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Pirate party

The fact is enough that it should be a little pirate in all of us. Pirates of adventure and a desire on the seven seas. Wouldn’t it be fun to sage a pirate party and turn into a pirate?

How to organize it as a pirate party? Send out invitations on a treasure map. Children dress as pirates with eye patches and swords. Good food to offer the sausage and meatballs. Bake a cake shaped like a pirate ship. Good games at a pirate party walk the plank and treasure hunt.

A party with a pirate theme must be carefully planned for it to be successful. You will find some pieces of advice here for your pirate party!

How do you arrange a pirate party?
How do you arrange a pirate party?


Once you’ve decided who should be invited, it is time to prepare the invitation.

Start with the front of the card, where you can draw a treasure map. Then, add a description of how to get from such a property line and up to the front door if you live in the house or up to the gate and the number of stairs if you live in an apartment. Instead of a treasure map, you can make a skull and crossbones flag on the front, a ship, or a pirate hat with a skull and crossbones.

On the other side of the card you need to have an appropriate text, of course. Here’s a suggestion:

Warning! It is rumored that Captain Tom to have a pirate party, and you need that crew on the boat. The ship departs (date and time) from the port (address). Optional pirate attire and leave your weapons on your ship.

Write the invitation on a paper that you roll and put a ribbon around like a roll of parchment. Write the child’s (guest) name on a label attached to a cord. Or you can take a little thicker paper that you burn a little at the edges. Using a wet tea bag pulling lightly over the document, you get an aged appearance on the card. Deliver the invitation in a bottle with a little sand on the bottom.

Tips on clothing

  • Sew a vest of black cloth, or find one at a flea market. Sew or stick onto a pirate flag with skull and crossbones on the west.
  • All sailors have striped shirts, of course, black trousers to it and a bandanna around the neck or attached to the head.
  • Pirate makeup is quickly done by a domestic or toilet roll.¬†Paint or spray it black.¬†Cover one end with colored cellophane, and you will have a monocular.

  • Makeup for face painting is available at most toy stores or online.¬†The advantage of these is that they are relatively easy to remove when the party is over.¬†Paint the beard, mustache, heavy eyebrows, and little scars.
  • Eye Patches can be made in black felt. Attach elastic, so it is easy to put on and take it off.
  • Pirates also tend to like big gold chains, gold rings in their ears, and pirate hooks.¬†The pirate hook you make out of a disposable cup to put their hand in. Create the hook out of aluminum foil.
  • Let the children make their pirate swords.

Decorate at a pirate party

  • Bombs and grenades are a must-have at every pirate party.¬†Black balloons may be bombs. You can make them exploding by attaching streamers in orange, yellow, and red.
  • Cut paper fishes from different colored paper and attach them to a cord hanging from the ceiling.
  • Do pirate flags of paper or cloth. Hang the banners from the ceiling, walls, lamps, and windows.
  • Make an anchor made of cardboard, and then dress up the anchor in aluminum foil.
  • Replace the paintings on the walls with round ship windows that you made of cardboard.
  • Make your own sign ‚Äúentry at your own risk,‚ÄĚ ‚Äúdungeon,‚ÄĚ and the like.
  • Take a box of appropriate size and paint/spray it black or brown to look like a treasure chest.¬†Hang a lock on and put a sign on with the text ‚ÄúLocated Captain Tom‚Ä̬† You can keep the candy bags in the chest.
  • Add a black cloth (or sheets) to the table and decorate it with coins. Use chocolate coins and toy money.
  • Buy a white or yellow paper towel where you draw a treasure map or buy a premade one.
  • Make a paper ship being loaded with chocolate money.
  • Why not let each chair get a personalized sign with the sailor‚Äės name who should sit where.¬†The birthday child is, of course, Captain.

Party music and film

Music is a great way to get into the party’s mood, and a pirate party can be music from the movie Peter Pan to be a good fit. And why not watch the film also just in time before it is time to leave the party.

What can you serve at a pirate party?

  • Pirates are bloodthirsty types, so give them something red to drink.
  • Hot dogs that may be cut off fingers and ketchup as blood.
  • Thread sausage (fingers) and meatballs (bombs) on wooden sticks.
  • Make an ice cream bomb or bake a cake with black cream (caramel color).¬†On the candy shelf, you will find the dentures to decorate the cake.
  • If you decide to make a cake, you can color it icing blue (sea) and decorate it with the ship, sharks, crocodiles, and plastic figures.¬†Do not forget the pirate flag.
  • Bake sponge cakes in the roasting pan. And stack them on each other and cut a ship that you are decorating with brown cream, sails of barbecue sticks, and paper.¬†Candy can be used as decoration to get a perfect boat.

