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Pizza party

Pizza is the best theme that you can choose to celebrate pretty much any occasion or milestone. Everybody loves pizza, and a pizza-themed party is a perfect way to bring friends and family together for a whole day of fun and excitement and make the tastiest pizza at home.

Pizza brings the party together and everyone can not just get enough. It is the reason why the amazing food became the main theme for a lot of party events. Although adults prefer to pair their pizza with soups and salads, these preferences may not work very well for the kids. To add variety to your pizza party, consider serving burgers, fries, donuts, and hotdogs. Also, do not forget to accompany it with the sweet and tasty drinks that the littles will surely adore.

Decor at a pizza party

How to decorate at a pizza party?

When decorating a pizza party, remember that bigger is better. Emphasize the theme using big decors such as the gigantic pizza blanket. Throwing this pizza blanket on your couch will allow your guests to get into the vibe instantly as they enter. Then create a backdrop using the pizza party banner and balloons to add continuity to your decor. If you plan to hold the party at night, you have to consider adding the pizza-shaped LED light to create a warm party atmosphere. Lastly, welcome your guests with their own pizza hats so that they can serve as a walking decor that will complete the whole setup.

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Pizza Party Banner and Balloons

Complete your pizza party with banners and balloons designed specifically for the theme. It can serve as a perfect backdrop for the photoshoots as well as create an ambiance of fun and excitement.

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Pizza Party Dinner Pack

If you’re worried that the energetic kids might break your precious tableware, then the pizza party dinner pack is the ultimate solution to your problem. It comes in a complete set of table covers, pizza-themed plates and cups, napkins, and other bonus decors.

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Make A Pizza Stickers

Allow the kids to get creative and decorate their own pizza using the Make A Pizza Stickers. It is a fun craft activity that kids of all ages can enjoy.

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Pizza Paper Straw

Do not let those boring straws dull your event. Instead, add fun to your party drinks with the mouth-watering designs of the pizza paper straws. After all, it is not just an ordinary day but a day of celebration and joy.

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Pizza Blanket

The pizza blanket is a 71″ wide double-sided realistic giant pizza-themed blanket. It looks like an authentic huge pepperoni pizza with crust on one side and a realistic pizza bottom on the other side. Excite your guests by throwing a pizza blanket on your couch and creating pizza heaven that will have everyone delighted.

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How to dress for a Pizza Party

Pizza Hats

A pizza party calls for pizza-themed celebratory hats or head toppers. Whether you’re preparing for Halloween, celebrating a birthday, attending a slumber party, heading to a carnival, or going to just about any fun event, you have to make sure that you’re properly dressed for the occasion. Steal the show with a unique and high-quality pizza hat and create a fun memory that will grant you plenty of laughs for the years to come. If you’re planning to organize a pizza-themed party for your child, remember to put the pizza hat on top of your list. It is the best way to throw the most amazing pizza party that will leave your child and guests completely happy and satisfied.

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The Missing Piece Pizza & Slice T-Shirts

Hosting a pizza-themed party for your beloved child will require you to play a lot of roles. Aside from being the organizer and the host, you can also be the emcee, food server, cleaner, and among other things. Maximize your presence by conniving with your partner to wear a matching pizza and slice T-shirts. Not only will it look great in the photos, but your child will also appreciate your effort and determination in throwing a perfect pizza party.

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Pairs Pizza Style Socks

These socks are perfect for slumber parties, indoor playground parties, or even late-night movie nights. They are super cute, comfortable, and fashionable. Wear these socks every day to match your pajamas and you will add a fun twist to the mundane.

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What do you eat at a pizza party?

To bring the dining experience to a whole new level, arrange your table using the complete Pizza Party Dinner Pack. It offers a total pizza party experience that the kids will absolutely love. The bonus part is, that you will not have to worry about washing the dishes after throwing such an amazing party.

Kraft Mini Pizza Boxes

‚ÄúWow‚ÄĚ your guests by getting creative with these mini pizza boxes. Use it to display your cake and other dishes or instead of using party bags, you can use the mini pizza boxes for your party favors. Nothing beats receiving a pizza box after a super fun-filled day.

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Frutti Gummi Candy Variety Party Pack

Every time the kids peek into their party favors, they always expect to see candies. Keep them satisfied with these yummy candies that look like real pizza only smaller.

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Gifts for a Pizza Party

Whether you’re looking for a perfect gift for a birthday celebrant or gift favors for your guests, choosing a gift that is aligned to the theme is both easy and fun. The 3D Slice of Pizza Charm Necklace is a great gift that will definitely bring delight to the recipient. For an adult pizza lover, consider choosing the Space Kitten Pizza Eating Ceramic Mug and your recipient will welcome each morning with cheer. When it comes to organizing your party favors, you have the Pizza Doodle AirPod Case, GUND Pusheen Plush, Pizza Style Socks, and Pepperoni Pizza Bags to consider. With this plethora of product options, you can ensure that your gift will be highly appreciated.

Pizza Shape String LED Light

This pizza LED light can make all the difference, especially when throwing a dinner pizza party. Creating a warm and comforting atmosphere can be effortless when you have this pizza LED light decorated in your venue.

