistol reloading.

Face Painting

Face painting should be available at one of the carnival booths. This is a classic carnival favorite that brings the carnival theme party vibe to life. To boost the fun, provide colorful carnival tattoos.

Top Tip

Winning prizes is one of the attractions of visiting the carnival. I recommend either generating your tickets or purchasing a roll of tickets. Distribute them to all of your carnival games. Set up a prize station where the children may exchange their tickets for little prizes like candies. You won’t have to buy both since these gifts may be utilized to fill their favorite boxes or bags.

Duck Pond Game

The duck pond game is a hit with kids. It’s not difficult to prepare. Simply put numbers on the bottoms of a bunch of rubber ducks that match. Allow them to float around in a pond filled with water. You must capture a duck with a pole and uncover the corresponding hidden digits on the bottom to win a prize!

Carnival Party Invitations

Carnival Circus Party Invitation

Impress your visitors with these one-of-a-kind beautiful purple grey blue teal tent invites; your guests and friends will appreciate being invited to your party!

There is a printable template available, or you may write directly on them; The thick, high-quality sheet makes it simple to print or draw on to customize the vacant places. Every order comes with a customizable printable template; see the product package for additional information! To celebrate that delicious surprise happy birthday, place an order to see the difference thick card material can make!

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Carnival Circus Invitations

These graphic cards, designed by a clever mother, depict a vibrant big top circus tent with clowns and a tiger jumping through a fire ring!

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Carnival Party Clothing

If you’re an adult planning to organize or attend a carnival-themed party, you’ll need to dress appropriately. Mardi Gras is America’s most popular adult carnival celebration. A carnival party is best held soon before Lent, as this is when other countries customarily celebrate the season with parades and parties themed like carnivals and circuses.


Whether it’s for Mardi Gras, Carnival in another country, or your carnival celebration with pals, a clown or jester costume is a must-have. This is a fun costume that both men and women may wear. Faces are frequently covered with white makeup, large shoes and vividly colored clothing. Wear tights, a scepter, and a jester’s cap if you wish to put on a jester costume. Clowns should dress in baggy clothing and wear brightly colored wigs over their hair.


People costumed as wild animals can be found at any Mardi Gras or Carnival event. This is a terrific costume for both men and women, and if you locate the right outfit, it can even be turned erotic if the carnival theme includes a circus aspect, dress dressed as a lion, tiger, gorilla, elephant, horse, bear, or dog. Farm animals such as cows and chickens should be avoided.

Trapeze Artist

If you’re a birl looking for nicer attire, this costume is perfect. Trapeze performers wear skirts and glittering, tight clothes. This incorporates the carnival’s circus element into the celebration, but as long as your costume has enough sequins & dazzles, you’ll be OK.

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