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How to Gift Wrap Books? 16 Easy Ways!

It requires creativity to create an appealing image and surprise element to those we give out as gifts when it comes to wrapping books. Books are unique gifts that bear stories behind them, and that is why you pick that book either as a gift or for personal use.

You can either wrap books with a  plastic bag or any attractive bags. Alternatively, you can also use old pages, scarves, ribbons, or newspapers and magazines. You can also use Fake book jackets if you have friends with a high sense of humor and like to read.

Wrapping books is not an as easy task as it may seem. You have to consider the best method that will create the most appealing image to those we give. Here I will guide you on the best ways on how to wrap books as gifts to your loved ones.

How do you gift wrap a book?

1. Wrapping a gift book with a plastic bag

 Wrapping a book in plastic increases the lifespan of the book. The following are amazing guides on how best to cover your book in plastic.

  • Buy a roll of clear plastic that is 1-4 mills‚Äô wide

The width of the plastic measured in mills’. A wide variety of plastic book covers ranges from 1-2mils in its width; however, you can buy sheets of more comprehensive plastic if you are expecting extreme wear and tear on your book.

Remember the following even as you use a plastic bag;

The wider the plastic, the more expensive it will be.

Rolls of plastic come in different heights ranging from 9 inches to 16 inches. Select the most suitable size that you require to wrap your book.

An average textbook is generally about 8.5 inches by 11 inches, meaning you should cut your plastic to be 14.5 inches by 17 inches.

  • Measure and cut the plastic 3 inches above and below the book

Lay out a piece of plastic on a hard flat surface and place the text in the center. Using a ruler, measure 3 inches above the top and below the bottom and trim horizontally on both sides, cutting off the excess plastic.

  • Mark and cut 3 inches of extra plastic on both sides of the book

Measure the book’s thickness by laying it right-side up, marking the right edge using a washable marker, then switching it onto its spine and over to its back and keeping the left edge. Make straight, vertical cuts 3 inches out from these markings. You should remain with around 3 inches of additional plastic.

  • Fold the plastic around your book, then tuck in the front flap

Fold the plastic around your book such that two identical sizes are hanging off on the top, bottom, and on the right side. Fold the front plastic flap below the front cover, pull tight, and tape it in place with a piece of scotch tape. This will keep the plastic from moving around while you complete the rest of the process.

  • Tuck the bottom flap under the cover but do not tape

Switch the book over and fold in the back flap of the plastic around the body.do not tape this flap-like you did in the front flap. Press down gently across the crease in the plastic to create a more defined fold. gently

  • Cut two spinal tabs into your plastic cover

Make a vertical cut about 1 inch in from where the plastic folds around the spine.do this four times, twice on the top and twice on the bottom flap. You will end up with two tabs that are slightly thicker than the spine of your book.

  • Snip off each corner of the plastic cover at an angle

Using your scissors right up the corner, cut upwards and inwards at an angle to snip off a triangle of plastic. You will be getting through 2 layers of plastic.do this to the two front corners and switch the book over and repeat with the bottom corners

  • Open the book to the back cover and cut off the inner plastic flaps

After you have snipped off the corners. You will remain with two separate flaps at the top and the bottom of the cover. Straight at the top corner of the book cover, cut at a slight downwards angle to slice off the inner flap of the plastic .repeat with the bottom corner-cutting at a slight upwards angle instead. Re-do the process for the front cover.

  • Slide off the back cover and fold in the spinal tabs

Slide the plastic fold off the back cover. Lay the plastic cover flat on your work surface and lift the book slightly so the spinal checks are visible. Fold them in gently and crease using your fingers.

  • Putting the cover back on, tuck in the additional flaps, and tape them

Flap the plastic back over the back cover of your book, then fold in the top and the bottom plastic flaps hanging off the back cover and protect them using tape. Repeat the process in the front cover

When you are taping down the flaps, try taping from plastic to plastic to prevent applying the adhesive to the book itself, which could tear out the paper when you remove the tape.

Ensure the plastic is straightened and pulled as tight as possible when taping it.

Wrapping a book with a plastic bag might improve the lifespan of the book and its appearance.

2. Go the Furoshiki Style

Furokishi is the Japanese art of cloth wrapping. It is the fantastic process of folding valuable gifts like a book in soft, reusable fabric, making the entire gifting process evocative. You can even handprint your material to make it more appealing. The good thing about furoshiki is the fabric is also seen as a gift.

3. Use of Shirts

You can use a sweater or long sleeves shirts to wrap your book, especially hardcovers. This idea is almost that of furoshiki. The only difference is the way of folding and wrapping. The beauty of this method is the shirt is also presented as a gift.

