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How to Package Lotion Bars in 11 Different Ways

Whether you make lotion bars or use them for self-care, you know how cute DIY projects they are, and how much love people invest in making them. Also, they are perfect gifts for everyone. Lotion bars are easy to make, with different ingredients and in any shape. Also, you can easily store and transport them in a condensed state. 

However, you probably also spend a lot of time thinking about how to package a lotion bar and make it aesthetically appealing to make another person or customers happy. Keep reading to find out 11 eleven different ways to package lotions bars everyone will love!

How to Package Lotion Bars?

How to Wrap a Lotion Bar?

Here are the basic steps for wrapping a lotion bar that will do for any kind of packaging:

1. Prepare some parchment paper, or cello bags, or even a dry cloth to wrap your lotion bar in.

2. Add a second layer of packaging. It can be jars, tins, cardboard packages, or containers. This is a good idea as it allows for easy storage. You choose a container depending on how many lotion bars you want to wrap together.

3. Add ribbons or bows as a finishing touch, it will make the whole package look cuter.

4. You can also add a customized tag. They are easy to make, but you can find them online as well. You can add a message to them or a logo if you run a small business.

5. Speaking of a small business, always mention your brand name if you have one. It is always a good option to include a list of ingredients ‚Äď people want to know that. Plus, it will look more professional.

6. Print your tags on cardstock paper. Cut around them and make a hole in the corner with a hole-puncher.

7. Thread the tag with some ribbon, tie it around the neck of the container or on top. If you choose a cello bag as packing, you can do it without a second layer of packaging, just add the ribbon and the top of the cello bag.

8. It is also a good idea to print some stickers that you can stick on the packaging.

You can always make your packaging more interesting, colorful, and thematic. Here are 11 more ways to wrap lotion bars:

1. Coffee filters

If a lotion bar is round, then coffee filters make the best packaging. They are simple and aesthetically pleasing. You can find a white coffee filter or a colored one. They are both bio-degradable and inexpensive. 

The process is simple as you only have to put your lotion bar in a coffee filter, wrap the excess paper around the bar and place a label over the edges of a coffee filter. You can add a string for a more stylish look.

Your lotion bar can become similar to a cupcake by adding a cupcake stick and colorful stickers for a fancier look.

2. Soap boxes 

You can easily find soapboxes as many companies sell them. You can add your label and decoration to it with no problems. There is also a cut-out on it so everyone can see the color of a lotion bar. It looks professional and you still have a place on another side to put your label on or ingredients. 

If the lotion bars are smaller and narrower, you can put them all in one box. Before that, wrap each in tissue paper and arrange them in a box next to each other. If there is a larger amount of lotion bars and soapboxes, then put each in one large box that you will wrap in decorative paper.

Just because you use a box does not mean it has to be square. You can experiment a little and play with various shapes. You can find interesting boxes online or try to make one. There are many eco-friendly options, such as carton soapboxes. You can find them easily in various shapes and they are without doubt recyclable. Try to find one with a cut-out so your lotion bar shows off a little.

3. Valentine’s Day Packaging

When you want a love theme for lotion bars, the first thing that comes to mind is to shape lotion bars into a heart shape using silicone molds. Of course, you can use any shape, but this one is in the spirit of Valentine’s Day. You can wrap lotion bars into paper and put them in a jar. Include chocolate with the packaging for a complete look. Do not forget to put a red ribbon and a label on the jar. A cute card would also be an amazing addition.

You can also put lotion bars in coffee filters and put them in a box. You can put pieces of decorative paper around the lotion bars in the box for a more romantic look. You can decorate the box as you wish with stickers or a bow.

4. Sheer Organza Bag

Another way of packaging lotion bars is an elegant organza bag. You can put a label inside the bag and tie it with the ribbon that comes with it. This is a thoughtful gift for everyone. Besides, you can see the lotion bar through the bag and smell its scent and use the lotion bar in the bag as extra exfoliation in the shower or for any skin-care routine. You can also attach a card to the bag with a name or a message. 

The good thing about organza bags is that you can reuse them. You can also put more than one lotion bar in a bag or even add another small gift for a richer look ‚Äď you have many options available!

5. Shrink Wrap 

For a regular lotion bar, you can go with shrink wrapping. In that way, you will protect the product from dirt and scratches but also allow its visual characteristics to show through. You can find shrink wrap bags online or in the store. Wrap the shrink bag around the lotion bar and shrink it with a heat gun. Add label or tag and your lotion bar is ready.

Sometimes you will need more than one attempt to learn how to pack a lotion bar this way. It can happen to you that the shrink wrap melts and cracks somewhere so you have to start all over again. But once you learn, you will become a professional.

There are various types of plastics you can use for shrink wrapping your lotion bar. If you choose to shrink wrap, then choose the best type.

6. Tea Tin

Tins are amazing for miniature gifts as lotion bars. You can use your old tea tins or order personalized tins online. Wrap the lotion bar in paper beforehand and put it in a tin. Put a bow on it and a tag or sticker. If you want to wrap more lotion bars, you can also use cookie tin. This way of packaging is perfect for traveling or carrying it into a purse.

The tins protect your lotion bars and are reusable. In addition, it is a good idea to have plastic-free packaging.

7. Rope

This way is one of the simplest and cleanest and it guarantees an elegant look. Twine makes wonders when it comes to packaging and it gives a vintage look to lotion bars, especially those with rough edges. 

You can put a lotion bar in a small box and tie twine around it. For a more vintage look, you can put fresh or dried flowers and herbs on the twine. If you want to pack more lotion bars, then stack them on top of each other and tie twine around to hold them together.

