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Backward Brithday party

The child’s birthday party is this year’s highlight. There are often planned in minute detail after the last party ended. Party with something fun theme usually the children themselves like best. A fun party theme is a backward party. It can also be combined with ideas from the Pippi party.

So how to organize a backward party?¬†Send out invitations in the form of thank you cards.¬†When guests come, say, ‚ÄúBye, thanks for coming‚ÄĚ and give them a candy bag.¬†Serve food in reverse order with the cake first, and the food last.¬†Set the table with plates and cups upside down or on the floor.¬†Reverse Relay and putting the pig on the tail are good games.

How do you arrange a backward party?

But here you’ll get tips on how to organize a backward party for it to be successful.

Invitations to a backward party

The invitation Card will be extra fun if you write backward or reversed. Another idea is to send out a thank-you note instead of invitations. But be sure to include the time and place and other relevant details to be able to understand anyway. Add letters into envelopes and address on the back.

How to dress for a backward party?

The right clothes on a backward party could be the clothes that are in and out or are rear and front flip. Or why not Pippi’s clothes. Backward Party is something that you would expect from Pippi.

How do you set the table at a backward party?

Set the table with a cloth, but place plates and cups on the floor under the table. Or set cups and plates upside down. Cutlery, add one above and one below the dish. Do you have a stable table, you can set the table with plates and glasses on the chairs. But the risk is then that the children sit at the table.

Remember that a backward party should start with dessert and take the main course last, so set the plates in the correct order for that.

How to decorate?

Hang photos on the birthday child’s back of the head on the walls.

What do you serve at a backward party?

  • Start with cake or ice cream and finish with hot dogs.
  • The cake can, for example, have the birthday child‚Äôs name written backward.
  • Ice cream can be served directly on the table with a plate on top.¬†
  • Alternatively, on a plate with an ice cream cone on top.

Candy bags at a backward party

Make your candy bags of wrapping paper. Candy bags should be inside out. It can also be fun to hand out the candy bags immediately when the children arrive at the party.

What to play at the party

Reverse Relay ‚Äď Divide the children into teams, and when the competition kicks off, the children who are primarily running backward around such¬†a cone and back to their team.¬†Since it is the next child‚Äôs turn to run around the funnel, the team that comes first to the finish wins the race.

Guess beans in the can ‚Äď let the children guess how many beans there are in the jar.¬†The child who guesses the most errors wins a prize.

Put the pig on the tail- Instead of putting the curly tail of the pig. Draw a tail on a large piece of paper and put it up on the wall. Now the children, one at a time, have to come forward to get their eyes blindfolded. Spin the child a few laps, and then the child should draw a pig on the tail. The winner is the child who draws his pig right on his tail.

Do the opposite ‚Äď one child‚Äôs leader and tells the other kids what to do.¬†The children will then do the opposite.¬†If the leader says they‚Äôll jump up, they lie down, and so on.¬†Those who miss and do as the leader says are out and have to wait until next time to be with again.

Play Games ‚Äď Play begins at the target square and ends at the starting box.¬†The winner is the child that comes to the goal lats.

What to do in a backward party

When children come to the party, you say ‚ÄúGoodbye!‚Ä̬†and when they go home, you say ‚ÄúWelcome!‚ÄĚ While you are waiting for all children to arrive at the party, they can make a drawing of themselves from behind.¬†The images can then be used as place cards. Sing Happy Birthday backward.¬†You may want to print the text for the song in advance.

How much money should you shop for gifts for the child’s friends? In a survey, I have done like most who responded that $10 is just enough to buy gifts for the child’s buddies.

What is a good birthday gift for kids? Great gifts to give away at children’s parties are crafting books, small games, fun gadgets, stickers, tattoo pens, or magnets. More tips for kids’ gifts, you can find here.

How can you use themes for the kids? Any suggestions on themes for children’s party are Pippi Party, space party, artists’ birthday party, winter party, and mermaid party. More ideas on the themes of the children’s party, you can find here.

What can you play at a children’s party? Children’s parties usually have the Relay, dance stop, and scavenger hunt. Does not it fun? Then I have more tips on games at the children’s party gathered here.

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Backward Brithday party
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