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Your Gift Card Is In The Process Of Being Activated: Meaning

A Gift Card is a prepaid money card, these are used as an alternative form of payment to purchase something in a specific store, physical or electronic. Nowadays, gift cards are commonly used as a payment method in apps or e-commerce. Thus, to use these gift cards they need to be activated, but sometimes the authorized agents, banks, and companies take the time to verify a gift card and activate it.

When the ‚ÄúYour Gift Card is in the process of being Activated‚ÄĚ message appears when a gift card has been activated properly. If the gift card was bought in a store like Walmart or in a marketplace like Amazon, once it is purchased this has to be automatically activated by the site or retailer.

Your Gift Card Is In The Process Of Being Activated ‚Äď what does it mean?

Nowadays, the use of gift cards to acquire anything on the internet or in a traditional store is more than usual. Gift cards are practical, easy to use, come in different amounts, and some of them don’t have any feed; so, this is affordable and easy to acquire. But sometimes, these cards are not activated properly or at times when this is about to be used. This situation is annoying and stressful, but here I’ll tell you what to do when something like this happens.

What Does ‚ÄúYour Gift Card Is in The Process of Being Activated‚ÄĚ Mean?

Sometimes, the authorized agents, retailers, banks, and companies take more time than usual to activate a gift card, most of the time the process is instantaneous, but it could take more than it should. The first time that the message Your Gift Card is in the process of being Activated, I almost went into a panic because it was taking more time than usual, I thought that I did something wrong, but the truth here was that the Your Gift Card is in the process of being Activated message is more usual than it should.

When a client purchases a gift card, they must be activated by the retailers and/or authorized agents at the moment the gift card is acquired. However, the process is a little bit more complicated than that. First of all, I recommend waiting some hours; when this happens, the person should wait 24 hours, and then try again. If this does not work, the person can do a few things to try to solve this:

  • If the gift card was acquired in a physical store like Walmart or 7 Eleven, it should have two bills, one is the bill for the purchase, and the other has the activation code and the amount of the gift card. The person must go to the store where it bought the card with both bills, and the store should solve it.
  • When the point above doesn‚Äôt work, most of the time, there is a free number at the back of the card. The person has to call that number, and the retailer will give a reason or a solution for the issue. Mostly, physical stores are just the sellers, they are authorized agents or retailers, and sometimes it is a company‚Äôs or manufacturer‚Äôs issue. The number at the back of the card will contact the client directly with the company.
  • When it is a gift card bought on Amazon, the person has to contact Amazon‚Äôs customer service‚Äôs phone number. This is weird when a gift card buys in Amazon is not already activated, but in case this happens, the person has to contact Amazon or the manufacturer.

How Long Does It Take for A Gift Card to Activate?

Gift cards have to be activated at the moment of the purchase. When a client acquires a gift card this has to be activated by the authorized agent or retailer, these are the store where the card is bought, physical or electronic. If the card presents any problem when it is going to be added in an app or used in a store, this client has to contact the retailer (the store where the card was bought) or call the consumer service of the manufacturer. However, there are a few things to do if the card is not activated, so not everything is lost!

Above, I recommend waiting 24 hours, then going to the store or contacting the consumer service of the manufacturer to claim and expect them to solve the problem. However, this does not always turn out well, and it is annoying at some point when days pass by and there is no solution. People don’t want to lose their money!

At one of the sides of the gift card, there is a sticker with a URL on it. This may be a sign that the gift card wasn’t activated, however, it is always good to check the package or the card itself to see it have specific instruction. Humans make mistakes, and the user can be typing something wrong! 

Anyways, that URL will send the user to a page to active the card; on that website, there is going to be needed to fill a form with a data of the gift card owner and some codes in the gift card itself (like activation code or PIN). If the gift card was bought online, the user can check the URL attached to the verification email sent by the website. Moreover, the card can also be activated by calling the consumer service, it only needs to follow the instructions given.

How Do I Know If My Gift Card Is Activated?

Most of the gift cards come with a sticker to activate them, when someone buys any gift card in a physical store, the cashier will remove that sticker once the card is activated; then, the gift card should be ready to use it. However, another way to check if the card is activated is by checking its balance.

Nowadays, the most common gift cards used in the market are the ones given by Google Play and Visa; the user can check the balance of any of these gift cards whenever it is needed on the official sites. 

For the Google Play gift cards, the balance can be checked at the Payment Methods at the menu bar on the Google Play app. The Google Play balance of each account cannot be transferred or shared with other accounts; once a gift card is used in a specific account it can be used only in that Google account.

When it is a Visa account, the balance can be checked at the card issuer’s site. There is only needed the 16-digit number and the security code to enter the site and check the balance of the Visa gift card.

Your Gift Card Is In The Process Of Being Activated: Meaning
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