The ribbon does the same thing as twine. It is more for redefined bars and appeals to everyone looking for a romantic look. Wrap it around your lotion bar and tie it in a bow. 

Leather cords work fine for those who want something classy and manly. 

Last but not least is yarn. Although too simplistic, it is appealing to crafty people who love new ideas. If you choose a particular type of yarn, such as cashmere, that would be even better.

Another great idea is to poke a little hole in one end of a lotion bar and thread a rope through it 

8. Fabric Gift Bag

Wrapping a lotion bar in the fabric is another great idea. You may first wrap the lotion bar in shrink wrap, then in fabric. Put a lotion bar in the middle of the fabric and pulling the side of the fabric over the lotion bar. Wrap it as you would wrap a gift in the paper. Tie the edges with some ribbon and that is it! When it comes to fabric, I recommend you use muslin, because it has protective effects. 

This is really an eco-friendly way of wrapping a lotion bar. Even better, the fabric can be reusable. Besides muslin, you can try a washcloth because it is soft. If you have some skills, you can crochet your washcloth. They are easy and not expensive to make.

9. Corrugated Wrap

Corrugated paper is perfect for wrapping lotion bars. If you are environmentally aware, this type of packaging is perfect as it is biodegradable. Just wrap it around a lotion bar and out a sticker to hold it together or tie it with twine. 

An excellent feature of corrugated paper is that it will protect the lotion bar from spoiling. It will give you peace of mind when storing lotion bars or shipping them. It conforms to almost any shape of the lotion bar.

10. Washi Tape

One of my favorite ways of wrapping a lotion bar is using washi tape. It is perfect for round lotion bars and you can choose in whatever colors and patterns. Cut the brown paper to fit your lotion bar’s diameter. Then, wrap the paper around the diameter. Tape the paper. Then, over the brown paper, apply decorative Washi tape.

Another option is to make your washi tape bag. It looks sweet and elegant and is perfect for small lotion bars. Use your paper and washi tape to make a sweet bag for the lotion bar.

11. Cigar Bands

For those who are unfamiliar with cigar bands, they are pieces of paper that you wrap around your lotion bars either vertically or horizontally without covering the entire bar. This is a very cost-effective method of packaging. You only need to create a template, design each panel of the band and print it out. Wrap your lotion bars and put a sticker to hold them together.

You can print cigar bands on recycled craft, silk, or gloss paper. You can put any information you want on them. Those who made their lotion bars put ingredients on the band, but you can also insert a message. 

How Do You Keep Lotion Bars From Melting?

Lotions bars are body butter and they look like a soap bar. Instead of putting lotion in your hand and applying it to your body, a lotion bar requires you to rub it all over your body. It is indeed simple. Lotion bars are easier to use, and unlike regular body butter or lotion, they make less mess.

Lotions bars soften or melt when exposed to very warm temperatures. Otherwise, they are less heat sensitive and melt from rubbing onto your body. 

Beeswax is an important ingredient for lotion bars. Many wonder whether they can make a lotion bar without it. Well, beeswax is the ingredient that helps lotion bar harden. You can try to make a lotion bar without beeswax, but it will not hold its shape. If you expose the lotion bar without beeswax to warmer temperatures, it will melt quickly and make a mess.

You can apply a lotion bar anywhere on the body. Your body temperature will slowly melt it. That is the purpose of lotion bars because they moisturize the skin. However, the problem some may encounter is their melting when they do not use them.

To prevent lotion bars from melting, you need to keep them at room temperature or in the refrigerator if your house is hot during summer days. You can keep lotion bars sealed in a jar, beeswax wrap, tin, or in a cabinet in some cup. If you think your lotion bar will melt and want to be extra cautious, add more beeswax and replace coconut oil with shea or cocoa butter.

Do Lotion Bars Need Preservatives?

Preservatives are solutions that stop the growth of microorganisms in products. Preservatives are necessary for products that contain water to prevent bacteria from growing.  

Luckily, most lotion bars do not have water to dilute oils. A lotion without water means you do not need preservatives. Other lotions are difficult to make because they have three phases: when they are aqueous, then oily, and finally cooling down phase. In some lotion bars, there can be preservatives. However, many people who make natural lotion bars do not use them. Instead, they use vitamin E, which is a natural preservative.

That is why lotion bars are concentrated. They do not have any additives or preservatives, only good ingredients that are healthy for your skin.

My piece of advice is to make sure the inside is dry if you are storing your lotion bar in a container. This preserves the lotion bar and keeps bacteria at bay. If you have large lotion bars or simply want to display them on your shelf, make sure the area is dry.

How Long Do Lotion Bars Last?

If used daily, a small bar of lotion can last for many months. One significant advantage is that if you use it regularly, your skin will become so soft that you will not need to reapply it. The lotion bar has a shelf life of 1-2 years. However, you may notice some ingredient separation if you leave it out in the heat.

The reason they last for so long is the absence of water. Since there is no water, it means there is no place for bacteria and fungus to grow. Also, the way you use the lotion bar may help these elements colonize, especially if you frequently use it on wet skin or leave it in a steamy bathroom. If you keep your lotion bar clean and in the right place, it sure will last for a long time.

The oils used in lotion bars are long-lasting but have an expiry date. Always note the expiry dates of the ingredients when you make your lotion bar. The expiration date for all ingredients is the earliest expiration date for your lotion bar. The lotion bar will not last for many years, but it certainly could last a long time.

If you notice your lotion bar changes consistency, color, or scent, stop using it immediately and throw it away. Any change may indicate your lotion bar is not safe to use.






How to Package Lotion Bars in 11 Different Ways
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