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Cat birthday: what you need to do to make it perfect

The cat is a member of the family that makes us happy with affection, games, and mischief. Celebrating our cat’s birthday is a wonderful way to show him/her the love we feel for him/her. Over the last few years, cat birthday parties have become a fun trend around the globe. This celebration entertains our beloved felines, family, and friends because it is an original party. If you want to organize a cat birthday party you must first take into account several details to make the event a success. First of all, you must know the temperament of your cat. If he/she is shy and elusive you should organize a birthday with few guests. They should have a strong bond with your cat, so he/she feels comfortable. If instead, your cat is sociable with everyone, you can invite more people to make the party amazing.

How do you celebrate a cat’s birthday?

How do you celebrate a cat’s birthday?

For a cat’s birthday to be perfect you must communicate your idea to the whole family, who will surely be delighted to organize the celebration. This event requires work, therefore it is convenient to divide different tasks among all the members of the family. For example, you prepare the food, your son is in charge of sending the invitations, your daughter is in charge of decorating the house, your husband can take care of arranging the garden, among many other tasks. Then all the members of the family must determine on what date you are going to celebrate the cat’s birthday. It can be the same day he/she was born or another date that is convenient for everyone. You and your family should decide who you are going to invite to the party, remember that the guests should have a trusting relationship with your cat so that he/she feels as happy as possible.


Once you and your family have determined who you are going to invite to the cat birthday party, you should send the corresponding invitations so that the event creates expectations. You have two options: paper invitation cards or electronic invitations cards through social networks. You can also combine both options: send paper invitation cards to the seniors in your family. For the younger members of your family, you can send them an electronic invitation card through social networks. The invitation card should always have a picture of your cat and should indicate where and when the celebration will take place. Write how much fun you will have celebrating your cat’s birthday together. You can invite whoever you want, but remember that there must be children at the party since they are the ones who love this kind of event the most.


Food is one of the most important aspects of the cat’s birthday. You must take into account the food your cat eats and the food your guests will eat. This party is a tribute to your cat, so on this day, your pet should eat his/her favorite dishes. Prepare the food he/she likes and serve it in small colorful pots. As for drinking, cats can only drink water and milk. Like any birthday party, there should be a delicious cake for the honoree, your cat, to fully enjoy. You can prepare that cake yourself. If you have time to cook, you can prepare a meat cake or a tuna cake for your cat. If you don’t have time, there are many pet specialty stores where you can get a birthday cake for cats.

As for the food for the guests, you can offer simple sweet and savory dishes for everyone to enjoy. The snacks that everyone loves are cupcakes, lemon tartlets, savory canapés, salmon sandwiches, etc. To drink you can offer smoothies, sodas, fruit juices, etc.

How do you dress?

To celebrate a cat’s birthday you and your family should dress as comfortably as possible. Remember that all of you will probably be playing and interacting with the cat, so it is likely that you will be playing on the floor. You should choose comfortable clothes that allow you to move freely: sweatshirt, jogging suit, etc. Wear sneakers, since you will be playing with your cat and also with the children in the family. If you want you can wear clothes with fun prints to be in the festive spirit of the feline birthday. As for the guests, they can dress as they like. However, you should remind them that this is an informal family event, so they should dress comfortably. The children of the family will want to dress up especially for this occasion, you can help them choose the clothes they will wear for the party. You should remind them that they are going to play a lot, so they should choose clothes that allow them to run, jump and move around.


The decoration is an essential part of the cat’s birthday, as it creates the ideal atmosphere for a joyful celebration. The decoration can be done by the whole family or perhaps one of you may want to take special care of this task. Either way, keep in mind that the decorative elements should be eye-catching for your cat. He/She should be attracted to the decorations and play with the various elements. The decoration can consist of colorful paper garlands and fluffy balls that are distributed at a low height so that your cat can play with them. Remember to decorate the windows and doors of your house so that the decoration covers the whole space. If you want, you can place a tablecloth with pictures of kittens, as well as napkins and plastic cups. The important thing is that the chosen decoration conveys warmth and fun so that your cat, your family, and guests have a great time.


A cat birthday should have gifts to make the celebration complete. Give your cat toys that he can play with and learn new skills. Felines learn to hunt by playing, in addition to developing the well-known feline independence. You can buy the toys or make them yourself. The important thing is that the toys are useful for your cat, so he/she grows healthier and happier. Guests will want to bring gifts for your cat and you should allow them to get more toys to play with. However, it is not advisable for guests to give your cat food as each cat follows a specific diet according to its age and condition. The cat’s toys should not be too small, as there is a risk that he will swallow them, which could cause him a lot of harm. So before you give your cat anything, remember to think about its physical safety.

Make the cat feel good

The ultimate goal of a cat birthday is for your pet to be happy. On the day of his birthday celebration, he should feel calm, peaceful, and at ease with everyone around him. During that day you should pet your cat a lot so that he relaxes and has a positive attitude during the party. You should allow him/her to walk around the house and the garden so that he feels he can move freely. The key is to make your cat feel happy, remember that you will be entertaining guests, so he should not be stressed. Talk to your guests before you welcome them into your home. Ask them to behave calmly with the cat so that he/she enjoys his/her party. Children can play with the cat, but should not be rough with him/her. Cats love children and are comfortable with them. Cats are incredibly smart and children could play any game with them.

A party worth organizing

A cat birthday is a party worth organizing as it makes our beloved pet, our family, and our guests happy. Celebrating the life of our cat represents a gesture of gratitude towards our pet. Thousands of families around the world organize this original party because it is a great occasion to have fun together. Cats are very intuitive and they understand that something nice (the party) is happening around them. The cat birthday is a celebration that helps children to appreciate animals. When they are adults they will understand how good it is to love and respect animals as the wonderful beings they are.

The cat birthday takes some work, but the process is extremely positive. The whole family works to organize this event which is full of love and tenderness. That is why it is important that each family member enjoys the organization of the cat birthday, as it is an experience full of good vibes.


Cat birthday is an event that celebrates our cat, family, and friendship. The organization of this event presents an excellent opportunity for the family to work as a team. Everyone can contribute smart ideas to make this party as fun and original as possible. This celebration reminds us that there is still room for tenderness. Best of all, the next generations can follow this new story to continue transmitting love, joy, and positive energy.

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Cat birthday: what you need to do to make it perfect
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