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Can You Convert iTunes Gift Card To Cash?

Sometimes we find ourselves having unwanted gift cards that we don’t really use. Perhaps you stopped shopping at that store. Now you may be thinking of a way to change the gift card balance to cash which brings us to the question, “can you convert iTunes gift card to cash?“

It is possible to convert iTunes gift cards to cash. The best way to do this is by selling it out on reputable websites that offer cash for iTunes gift card balance. But there are other ways, such as trading it in at target stores.

In this article, I discuss iTunes gift cards that everyone who uses gift cards should know. Read on to learn.

How To Convert iTunes Gift Card Into Cash?

iTunes gift card is a can’t-go-wrong present, but sometimes you may want to convert it into cash for one reason or another. It is easy to sell the gift card, but you must be careful not to fall victim to a resale gift card scam.

The best and safest way to sell your iTunes gift card is to use a well-known and legitimate gift card exchange such as Cardpool, Giftcards.com, ABC Gift Cards, CardCash, CardKangaroo, and Raise.com. You may want to check out GiftCardGranny.com, where you can instantly compare offers from different reputable websites.

If you use a trusted and reputable gift card reseller, a third-party company handles the transaction for you. Hence you can’t worry about interacting with a buyer that you can trust. To receive payments, you can use different payment options like PayPal or electronic deposit.

It is essential to understand that online exchanges base their offers on supply and market demand. More money is paid to cards that many people want and the exchanges need. Hence some cards pay better than other cards depending on their availability and demand.

Another way you can cash your iTunes gift card is by trading it in at Target. Many Target stores can exchange iTunes gift cards for a Target gift card that you can use to shop at the store or online.

Also, you can get a store gift card or instant cash from Cardpool at any of their yellow in-store kiosks or partner retailers such as Target and Safeway. They accept iTunes gift cards and cards from more than 250 retailers and restaurants as long as they have a balance of $15 and above.

Can You Transfer iTunes Gift Card Money To PayPal?

Sometimes you receive gift cards you don’t need. For example, you may have an iTunes gift card, but you don’t shop there anymore. So, what are you going to do with the gift card since you don’t intend to use it in the Apple store?

Well, instead of leaving it to sit idle in your drawer, you can now exchange it for cash in your PayPal balance via CardCash. This will allow you to make payments, shop at online stores that accept PayPal, or wire the money to your bank account.

Typically, it takes like one business day for your iTunes gift card money to deposit into your PayPal account. The rates for gift card exchange value can differ depending on the gift card’s demand.

Follow the steps below to trade in your iTunes gift card money.

  • Go to the CardCash.
  • Enter the company‚Äôs name and the balance amount on your iTunes gift card, and then click on Get Offer. If an offer is there, you‚Äôll see the amount of PayPal balance you can exchange with.
  • To add an iTunes card, fill in the details below and then click on Add Card.
  • If you agree to everything in the exchange offer, click Continue.
  • Fill in your iTunes gift card number and PIN, then click Connect with PayPal.
  • Log in to your PayPal account.
  • Fill in the required fields, and click Get my PayPal balance.

Can You Transfer iTunes Gift Card Money To Another Account?

Sending gifts or money to others is quite common, especially among family members and friends. It is a way to show love and appreciation to others. Fortunately, iTunes users are now privileged to transfer iTunes gift card money to a different account.

iTunes gift card is a new way to transfer iTunes credit to another account, allowing other iTunes users to use the card credit to purchase the items they want or enjoy the items that the gift giver has purchased.

The iTunes credit is store points that can be used in lieu of money to buy apps and music from the iStore, and you can buy in whichever denomination you want.

To transfer iTunes gift card money to another account, follow the steps below to complete the transfer process.

  • Run the latest app of iTunes on your PC and sign in with your Apple ID.
  • On the right side of the interface of iTunes, find the option of Send Gift under the tab of Quick Links.
  • Enter the email address of the recipients, and you can add the message as you want.
  • Select the amount you wish to give. You can click on the Other button to enter the distinct amount of money you want.
  • Generally, the money will be sent immediately, but you can schedule to send it later. Click on Other date and set the time you wish to send the money, then click the Next button.
  • This is the complete process to send iTunes gift money to another account. Just a few simple clicks. You can now use it to share iTunes money with your family members and friends.


Now you are aware that you can convert your unwanted gift card money into instant cash. You can no longer worry about what will happen to the card balance when you stop using it. One has to be careful not to fall into the trap of fraudsters who prey on unsuspecting users. Ensure to use a reputable website.

Moreover, you can show love to your family members or friends by transferring your iTunes gift card money to their accounts.

Can You Convert iTunes Gift Card To Cash?
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