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How to Wrap a Wine Bottle? 7 Simple Ways

A bottle of wine is one of the best gifts you can give. Wine lovers will appreciate you picking out either an oaky Red, a fresh and crisp Rose, or a light and refreshing White. It’s the perfect gift for all celebratory occasions; birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and Valentine’s Day. They are also perfect for smaller occasions such as dinner parties and BBQs. 

How to Wrap a Wine Bottle?

Depending on the level of the occasion, there will be a bottle of wine within the appropriate budget for this too. Meaning that a bottle of wine may just be one of the most versatile gifts you can give. With both a variety to choose from and with a range of who to give to; you will always find an option suited best to whichever occasion you are bringing the gift to. 

With that, a bottle of wine may be one of the most awkwardly shaped presents to wrap. Therefore, in this article, I will share with you the best tips for wrapping a bottle of wine. I will look at how to wrap a bottle of wine. How to wrap multiple bottles of wine. And how to wrap a bottle of wine using tissue paper. With the correct skills and knowledge on how best to wrap a bottle of wine, you can present this ideal gift most beautifully and practically as possible, wowing your recipient. 

How do you wrap a bottle of wine?

There are many different ways of presenting your bottle of wine to your chosen person. Wrapping, when done correctly, is a great way to go. As the wine bottle is a very renowned and well-known shape, many people will know what’s inside when you give them their wrapped gift.

Other ways to present your wine bottle ‚Äď You can also try the more common methods of presenting your bottle of wine. These include wine bags and boxes. Boxes are a fun way to disguise the shape of the present, and you can wrap the box as a normal present if you so wish. Bags can also be fun to decorate and add labels to, just ensure you tape the top of the bag to secure the bottle.¬†

However, the fun lies in the presentation of the gift, as opposed to the surprise here. 

Wrapping a wine bottle with regular wrapping paper

When choosing your wrapping paper, ensure you choose appropriately for the occasion. For example, you may choose to go for a colorful birthday pattern, or maybe a rustic brown paper design. Either way, ensure you also pick out some extra ribbons, bows, and decorative accessories to jazz up the design. 

Now you have decided on the style of wrapping paper, and the extra accessories, you can begin by clearing a space on an even and clean surface. Be sure to also have a pair of scissors and some tape to hand. If your wine bottle is a regular size (12 inches tall/3 inches diameter) then take your wrapping paper and pull it to at least a length of 10 inches to neatly cover the diameter of your bottle. If you have a larger bottle, then pull out enough paper to match the ratio above. Try to make sure you have enough paper to cover the entire bottle, with some leftovers. You can always cut this way at a later stage. 

Once you have your paper ready, cut off the amount from the rest of the roll. Then take your bottle of wine and lie it down in the middle, so that the length is parallel to the sides of your paper. Take one side and wrap it over your bottle. Then take the other side and do the same. Stick this down with a piece of tape to hold it in place over your bottle. 

Once the easier part is taken care of, you can move on to the more intricate areas of wrapping. Depending on the type of paper you have, a regular roll will have a width of 25 inches. If your bottle is 12 inches long, then you may need to trim some of the excess paper. This can be left up to you, as it is better to have too much paper than not enough at this stage. 

Reposition your bottle of wine inside the paper so that there are roughly 2 inches of paper below the base of the bottle. Fold this excess paper around the base of your bottle so that the entire base has been covered. Then stick with tape to hold. 

Now, you can stand your wine bottle on its base. It may be slightly unsteady due to the unsteady surface the wrapping paper will create so be careful when doing so. We can now finish the wrap by securing the top and neck of your bottle. Gently scrunch the paper at the neck of the bottle to give it a ruffled effect. Take your ribbon or yarn and tie it tightly. Finish by adding a bow or a rustic sprig for creativity. 

The diagonal method

Depending on the type of wrapping paper you have, you can also try the diagonal method. This is where you lie your bottle of wine diagonally across your cut piece of wrapping paper. Starting at the bottom left corner, you roll and fold underneath the base as you go. Be careful here as some wrapping paper may rip using this method. The best material you can use for this method will include soft fabrics and wax paper. 

Once you have done this, stand your bottle upright and tie the remaining fabric together at the neck. Fabric and wax paper will leave a more desired finish on the ruffle at the top of your bottle. You can then add ribbon and string for decorative purposes and finish with a flower or bow.

Wrapping a bottle of wine without the ruffle effect

If you don’t want to leave a ruffle of fabric at the neck of the bottle, you can wrap the paper, so it hugs the shape entirely. Take your wrapping paper and lay out the size mentioned above dependent on the width and length of your bottle. Repeat the steps for the diagonal method of wrapping to ensure the fabric folds more neatly at the neck. 

Once you have wrapped the base and body of the bottle, folding neatly underneath as you go, you can begin by folding the paper around the neck of the bottle. You may need to cut away excess paper here which you can do gently with a pair of scissors. 

Use smaller bits of tape to stick and hold the folded paper around the neck of the bottle. Leave a small flap on top to fold down over the lid and stick down to hold with a small piece of tape. This method will involve you being more intricate with your wrapping skills. You can then add labels and decorations as you desire around the neck of your bottle. 

This method means that the decoration you use is going to stand out much more. Without the ruffle, you now have room to add a much bigger bow or more fancy ribbon, without the worry of it overcrowding the look of your gift. You can also add a personalized message if you have chosen plainer wrapping paper. This way, when you wrap your bottle, your message will be written as the design. 

How do you wrap multiple bottles of wine?

