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Baby Shark Themed Birthday

The popularity of Baby Shark started when it was released by a South Korean entertainment company in 2016. It was originally a campfire song, but with the spinoff, it has become the most listened to and watched both by kids and adults. It is a craze then and now, a favorite theme for children’s birthday parties. Not only is the Baby Shark theme fun and easy to use during a child’s birthday celebration, but with a lot of items, materials, and treats available, it is going to be a breeze to make that party a success. Here are some things you will need if you plan a Baby Shark-themed birthday.


An invitation is one of the most important factors of party planning. Here is where you get to get the interest of your guest, to go or not. If the invitation includes all the necessary details, and it is exceptional enough, guests can’t wait to go to the party.

The usual information you need to write in your child’s birthday party invites should be complete, so there will be no confusion. The place where the party is going to happen, the date of the party, and what time it will transpire. You need to complete this information, or you will have a few attending the party.

If you like to celebrate using the Baby Shark-themed birthday, the invitations below can be a part of your select invitation cards.

Baby Shark Party Invites Large

This set of invitations comes in 8 and is very cost-effective if you need to buy more for several guests. The kids will love the design, and the smiling shark at the front, plus the color combination, make this invitation worth the money you will spend.

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Baby Shark Invitation Pack of 10 Personalized

If you are going for the unique and one-kind invitation, this set of 10 invites will do. Personalized according to your preferred design, plus the option to have it in the matte or glossy finish is also available.

You can order as many pieces, and the manufacturer will process your order as soon as you have decided on the design and the content of the invite. It is available in digital file format or have it professionally printed.

With the designs available and since customization is allowed, you will no longer have to stress about the birthday invitation for your kid’s Baby Shark-themed birthday.

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When planning a child’s birthday party there are many factors you need to consider and here include the decoration. The decoration should be suitable for the gender of the child celebrating the party because it may seem awkward to some people to go to a little girl’s birthday party and see an all-blue party place and vice versa. It is a good thing there are now decors available that you can purchase to make each birthday celebration planning much easier. Some items you can use for decorating the place are balloons, ribbon, confetti, streamers, lights, party poppers, and more. Let us check available Baby Shark decor you can add to your list.

Baby Shark Family Aluminum Foil Balloons Colorful Party Supplies

This set of balloons can do wonders for the party place. Not only is it colorful, but children will love looking at the smiling and friendly sharks. The balloons are so cool and can stay inflated for many hours. Satisfaction is guaranteed with this set of decorations and something that your kid will appreciate.

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Baby Shark Birthday Party Decorations 56 pieces

You can never have enough of the decor, balloons, and other special effects for your kid’s birthday. You may not be able to make it perfect, but you can make it magical in their eyes. Children love everything colorful and friendly faces of the sharks will keep them smiling for hours.

The set includes balloons, a cake topper, a tablecloth, and ribbons. Whether you want to celebrate your baby’s 1st or 4th birthday party, this set will make it awesome.

It is the ideal party kit, and you don’t have to look around to find the items from one store to another because you can find them here.

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Baby Shark Party Supplies and Decorations

This Baby Shark Birthday Party Supplies kit contains everything you need for easy, fast setup and takedown. This party pack includes more than just disposable dinnerware–it also has festive decorations perfect for tying the room together, and a Shark Bait decal for extra party decor.

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Party Favors

You need a sort of token to give to your guest, to have something to remember the fantastic party that occurred.

Baby Shark Drinking Straw made of Plastic/Reusable with Cleaning brush

The pack includes 25 reusable Baby Shark drinking straws that you can give away as party favors or use for decoration. You may also have the kids use it while drinking their favorite fruit juice during the party.

It comes with a cleaning brush to ensure it will be clean for every kid and helps make it reusable. The bright and vibrant colors make the straws impressive to kids, and they will love to have a piece to take home to remember the wonderful party they attended.

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Baby Shark Lollipop Candy Holder

This Baby Shark party pack includes a total of 12 Baby Shark lollipop holders created in the likeness of The Baby Shark himself. Each Baby Shark action figure lollipop holder stands 4.5” tall.

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24 Pack Cute Shark Party Gift Bags

Party paper bags can be used as gift bags and goody bags for a baby shark-themed party.

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Baby Shark Party Favors 435 Pieces

Want to have party favors without the budget getting out of hand? Look no further cause these 435 pieces party favor supplies will be your best purchase yet for your kid’s birthday party. It can be called the best Baby Shark party favor supplies, having 5-kinds of party favors such as the shark mask that is so cool, the temporary tattoo that will make the kids look in awe, the cute key chains, and the wrist bands.

It is also not just for your kid’s birthday party, but you can use it for other children’s get-togethers to make the occasion special.

Also, the items are eco-friendly, which means each material used is non-toxic and bio-degradable.

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Baby Shark Lollipop Rings

Each lollipop ring has 1.5 inches worth of lollipop with a 1.5-inch ring. These are the perfect addition to birthday party favor bags.

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Baby Shark Birthday Cakes

The spotlight is also focused on the birthday cake in every celebration. That the cake should be impressive and must also taste great. Since the party is about the Baby Shark character, here are some sample cakes in case you need some inspiration for your child’s birthday.

Baby Shark Birthday Cake

It is undeniable that this cake will take the spotlight on your kid’s birthday. The color combination and the design can impress you. Every kid at your child’s birthday party will enjoy this cake, and for sure, the taste is as awesome as it looks.

