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What to Wear to a Kids’ Birthday Party

Kids’ birthday parties can be great fun. Seeing one’s own kids have fun and play around with other children is a great sight, and an even better experience when had with a couple of good family friends. 

Many people often find it somewhat difficult to decide what are dresses and outfits suitable for such an occasion, which is why I have decided to write this article. In order to help you make better and also quicker decisions so that you don’t waste too much energy thinking about what to wear, but much rather on how to make the experience all the better for your children. 

If you are interested in finding out more about some great clothing and outfit ideas or tips for a kids’ birthday party, you have come to the right place! Read on! 

What to Wear to a Kids’ Birthday Party?

Floral Dresses

One of the ultimate standard clothing items for women which are amazing for kids’ birthday parties is a floral dress. Of course, the floral dresses that one might wear for their kid’s birthday party might not be the same as a floral night-out dress, but the floral theme is definitely very fitting for such an occasion. 

When deciding what to wear for a children’s birthday party, there are a couple of basic rules, which almost all have to do with appropriate clothing styles. For example, wearing a mini-skirt, or a dress or blouse with a deep cutout or any similar piece of clothing which would be fine for some other occasions is flat out inappropriate for children’s events. 

If you got the design (as in the cut and shape) ideas in mind, or at least have excluded the ones which are inappropriate, you can go about searching for a dress that has a fun, vibrant, lively design that would fit with the intended atmosphere of the kids’ party. 

This is exactly what makes floral outfits perfect for women and girls for kid’s birthday parties. They are friendly, usually beautiful, colorful, and will definitely get you some compliments from younger girls at the party. 

Floral dresses are appropriate, match the event in attitude and image, and are also fun pieces of clothing to wear, which makes them one of the best options for kids’ birthday parties!

Casual Button-up Shirt

As floral dresses can be considered probably th best option for a kid’s birthday party for women, casual button-up shirts are arguably the best options for men. There is no need to show up in a tank top and cargo shorts to be cool, but a suit would be just as inappropriate for such an occasion.

This is why one of the best ideas is a shirt that shows that the wearer is a responsible and respectable adult, but by any means not a stuck-up overdresser. There are, same as with floral dresses for women, very many different specific designs and options, which makes this option even better since one can customize it to their own taste. 

One of the best specific examples is a standard red-checkered lumberjack-style shirt. It is fun, casual, but not to the point where it is inappropriate. 

There are probably many people out there who don’t enjoy these checkered shirts, but those people have a plethora of designs and colors to choose from too. A light blue shirt with a white t-shirt, rolled-up sleeves, and buttons undone to show the t-shirt is an incredible combination, for example. 

A tip here is to use vibrant, positive, happy colors and designs. The lumberjack-styled red-black already stretches this border, but definitely don’t go for black-heavy shirts. You want to look fun, approachable, but still sophisticated to a level. 

Striped Blouses and Dresses

Another perfect option for women is a striped blouse or dress. Kids like flowers, patterns, symmetrical designs, and colors, which is why although plain colors would work fine, some basic design is always preferred. 

In this case, stripes. A white blouse with blue stripes is basically for women what the blue shirt and white t-shirt combination is for men: a casual, laid-back, approachable but still sophisticated outfit. As a woman, pairing this with a pair of white pants and some wooden- or beige-colored shoes can make for an incredible outfit. 

The great thing about stripes is that you can play around with them, and they are also available everywhere. You can rarely go into a store and not find a striped blouse. 

Of course, with all these outfits and dress ideas, it would be optimal to pair the clothing with the given season, since it always looks better that way. A light blue and white striped blouse is great for spring or perhaps summer, but in the fall, you could be looking at maroon-white, dark green-white, or other, even more, creative color combinations. 

To kids’ parties, it is recommended to wear closed blouses and not ones that expose the shoulders and collar bone, however, if the given design is still appropriate for the event and looks great, definitely go for it, since it is not common to see an inappropriate striped dress thanks to its inherently relaxed design.


Leggings or sweatpants are some of the best options out there for all those who don’t enjoy wearing jeans or similar, more movement-restricting clothing, or in the pretty common case of an active kids’ birthday, where moving around is important. 

One of the most important fundamental ideas when it comes to not only kid’s birthday parties but also to choosing outfits in general, is dressing for the occasion. Always try to think ahead about the types of activities you might be doing, the age of the kids at the birthday party, and the setting and weather conditions. 

A large majority or at least a large portion of kids’ birthday parties are held outdoors, and also contain fun programs that are often physically tiring, possibly dirty. If this is the type of birthday you are going to, by no means should you feel the need to wear jeans, shirts, floral dresses, or similar semi-formal attire. 