Candy bags

When it’s time to go home, you open the treasure chest. You’ve marked up each bag with the saman’s name, so they are not likely to confuse them. It is essential if there are allergic children and need a bag of sweets tailored to them. Fill the bags with false teeth, bombs, necklaces, tattoos, and things that fit a pirate. Please also add a tattoo and a toy fish.

Print pirate flags put them on brown candy bags, or draw a treasure map outside the bags.

Pirate Games

Scavenger hunt for pirates

Scavenger hunt‚Äôs a classic of children‚Äôs party, but why not choose one with questions about pirates.¬†It mixes the fairy pirates with real.¬†Or add a question about real pirate treasures found recently‚ÄĒa quiz to trigger the imagination and children‚Äôs play.¬†

Time for treasure hunting

Divide the children into teams and give each team their treasure map (different for each team), highlighting where the first clues are located.¬†The first clue is a treasure map that shows where the next clue is so.¬†The treasure hunt continues until they find the treasure‚ÄĒthe first team to find their treasure wins.¬†As an alternative to the treasure map, you can print a photograph of the next clue‚Äôs place.¬†If there are many children at the party, it is enough with a treasure map where clues can help each other look for treasure.

Where is the treasure?

Hide small gifts/treasure chests in slightly different places in the house and let the kids go on a treasure hunt. Anyone who finds a treasure sits on the floor until all find their respective treasures and sat down in the ring. Now is the time to open and see what’s in.

Look for the crocodile

Is it a party for younger children can be fun to hide an egg timer on a cardboard crocodile. (Like in the Peter Pan story) Now children need to listen and try to find the crocodile with the egg timer before it rings.

Find treasures

Make a list of things you have hidden in the room. If the children are young, make a list of images instead. Let the children look for items that are on the list. Everything gives different points. When all things are found, you count up who got the most points.

Walk on the plank

Walk the plank can be done in different ways, of course, but I have two options.

Add a plank on the floor and let the kids go over it one by one while playing music. When the music stops leaving the child standing on the plank of the game, continue until there is only one child left.

If it’s summer, you can let the pirates get to walk the plank outdoors. Under the plank, place a children’s pool and let the kids balance over to the other side. The plank you stack up two buckets and anchor securely. Then, just for the little pirates to balance over to the other side.

X on the treasure map

This is the same game where you put the curly tail on the pig and replace the pig with an x on the treasure map. Draw the water, islands, and a treasure chest. Give each child a crayon (various colors) and put the blindfold. Whoever puts the cross closest to the treasure chest wins.

Pirate hat

Let all the children sit in a circle on the floor. The captain begins. Let pirate hat walking around the ring while the music plays. When the music of silence, the holding cap stepping out of the ring. Last one left wins.

Slapping bombs

Blow up several black balloons, with some hidden notes in some of them. Hang them in the strings and let the kids throw dart one at a time. If you do not want to use arrows or other sharp objects, have each child pick out a balloon, which they then have to break by sitting on them. On the secret notes, there are different points or prizes.

Another variant of the bombs is getting black water balloons, filling them, and letting them play outside.

Go for gold and silver hunting

Sew black bags and spray stones in silver and gold color. Hide the silver and the gold nuggets in the room (or outside if weather permits). Let each child have their cloth bag, set a timer for 15 minutes, and send them out searching for treasures. Count up the score when time is up (silver gives, for example, 2 points and gold 3).

Rumor is spreading

Put the kids in a circle. Let one of the pirates start by whispering a word or phrase to the person next to the left. It, in turn, whispers to the next and so on. Importantly, the whispering only gets to do it once, so you have to listen. When the word or sentence, after the last child says it out loud for all to hear. It can get how crazy at any time.

Buccaneer battle

Take two large boxes and redo the pirate ship. Divide the children into two teams and give them plastic or foam rubber balls that will be the cannonballs. At a given signal begins to blow. One must not pick the cannonballs from the ground but just throw those they have been assigned. When all the cannonballs are out, you count up how many ended up in each ship. The team that managed to get the most cannonballs into the opponent’s ships has won.

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Please feel free to share my page with pirate party ideas!

Pirate party
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