The use of shirts is a unique and an eye-appealing method of wrapping books. Even though some people might perceive it in the old fashion, it is time saving.

4. Use of scarves

You could wrap a book in a scarf just like a shirt, place the text in the scarf’s central part, and neatly fold it to fit the book’s shape. This method is most suitable when gifting those who love scarves around their neck. It identifies how well you know the giftee’s tastes. One can get very elegant with scarves.

5. Attractive Bags

Bags are easy-to-locate and customize to whatever design you wish that one can use to wrap a book. When selecting the kind of bag to put your book in, you should consider the book’s size. If smaller, then you ought to choose a smaller bag. The color and design of the bag should be attractive to create an appealing image to those we gift.

The good news is, the attractive bags are reusable and there is one of the unique ways that is very attractive.

6. Old pages

This is using old books which are not reread to wrap your book. Old reference books like encyclopedias and giant dictionaries are perfect examples of such books. Tear a page or two and carefully trim to the size you require, and wrap your book. Top off your book with flowers to make it fun and more appealing.

Even though this is an old school way of wrapping a big book, the method is eco friendly, cheap and time-saving.

7. Maps

We are in the new era of GPS. There is a great reduction in map usage nowadays. Instead of doing away with maps and atlases, why don’t you use them to wrap your books? Maps and atlases are very decorated, classy wrapping papers which you can use to wrap book gifts for your friends. It would help if you topped off your gift with a colorful ribbon and you have yourself a beautiful gift.

The use of maps is one of the cheapest and easier ways to wrap a gift. It is also known to be eco friendly.

8. Newspapers and magazines

Back in the days, newspapers and magazines were extensively used to wrap gifts, especially children’s gifts. This is a viable way that many people still use. It is a colorful method and highly valued. The method is also cheap to construct and eco friendly.

9. Use of white paper recycled

You can use white recycled printer paper to wrap your gift. Trim the form to the required size, and then wrap your book in it. Top it off with a colored ribbon or bow and a flower to create a more pleasant and appealing image.

10. Use of ribbon

Here you require a little bit of time and a lot of ribbons. First, you have to find a few extensive silks or grosgrain ribbons and lay them precisely across the book’s cover in both orders, tying them in tiny knots in the back.

Thereafter, using slighter ribbons, weave over, and you anchor ribbons, connecting them tightly behind. This process wraps up your gift so nicely and produces such a beautiful image.

Using a ribbon is very colorful and appealing. It is also cheap despite the fact that it takes a lot of time for it to be complete.

11. Use of brown paper

Brown paper bags primarily used in grocery shops and markets are also outstanding papers for wrapping your gifts. Brown paper bags are very sturdy and can withstand a lot of innovations without it spoiling.

First, wrap your gift carefully and neatly, then half dip it on colorful paint, for instance. You can paint glue on it and dredge it in confetti or glitter. You can spice it up with washi tape, use a stencil to draw graphics or cool art, and add a custom design to it.

The use of brown paper is relatively cheaper and  can be highly customized and designed.

12. Try the Doll Style

Doll style is wrapping a book with paper and placing it inside a bigger and a bigger box. This method works mainly with kids. It is a fun element of surprise for kids who like books when unwrapping the gift unwrap an absurd number of boxes.

13. Fake book Jacket

Do you have friends with a high sense of humor and like to read? Well, I just have a perfect idea for you. Buy and wrap their favorite book in a fake book jacket of something you know they dislike.

Although the method can create a wrong first impression on the giftee, it creates a high sense of humor.

14. Wrapping paper jacket

This method is applicable during the festive season. Wrap a book with Christmas paper and top it off with a colorful bow, ribbon, ornament, or flower.The giftee will appreciate the aesthetic. However, this method is seasonal

15. Wrap Books in Books

This process involves book mutilation, and not everyone is up for it. It requires one to possess a second-hand book that you do not care about. It would help if you also had a giant book than the one you are gifting, plastic wrap, white glue, box cutter, water container, and an old paintbrush.

You can see the full instructions here. You can also purchase book-shaped boxes if you experience difficulty in making one. The method is appealing to the eyes and creates an element of surprise.

One can experience difficulty when cutting book-shaped boxes.

16.  Getting interactive and innovative

This method is more of a scavenger‚Äôs hunt for a gift, usually ordinary with kids, first wrap a fake book and hide it behind a tree or somewhere hidden but easily noticeable. In every fake book, you hide the recipient, knowing where to find the next clue or the book. For those who love to read, the indication can be a phrase in a specific known book; for example, it can be page 55 of harry potter‚Äės copy.






How to Gift Wrap Books? 16 Easy Ways!
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