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Slumber party

There isn’t something so cozy as inviting friends to a slumber party overnight. And for you holding the party, it’s perfect when guests come in their pajamas from the start.

But what do you do at a slumber party? As an invitation card, you can print a picture of the birthday boy or girl, wearing pajamas. Prepare the room with mattresses, blankets, and pillows. Tasty things to offer are pizza, popcorn, and chips. Good games at a slumber party are spin the bottle and who is hiding under the covers.

How do you arrange a slumber party?
How do you arrange a slumber party?

The good thing is that it is possible to make the slumber party in so many different ways, which means that guests will remember this evening and night long.

What should you consider?

To begin with, you must plan the party and make it clear to you how it should proceed and where the guests are going to sleep. Why not let the adults move out of their bedroom for a night and let the children sleep in the double bed. Or perhaps there is a recreation room in the basement where you can spread out mattresses on the floor. Even a dressing room with mattresses on the floor can be a very cozy night shelter.

Camping in the garden is a treat, but if the weather does not allow it, or if the kids think it‚Äôs scary when you can always set up your tent in the living room or on the balcony instead.¬†Although usually, most kids like to get a little crowded. Everybody who has slept with the children knows that they can ‚Äúspread out‚ÄĚ so make sure the tent is large enough.

Time to make the invitation

Once you have decided where guests sleep, you may want to start with the invitations. Festive get it if you do a little different and personal letters. Have an old sheet or the like that you can spare, sew a small pillow that you put the card in, instead of an envelope. The pillowcase can also put down a toothbrush or a mini toothpaste as a little extra fun gadget. If you do not have fabric, a tip is to look at the flea market where there is always fabric for a low price.

A card you can make a little bit thicker black paper where you can either paste the stars or a moon. Take a white paper that you write the text on and paste it inside the card. Another option might be to take a picture of the birthday boy or girl, wearing pajamas in which you write the text on the back.

Then you have to think practically, of course, not just to write an invitation. A small packing list for things that guests should bring is always right.


  • Toothbrush
  • Pillow
  • Stuffed Animals
  • Sleeping bag or blanket
  • Flashlight

Important is that you also write with any clothing they should ware when they arrive at the party. Be clear about if they should wear pajamas or nightgown when they come or if they should dress up later.

Time to set up the party ahead

When having a slumber party, there should be plenty of room for mattresses, sleeping bags, and pillows, so be sure to clear the place where they are to seep. Begin to move out unnecessary furniture and make sure to get the free space on the floor. We need, of course, low tables where food and candy stand to prevent the bowls from spilling into the bedding.

One tip is to hang luminous stars and planets on the roof and windows that load and light when it is time to put out for the night.

What do you serve at a slumber party?

Are you going to serve food or just snacks? Set the time for the party accordingly! If you choose to have a party in the evening, it will become more comfortable for you. But be sure to tell the invitation, so guests are prepared.

If the party is held indoors and you will serve food, pizza is always appreciated. Then each one chooses what should be on the pizza. The burgers are also perfect, where the guests can make their favorite. Something always good for a party otherwise is, of course, pancakes or waffles with jam, whipped cream, and ice cream. Or why not save it for breakfast. Keep in mind that there are good lactose-free options to suit everyone.

Did you party in the garden, it is never wrong to grill hamburgers and sausages. Why not build a hot dog stand where you serve your guests? And do not forget that if the grill is lit, then grilled banana with chocolate is yummy for the ice cream.

All snacks are welcome! Make sure to have plenty of small bowls so that everyone can have their own.

Remember the candy bags

Is it overnight, maybe the candy bags will be handed out in the evening. And it can be good with some content that is not only sweets but also those that may be helpful to have at night.


  • A small flashlight
  • A toothbrush
  • A notebook
  • A small storybook

Some tips on games


Start by laying out the children‚Äôs blankets (or sleeping bags) on the floor of the room.¬†One of the children must go out of the room. Meanwhile, the other kids are hiding the other under the blankets. (not their own).¬†Call for the child that is outside the room. Now that child walks to one blanket at a time and put his hand on and asks, ‚ÄúWho‚Äôs there?‚ÄĚ.¬†The child who is under the covers will now respond with such a strange voice as possible in order not to expose themselves.¬†Now we have to guess correctly; otherwise, he or she goes to the next blanket.¬†The first correct guess will be the ones to go out of the room next time.


Do you remember how to play spin the bottle? Let all the children sit a ring and put a bottle in the middle. Decide who is going to start spinning the bottle. When the bottle stopped spinning and points to a child, the person who turned decides what the child should do. It can, for example, be to hop on one leg around the ring, sounding like a cow, walk backward into the kitchen and back or find some own small assignments to do. Why not paint a drawing together where you initially decided on an animal, such as an elephant, and so will every person tasked to draw there the body, head, ears, trunk, etc. The person who made the order may spin the bottle next time.

Decoration at the party

You don’t need any special decor for this type of party. If you want to add something special maybe lighting of some kind.

LED Curtain Lights

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Read more and order

How do you arrange a ghost party? Cut ghosts and type invitations on them. They dress up as ghosts, witches, mummies, and so on. You have to look intimidating. Decorate with spider webs and spiders. Serve graveyard cake and fill the candy bags with candy eyes, false teeth, and other scary stuff. More tips for ghost parties are gathered here.

What to play at a children’s party? Some games typically are being played at the children’s party: it’s dance stop, a relay, and a scavenger hunt. But you’ll find more suggestions for games at a children’s party here.

Slumber party
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