Baby Shark Birthday Cake (2)

A two-tier birthday cake design. This Baby Shark birthday cake is exceptional and appears the creator painstakingly made it for hours. The price will be worth it for this design and cake layout.

Baby Shark Birthday Cake (3)

This cake is almost too beautiful to eat, it would be a perfect addition for your little girl’s Baby Shark-themed party. She will remember this birthday for years, not because you have invited many of her favorite people but because of the outstanding care, you have provided here for the celebration.

More cute baby shark cake ideas

Baby Shark Party Games

Shark Party Game Pin The Teeth on Shark

 Put the Shark poster on the wall or door with tape. Then, keep the shark teeth sticker close to the spot on the poster after wearing the blindfold. The person whose teeth sticker is nearest is the winner.

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Baby Shark Let’s Go Hunt Game by Pinkfong

The perfect addition to your child’s Baby Shark-themed party. It is not expensive, but the fun and laughter it will elicit are so memorable. The kids will love this game while hunting and following instructions.

It is a form of bonding time for all the children invited to the party or the kid’s get-together, and everyone will join in on the fun without hesitation. Perfect for toddlers and kids.

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Baby Shark Musical Fishing Game Lets Go Hunt by Pinkfong Educational

To make the party more entertaining, this education game can do the trick. It is perfect for 4-years old and up, and the children will have fun catching fish while the gameboard spins. It is a classic board game that will keep them entertained for hours. It is not just fun but educational, which can go with the goal of your ideal Baby Shark birthday party.

The kids will love the character and seeing that the entire Baby Shark family is present, they will be more than happy to play the game.

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Let’s Go Fishin’ Card Game Shark Bite

Nothing can be more exciting for a toddler or a small kid than thinking they could be bitten by sharks because of their incredible imagination. This game can make them shout with laughter and be so excited about the outcome of the game. They will be at the edge of their seat, hoping to win the game.

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What to wear?

The outfit for your child will have to be spectacular if you want to make this an unforgettable occasion.

Girl Birthday Outfit Baby Shark Dress for Toddler

The outfit includes a headband, tutu, and a shirt in glorious baby pink. Your little girl will be so adorable on her birthday wearing these Baby Shark clothes and is perfect for that photoshoot as well.

The dress requires hand washing to maintain its original quality. This outfit is elastic, so it will be easy to put it on and off, on your kid-less the fuss.

It is a guarantee that this dress can further make your little girl look additionally charming and adorable.

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Ist Birthday Outfit for 6 to 18 months Baby Boy with Baby Shark design

If you are still having trouble looking for the perfect outfit for your little boy, this romper bodysuit with a suspender can make your worry go away. It cost less but it is made of high-quality materials to ensure the comfort of your kid.

It has a suspender that is adjustable and has an easy-to-clip quality. Printing does not fade easily and can be machine washed.

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Baby Shark Boys Shorts by Nickelodeon

Includes a short-sleeve shirt with a short for each set. Made of premium materials to ensure a comfortable wearing experience for your little one. Whether he is the birthday celebrant or attending a

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Nickelodeon’s Baby Shark 3 Pack Shirt, Jacket and Leggings Set 

Baby Shark birthday party theme, this set of clothes is the ideal outfit. It is made of cotton and polyester that will not cause skin irritation, and since there are various sizes to choose from, it will be easy to pick one for your precious kid.

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Gifts for the party

Sound Book Baby Shark Sing-Along by Pinkfong

This sing-along sound book can keep any toddler busy for hours. Any child will love singing along and playing the buttons to hear each sound while browsing the colorful book. It includes the Baby Shark song, which the child can sing along with effortlessly.

A gift that will guarantee fun for the little one and something for them to enjoy for years.

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Baby Shark Coloring Case Art Set

This art set can keep any child company while giving them time to familiarize themselves with colors, creating doodles, shapes, and lines. This is a learning opportunity for them, at the same time, a gift that will be appreciated by any child. The Baby Shark design will keep the kid enjoying not just the eye-catching colors, but the content of the art kit is more than enough to help them play with friends or even by themselves.

What is special about this gift is that it is non-toxic and harmless, which means any kid can use it without any worries.

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Kids Blanket with Baby Shark

Turn your little one’s bedroom into an underwater wonderland with this plush throw featuring Baby Shark and family from the hit children’s song.

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Shark Official Dancing Doll

Tap the top of Baby Shark’s head for him to dance and sing to the Baby Shark song.

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Bubble Machine Shark Design by Kidzlane

Not one kid can say no to a bubble machine, and for sure, this gift is something they will keep on enjoying for hours – if the bubbles last that is. The Shark design can also amaze any child and keep them smiling, laughing, and giggling for hours.

This 8 oz bubble solution will provide a bubble that seems unending with the help of 6 AA batteries. Perfect for a child aged 3, and up.

A gift that you can be proud to give because you are sure it will be wanted and enjoyed.

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Hopper Ball with Baby Shark Design by Hedstrom

This hopper ball boast durability and sturdy quality. It is the perfect gift for the child who loves playing outdoors and having fun exercising or being active any day. With the colorful and graphic design, it can provide the kid with lots of playtimes by himself or even with a playmate.

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Baby shark Baseball Hat

This is another sample of a gift that can help them enjoy their childhood and make it memorable.

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Baby Shark Themed Birthday
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