Leggings and sweatpants are the ultimate outdoor kids’ party clothing since they allow for a full range of motion and are a lot more comfortable than any pair of jeans, khakis, or perhaps skirts. This is true for both sexes, so this is not a gender-based recommendation, rather a universal one. 

The pants can be long or short, depending on the weather conditions and specific activities you will be doing, however, keep in mind that it is a kids’ event you are attending, so make sure it is in no way inappropriate. 

When it comes to legging/sweatpant color and material, assuming that you wear them for outdoor kids’ parties, it is wise to wear a color that doesn’t show mess and dirt easily, so something darker would be preferred. For fabric, definitely look for sturdier ones that won’t rip if you fall on the grass or get too immersed in an activity. 


Another universal recommendation, t-shirts are some of the best options when it comes to clothing for kids’ birthday parties both for men and women. It is fun, casual, comfortable, and thus a perfect option, whether it is a pair of jeans or sweatpants you will be wearing with it. 

T-shirts are optimal for such a setting for many reasons, but they have something in common with casual button-ups and similar items of clothing: there is an incredible amount of designs and colors available. 

This, and its comfort and simplicity is what makes t-shirts great items for a more casual, outdoor kids’ party. Floral t-shirts, plain colored ones, or ones with any sort of design can be perfect choices for a fun and casual party. 

T-shirts are not meant for any party which is more formal in its style, however, it is a completely adequate, appropriate and fun option. 

Flat Shoes/Sneakers

Children’s birthday parties are rarely formal, however, there are those couple of occasions when they fall into the more formal category. In this case, the button-up shirts and floral or striped dresses or blouses seem to be the best solution to balance out the fun and the formal. For these types of outfits and occasions, flat shoes and casual sneakers are a great choice for footwear. 

A good pair of fashion sneakers or some casual flat shoes can be a fantastic compliment to a fresh, casual-elegant style since they represent this category perfectly by being the perfect balance of fun and sophisticated. 

They are comfortable enough in case the birthday will have some activity for kids, though not the best option for activity-heavy, outdoor parties. They are, however incredible for many occasions. 

They can also be paired with other pieces of clothing really easily since there are countless different shapes and designs of flat shoes and sneakers. They are also often inexpensive if one doesn’t go shopping for the big brand names but rather sticks to simple fashion sneakers or similar category shoes. 


The next unisex recommendation is a pair of jeans. They are one of the most widely-used pieces of clothing worldwide, which is not a surprise, seeing as they are incredibly durable (even many newer ones), stylish, and are really flexible when it comes to dressing them up or down. 

Dressing a given piece of clothing up would mean wearing it with something that would otherwise be out of its category. In this case, you could wear it with a semi-sophisticated shirt and fashion sneakers and you already have yourself a perfect outfit with jeans, which you can wear to higher-end kids’ parties. 

On the other hand, you can easily grab a pair of flexible but durable denim (which is pretty common nowadays), a plain colored t-shirt, and some running shoe-style sneakers, and you got yourself an incredible outfit for a more active event. 

This versatility of jeans, how they can be easily dressed up or down without compromising the looks or sometimes even the comfort is what makes them perfect options. You can even experiment around with the different types of  jeans, from plain, elegant ones to bruised, maybe slightly ripped models, to check out which one suits you and the situation the most. 

They are also an awesome alternative if you are not one for leggings since modern jeans tend to be almost as comfortable as some sweatpants and leggings, and can thus be used by people who don’t like to wear sports or comfortable clothing to these types of events. 


The last category of clothing which I will recommend can be a bit of a tricky one but is probably my favorite. Accessories can make or break a kids’ birthday party experience, so make sure you go through the thought process before deciding what to wear. If there is a fairytale birthday party, you might dress as a knight, dragon princess, and so on. . Nevertheless, don’t let this sway you if you want to wear something. 

There is a special reason why accessories are my favorite items to think about and wear in a kids’ party setting, is because it can make things really exciting for the kids and can attract quite a lot of cute, kid-attention. 

I like wearing a shiny watch that I know young girls will love, and I also tell some friends to wear some simple and safe jewelry or accessories that can be conversation starters with small children. 

By safe, I mean not spiky, or no earrings which are long and are dangling at your shoulders, or perhaps necklaces with a shark’s tooth on them. These can be ripped off or can even cause harm to a child attending the party, so these are off the list, but some sophisticated little accessories can add a lot to an outfit. 

Not only can it start conversations and interactions with kids which will make both of your experiences more awesome, but it will also make you feel a lot better about yourself when children are not even necessarily around since an accessory can really elevate an outfit. It is a win-win situation if you don’t overdo it or wear something unsafe. 

What to Wear to a Kids’ Birthday Party
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