Wrapping multiple bottles of wine is a bit more complex. This is where you can play around with different methods to find which one works best for you. There are many different resources on sites such as Pinterest that help show you step-by-step guides. If you are more of a visual learner then you may find this useful. 

If you are wrapping two bottles of wine, then the most popular method for this is to wrap the end of the bottle. The difference here will be that if you use general wrapping paper for this method you will find it rips. Therefore, I suggest you gather other such materials such as fabrics or wax paper for this. Fabrics will work best. 

Once you have found the fabric you would like to use, ensure you have a size of at least 30/30 inches. You can also use two colors here and layer them on top of one another for a contrasting effect. Layout your fabric on a flat surface. Ensure you have a lot of free space. Then place the bottles down with the necks facing away from each other and the two bases of the bottles are two inches away from touching. 

Ensure the two bottles are diagonal to the length of the fabric and start at the bottom of your sheet of wrapping material. Fold the material over the two bottles and with a rolling motion, you can wrap. Make sure you roll away from yourself for ease. Take this part slowly because you don’t want the two bottles to roll at separate speeds. 

Once you have rolled them, take the remaining corner of the fabric and pull it down in between the two bottles. One by one, stand the bottles up and tie the remaining fabric above the necks. For a visual representation, please see this video, posted by the YouTube channel KUELibrary.

Once your two bottles are neatly tied together, you can start decorating. You can add a label to the neck of one of your bottles with a small message inside. You can also add ribbons, bows, and flowers to make your gift more complete. You can add fresh flowers to the neck of the bottle if you will be gifting it quickly. Otherwise, using dried-out sprigs and evergreens is the best choice. These plants will last longer and stay fresh-looking. 

You can then place your newly wrapped bottles in a basket or a rustic hamper and nestle them into the corner. This is where you can also fill out your gift with other small perishables such as bread, cheeses, and chutneys. Depending on the occasion, you can also add chocolates and flowers here. 

It may be that your two bottles of wine are for a couple or two people who live together. You can add a label onto each neck of each bottle with whose is whose. This way, you can present the two wine bottles as one gift, yet the recipients know which wine bottle is theirs. This is particularly useful if both wine drinkers prefer different colors of wine.

If you need to wrap more than two bottles of wine, it is recommended to split them into two. Wrapping three or more bottles of wine in the same package may cause breakages and prove too intricate possibly ruining your gifts or their presentation of them. This is where you will want to look at using a box, or a hamper/basket. 

When wrapping gifts, it’s also important to be mindful of sustainable and eco-friendly materials. Wrapping paper is convenient as you will find it in most stores, it is also pretty looking and varies in patterns allowing you lots of choices. However, fabrics and wax paper are reusable alternatives that look just as good. 

I will now also explain how to wrap a bottle using tissue paper. Unlike regular wrapping paper, tissue paper contains no plastic and is fully recyclable. It also comes in many colors and patterns and gives your gift a lovely finish. Read on to see how to wrap it with tissue paper. 

How do you wrap a wine bottle with tissue paper?

Wrapping a wine bottle with tissue paper has a beautiful and soft finish. It can also be very delicate and so you must ensure there are no wet areas on your wrapping surface. As mentioned above, it is also a great eco-friendly alternative to wrapping paper. It contains no plastic, and you still get a variety of colors and patterns. 

There are also options where you can add a sparkly cellophane material over the outside to protect your tissue paper. These work well and add a little extra pizzazz to the look of your gift. It is your choice whether you think this is necessary.

Select your tissue paper. Much like the diagonal method explained above, it is also a good idea to choose colors here for contrast. Once you have chosen your tissue paper, ensure you have at least six or seven layers of sheets for stability. This will prevent any tears from happening. You also don’t want to go too thick as the wrapping will become stiffer, making it difficult to wrap your bottle. 

Once you have selected your tissue paper, place it down on a clean, dry even surface. Take your bottle of wine and position it so the base is in line with one of the corners of the tissue paper. Fold up the corner so it covers the base of the bottle. Then gently take the two sides and wrap one over the other to cover the body of the bottle. Use a piece of tape to secure it. 

You can roll the bottle here too, which can ensure the wrap is much neater and tighter. Fold in any excess areas of paper so the base and the body of the bottle are hugged tight by the tissue paper. Your bottle will then be left with excess tissue paper at the top. This is, again, where you can add your decorative designs. If you like to leave some of the ruffles, you can incorporate this into your gift wrapping. If not, then read my next paragraph. 

Wrapping a wine bottle in tissue paper with no ruffle

If you do not want the extra ruffle effect of paper at the neck of your bottle, then start the wrap with less excess paper. Before you wrap your wine bottle, cut your tissue paper down to a small size. This will mean that there will be less paper for you to fold once you have completed the rolling stage. 

You can then follow the steps above and fold the paper close to the neck of the bottle so that the tissue paper hugs the entire shape. Secure with tape and decorate as chosen. This approach is less popular as it can be difficult to wrap a wine bottle in this way. The best thing to do is to try out different styles and see which one best suits you. 

For those of you looking for more of a simple gift wrap, you can check out this video on WRAP!SIR’s YouTube channel. They show a way of getting a little amount of tissue ruffle, and how keeping the decorative designs to a minimum can be simple yet effective. This is perfect for low-key occasions and creates just the right level of celebration. 

And for those that love to get creative, you can add and use many more materials to wrap your bottles of wine. You can use folding techniques to create texture with your paper, and you can include glitter/cardboard props to jazz up your wine bottle gift. 

How to Wrap a Wine Bottle? 7 Simple Ways
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