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Pizza Stickers

Throwing a pizza party will require a few preparations in order to have an absolute fun event that everyone can enjoy. Fortunately, there is a pizza sticker roll that will spark your creativity to create and innovate. The pizza sticker comes with 100 different varieties of realistic and mouth-watering photographs of pizza in a 1.5″ size sticker paper. There are a plethora of things that you can do with these pizza stickers and imagination is your only limit.

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Lavley ‚Äď If You Can Read This, Bring Me Some ‚Äď Funny Novelty Crew Socks

If you find yourself in need of more pizza-themed socks for your whole party crew, then the Lavley pizza socks will fulfill your needs and more. It offers 30 different design options that both kids and adults can enjoy. They’re also made of high-quality materials that offer durability and comfort.

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Space Cat Kitten Eating Pizza Ceramic Coffee Mug

Looking for a useful party favor item that’s fun and durable? Then check out this Space Kitten Eating Pizza Mug and rave about it. It is a perfect thank you gift for the guests who have spared time and exerted efforts to celebrate your event. The mug is microwavable and dishwasher safe, so you can be assured that they will be carrying with them memorabilia that they can actually use for a long time.

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Pepperoni Pizza Backpacks

The pizza backpack is a great addition to your party favors or game prizes. It is an 11.5 x 8 x16 multipurpose backpack that can be used for school or travel. The backpack even comes with separate laptop and tablet compartments. It is a durable and lightweight product specifically made to add cheer to all pizza lovers.

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3D Slice of Pizza Charm Necklace

A pizza necklace is a statement piece that kids can adorn their necks to showcase their pizza-loving personality. It is made of an 18″ size sterling silver chain and an 18mm x 12mm lead-free pizza pendant. This will make a charming gift for the celebrant on her special day.

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GUND Pusheen Snackable Pizza Cat Plush

Nothing is cuter than having your own pizza snacking internet frenzy Pusheen safely hanging on your backpack. The plush measures 5″ and is made of soft, huggable, and high-quality material. Send this plush backpack clip as a gift and your recipient will always have a huggable companion all the time.

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Pizza Doodle Case for Apple AirPods

The pizza doodle case is compatible with 1st and 2nd-generation Apple AirPods. Aside from its cute pizza doodle design, it also features a sturdy coupling that can function both as a keychain or backpack clip. It is a great product that can keep AirPods safe and in place.

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Pizza Party Invitations

Pizza Party Invitations ‚Äď Fill In Style (20 Count) With Envelopes

Spare yourself the hassle of designing your own pizza-themed invitation cards and purchase the 20 pcs pizza party invitation card pack instead. It is made out of thick postcard-style cards and it comes with an envelope for each invitation card.

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What do you play at a pizza party?

A pizza party is not just any ordinary party. The games and activities in this party should be aligned to the theme in order for the event to be enjoyable and memorable. If you have to incorporate traditional games make sure that it’s only minimal. There are a plethora of party-themed games that your guests can play such as Party Dice and Slice, Pizza! Pizza! Board Game, and the super fun Pizza Topping Throw. If you’re expecting guests of all ages, then you have to consider getting all of these games so that everyone from all age brackets can have a fun activity that they can enjoy. The Pizza! Pizza! Board Games can be enjoyed by kids as young as one year old. For kids at a higher age bracket, they will better enjoy the Party Dice and Slice. The Pizza Topping Throw is fit for older kids but can be better enjoyed by teens as well as adults.

Pizza! Pizza! Board Game

For little kids, playing is learning and parents can support their learning by choosing the right game that will be more beneficial for their improvement. Pizza! Pizza! Board Game is the best pizza party-themed game choice for little kids because it allows them to identify shapes and colors while interacting with other kids. The best part about this game is that it is very easy the little kids will not need any supervision. It offers a great opportunity to keep the little ones entertained while you entertain other guests.

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University Games Pizza Party Dice and Slice

A party is a fun social gathering, especially for kids because it is when they can play and just have fun for an entire day. It is also a great opportunity for adults to keep up with old acquaintances or get to know new neighbors. As a host, you know that it is your duty to ensure that everyone will enjoy the event that you’re hosting. There are a lot of party games that you can organize but most of them have become too familiar or overly anticipated. Surprise your guests by introducing a new fun game that is in line with your theme. With the Pizza Dice and Slice game, you will be able to add yet another fun activity that your guest most likely has not experienced before. It is a fast 2-player game that can be enjoyed both by little kids and adults. Ensure your pizza party success with the Pizza Dice and Slice game and feel the adrenaline rush as each player frantically battles to become the ultimate pizza maker.

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Pizza Topping Throw Game

Add variety to your pizza-themed party games with the Pizza Topping Throw game. It is a multiplayer game that involves throwing pizza toppings on a rotating pizza board. The board comes with a built-in timer and each player will only be given 30 seconds to throw their respective toppings. If you’re looking for a more active pizza party-themed board game, especially for teens, then the Pizza Topping Throw game will be your best choice.

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