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St Patrick’s day

St Patrick’s Day is one of the best days of the year, not only in the beautiful green land of Ireland but also celebrated worldwide. St Patrick’s day is very important to the Irish people as it celebrates the day that Christianity was brought to Ireland and celebrating cultural heritage. Here are a few things to know in regards to the famous Irish festival.

St Patrick’s day

When is St Patrick’s day celebrated?

St Patrick’s day is celebrated every year on the 17th of March. It is celebrated every year on this date as it is the date that St Patrick himself died and the not so young age of 122. As mentioned above, St Patrick is the man who is believed to have brought Christianity and establish monasteries, churches, and schools to Ireland.

Celebrating St Patrick’s Day

This is a day that the Irish take quite seriously. It is officially a bank holiday. Therefore regardless of the day the 17th falls on, it is a free day. In every town, village and city, there is their own unique St Patrick’s day parade in which men, women, and children from all clubs, professions, hobbyists, you name it to walk in the famous green through their local town.

The people celebrating love to dye their hair green, dress in green, white, and orange with comically big glasses and huge green hats. If you are unprepared for your St Patrick’s day dress code, then check out the link for the best gifts for St Patrick’s s Day.

In the build-up to St Patrick’s Day, many Irish people are going through lent. Lent is fasting 40 days to commemorate the 40 days that Jesus spent fasting in the desert. From the 2nd of March to the 14th of April, some people partake in this fast. However, this is not as drastic as fasting for 40 days while only drinking water ( although some people actually do this). A lot of people fast on something that they really like for 40 days. For example, if you eat many sweets, cakes, or enjoy a glass of wine, you will go off that for lent.

Now here is the fun part, St Patrick’s day is void to this. If you are fasting, you can eat as much as you want on St Patrick’s day. You can eat those sweets and cake and have a few glasses of wine because you go back to fasting the next day. This is not official, but it is a rule of thumb with the Irish population, and it is a fun intensive for people in the middle of fasting. Therefore, Irish people like to give gifts to people on St Patrick’s day on what the other person is fasting. If you are fasting from wine, then 9/10 times you will get this as a gift, vice versa when you are buying a gift for someone. Generally, the main fasting items are sweets and alcohol. So if you guess with buying one of these for someone, then there is a good chance you will get it right. Here is a suggestion.

I’m sure you are aware, but just in case you aren’t, the Irish like to celebrate St Patrick’s Day with a drink, an alcoholic drink. You mare have seen a picture of the famous drink called Guinness, which is a dark stout with a creamy foam on top. This drink is associated with Ireland because it is brewed in Ireland’s capital Dublin and because the Irish love their Guinness. If you ask anybody who does not live in Ireland about Guinness, they may never have heard of it, or maybe they have heard of it but never got around to trying it. If you ask an Irish person about Guinness, then there’s a strong guarantee that they will speak of Guinness as they describe their first love. Like poetry. That’s why if you are looking to get your friend ( Irish or not ) something for St Patrick’s day, then you should get then something like this.

Alcohol drinking is for adults, but St Patric’s Day is just as good, if not better, for children. When watching a St Patrick’s Day parade, you get the thrill of St Patrick himself waving to you in the crowd. Everybody in the parade is throwing candy and toys at you from their floats. Best of all, you get to see your favorite TV and movie characters ( People dressed in Elsa, Mr. Incredible costumes, etc.) in the parade. But the parade is not the only good thing about St Patrick’s Day. There is also a funfair in which you can ride roller-coasters, a candy floss stand, and many games to play to win prizes. It really is a kids’ paradise. Of course, the children dress up as much as the adults, so if you are looking for some fun items to get your kids for St Patrick’s day, look at some of these.

Irish Traditions During St Patrick’s Day

Irish traditions and St Patrick’s Day go hand in hand. If it is typically Irish, you can bet that it is celebrated on St Patrick’s Day. Here are a few examples of Irish traditions:

The Shamrock

The Shamrock is a young sprig in which St Patrick‚Äôs used as a metaphor to describe the Holy Trinity. For each leaf on this three-leafed plant, St Patrick described each one as ‚ÄėThe Father,‚Äô ‚ÄėThe Son,‚Äô and ‚ÄėThe Holy Spirit,‚Äô aka The Holy Trinity. This is why on St Patrick‚Äôs Day, you see people with shamrocks painted on their face, shamrocks on their clothing, and in some cases, drinks being dyed green. Here is an example of some popular items in which Irish people were on St Patrick‚Äôs Day

Irish Football

In Ireland, when someone is speaking of football, then there are speaking of Irish football (GAA). The GAA (Gaelic Athletic Association) host the club All Ireland Football Final in Croke Park, Ireland’s biggest football stadium on St Patrick’s Day and broadcast it all over the country. People watch it from home, in the pubs and on the streets bringing the country together to see who becomes the club champion of Ireland. If you are looking to get someone a present in preparation to this day then this book might be a good idea as a gift.

Food on St Patrick’s Day

Food on St Patrick‚Äôs Day is equally as important as enjoying the parade, singing songs and having a beer amongst friends. Generally a large meal is prepared before all of this. Traditional Irish dishes eaten on St Patrick‚Äôs day are usually the traditional dish of cabbage, bacon and potatoes ( or as the Irish call potatoes ‚Äėspuds‚Äô) or a hearty Irish Strew ( Guinness Stew optional) . If you are in interested in Irish cooking or want to learn how to cook traditional Irish food for St Patrick‚Äôs day then perhaps this book is for you.

Live Music

During St Patrick’s Day or any Irish festival, you are greeted with the wonderful sound of traditional Irish music. Buskers on streets play their fiddles, harps, tin whistles, and bodhrans while people passing by stop to listen or sometimes join in. Playing Irish music is a strong way to keep the Irish culture alive, and that is why so many people take to the streets to play on St Patrick’s Day. Typically there would be a stage set outside of wherever you were celebrating, and live bands would play the whole day. If you are interested in learning how to play an Irish instrument or looking to gift it to a friend, then look at some of these items.


Leprechauns come from Irish folklore, in which a leprechaun is a small fairy in the form of a tiny older man. Typically he wears a green suit with a crooked green hat. He is believed to have hidden a pot of gold at the end of each rainbow seen. Many Irish people dress up as a leprechaun for St Patrick’s Day and with good reason. It is funny as well as cultural. Here is a link to a leprechauns outfit that would certainly mix in with the crowd on St Patrick’s Day.

St Patrick’s Day began with celebrating Christianity being brought to Ireland. Although this remains the same, St Patrick’s Day has become a festival of Irish culture full of green, food, music, and dancing. If you have never enjoyed celebrating St Patrick’s Day, you should put it on your bucket list. It is a fun day to enjoy with friends, have traditional meals, dress up silly and give and receive gifts.

If you are looking for some more gift ideas, check out this website for St Patrick’s Day and other holiday-related gifts.

St Patrick’s day
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