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Artist Party

Artist Party is a different and not as demanding birthday party theme. An artists’ birthday party will be a guaranteed success as the children themselves will remember it for long.

How do you arrange an artist party?¬†Send out invitations in the form of pallets and invite them to the feast in the child‚Äôs studio.¬†Make sure they are dressed in comfortable clothing.¬†Decorate the table with crayons and a white cloth.¬†Then the children can paint the self-portrait that you put up on the wall‚ÄĒgood games of the artist‚Äôs birthday party eg,¬†circle dance.

How do you arrange an artist party?
How do you arrange an artist party?

But let me tell you more!

Invitations to the party

Make the invitation cards in thick cardboard shaped like a palette. Make color patches of slightly different colors. Or wrap a box of crayons in white paper and write the invitation on the front. The letter could look like this:

Welcome to my studio! Bring comfortable clothing …

How to dress for an artist party

At an artist party, you may want to have comfortable clothing. Perhaps an old shirt to protect clothing. Maybe you can hand out some aprons.

How to decorate for the party?

Give each kid paper and pens when they arrive and let them draw a self-portrait.¬†The images can then be mounted in the ‚Äúgallery.‚ÄĚ

Set the table with a white paper towel and crayons. Children can then decorate the tablecloth while waiting to get something to eat.

What do you eat at an artist’s party?

At an artist party, it can be fun to offer a palette-shaped cake. The cake is made simply by taking a finished cake base and cutting out a small piece of the finger grip. Cake decorating is then coated with frosting, cream, and nonstop. Add the Non-stop in different piles, So it resembles the color, click on a painter’s palette. Next to the cake, you can decorate it with some brushes.

One can also make a cake and decorate it with marzipan colorless and allow the children to paint the cake with food coloring.

It is also possible to make the cake in a roasting pan and sprinkle it with powdered sugar or whipped cream. Then let the kids get to decorate the cake with different colorful things: nonstop, berries, chocolate, raspberry jelly, and so on.

Make ice cubes of different colors using food coloring, blueberries, or similar. Add the ice cubes to the juice/soda glasses. It will both look and taste good.

Candy bags

See if you can find white or natural colored paper bags that you paint in bright colors. For example, you can fill them with a brush, balloons, a recipe for the dough, an eraser, a coloring book, crayons, candy, and so on.

If you can find cheap pencil cases, it can also be a fun idea!

What to play at the party?


Divide the children into teams. The first of each group must be an artist. You whisper to the artists what to paint. They run back to their team and start painting. The winner is the team that can guess what the artist paints.


Place Non-stop on a tray. One child turns around, and the other decides a stop candy. Now the child turns around again and starts eating, one Non-stop at a time until she or he is going to the stop-candy. Then the other children scream Stop! Now it is the next child’s turn to turn around.


Place circles on the floor. (painted or hoops) During this game, you are playing music that suddenly turns it off. When the music stops, you scream out a color. Then the children run to the hula hoops in the right color. The child that comes last is out. Finally remains only a child. It must be a color screamer for the next round.

Activity at the party

To entertain the children may want to vary things a bit. Excellent activity at an artist party can put up a large piece of paper outdoors, on a fence or the like, and let the children paint.

You can also give them pavement chalk and let them decorate the driveway.

Is the party for young children, they may be enough if you let them ‚Äúpaint‚ÄĚ the house or pavement with just water.

A popular activity at a children’s party is when they can manufacture something that they then get to take home. Let the kids paint and decorate your pot of paint, glitter sequins, etc. Extras fun here is if you can buy in small plants that they can put in their containers.

Draw something with wax crayons and then paint the drawings with watercolor. Pencils are so obese that watercolor does not attach to them.

Did the children paint some pieces of artwork during the party? Then end the party with an exhibition of all that the children have painted. Perhaps with a prize (candy bag or otherwise) for all artists.

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