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Dream Candy Land Birthday Party

Do you have an upcoming event, a birthday or perhaps a get-together of office colleagues, or even a family event? Consider making it a candy land party and make it memorable for you and for everybody! A candy land-inspired party is a very fun and colorful way to celebrate an upcoming birthday or event. There are a ton of things one can do to host the best candy land party ever. From the decoration to the food and activities, a lot can be done with ample time for planning and preparation.


Design-wise, a candy-themed party should be aesthetic, colorful, and playful. You may get inspiration from the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory or even the music video for Katy Perry’s hit song California Gurls. You can use those mentioned to gain a grasp of what your venue should look like or resemble. However, you can do research or take inspiration from your own creativity and design the venue on your own. An idea would be decorating walls with light colors and adding candy-themed stickers to the walls. Another would be buying light or neon-colored balloons and making a centerpiece arch that can be accented with candy designs. One may also have a backdrop for the food table that is light and accentuates the whole table with colors such as baby blue, pink, red, green, or any light color that will resonate with candy. Several designs can be accomplished easily with the right vision and planning.

Here are several examples of items that can be used as aesthetic pieces to add color and life to your party:

Candy Theme Party Set

Everything you will need to decorate a candy-inspired party. It contains a rainbow candy banner,11 pcs candy-shaped balloons, 10 pcs marble balloons, 20 pcs pastel balloons, 2 confetti balloons, 17 cupcake toppers, a happy birthday balloon, and 2 sets of ribbons.

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Candy Signs

A cool and fun way to welcome your guests and lead them to where things are. Signboards saying ‚ÄúCupcake Commons‚ÄĚ may point guests to where the cupcakes are. Other playful signs such as ‚ÄúGummy Hills‚ÄĚ, ‚ÄúIce Cream Sea‚ÄĚ, and a lot more to accentuate your party with.

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Candy Cupcake Stand

A very aesthetic cupcake stand playfully designed for candy-themed celebrations. It is a nice centerpiece colored with pink pastel. It is a 3-tiered stand that is enough to hold several cupcakes, scones, sandwiches, or other treats you may serve.

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Candy Party Backdrop

A large candy land-themed backdrop that is the perfect background for photoshoots during the event. It is also a nice design to put on a wall near your food to increase the vibe of the party! It is made of durable material and has high-quality printing.

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Candy-themed Tablecloth

The perfect piece to place on top of the tables for guests. It is a sizeable piece that fits most tablets with ease and has a subtle cute candy design that will fit the theme of the party!

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What to Eat?

What to serve your guests would highly depend on several factors such as the time of the event, the guests, and the party host or celebrant. The time of the event will suggest if the food would merely be a snack for guests to munch on. If the party is set for lunch or dinner time the food must be heavy enough to fill your guests’ appetite. Regardless of what you serve your guests, desserts are the highlight of the event. A candy bar, a variety of cupcakes, ice cream, cakes, scones, or other treats that both children and adults can munch on is a must in this kind of party.

The Cake

The cake is perhaps the highlight of a candy-themed party. The cake should be tall, loud, colorful, and must have popping colors. The flavor profile of the cake would depend on the celebrant’s taste. She might have an indulgence in chocolate and prefer a 3 layered chocolate cake or a sweet tooth and prefer a vanilla flavored cake or any other flavor that will satisfy the guests and the celebrant. To conform with the theme, cake designs should be filled with candy accents, should be made of pastel colors, and may or may not have candy toppers.

Party Favors

Party favors are an essential part of a candy land-themed children’s party. It is a very effective and memorable way for guests to bring a piece of the party home. Picking an appropriate box for party favors is a must. This candy-themed party favor box is a perfect example of an aesthetically conforming and appropriate box. Fill it up with extra goodies and treats that guests will truly appreciate. A great inclusion in a party favor box is a customized item that will be the hallmark of the event. A way to let guests have a piece of the party and serve as a reminder of the fun experience they had at your party.

Party Activities

There are tons and tons of activities to do during a candy land party. From magic shows to mini-games, nail painting, face painting, and other activities that are viable based on the age group of the guests. A lot of props and items needed for games are available all across the world on different platforms. You can buy mini-party games online or at a local party store. A party host is also a necessity during big events like this. It is better to have someone take the lead and guide guests to what is about to happen. A party host and a well-planned out program are also great to keep your guests entertained and interested. Here is a list of games and activities that one can do during parties like this:

Candy Land Toss Game

A fun and interactive game wherein players need to throw bean bags to a specific hole with a corresponding number. Once a bean bag successfully passes a hole, the player will receive a prize or party favor. It is a unique and fun way to engage kids to play with each other and it makes a healthy competition.

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In-House Photo Booth

Having a place to take wonderful and memorable photos to keep and treasure is an amazing thing to have at parties. A photo booth is an interactive activity for both the young and old. Guests will be given the chance to be taken pictures by a professionally hired photographer(if within the budget) or even take a picture of themselves in the backdrop depending on the budget of the host. A truly unique thing to add during any party is for guests is to bring home photos that will remind them of the fun experience they had during your party.

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Sack Race

A classic game of sack race can also be an added activity during the party. Guests will be divided into several teams that would have to wear a sack, hop and race in a straight line or through a landmark of some sort, and back to tag the next player on their team. The first team who finishes the race successfully will win the game and get amazing prizes or loot bags. It is a very interactive and fun game that will surely keep your crowd entertained!

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DIY Nail Set

To match the overall vibe of the party, the host can buy this nail set and allow guests to freely design their nails during the event and conform with the theme more. Not only will it be a fun and creative activity but it will boost the overall aesthetic feel of the party since guests would have plush and candy-themed nails!

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Pin the Horn on the Unicorn

A classic party game that is designed to challenge guests to pin the horn on the unicorn while blindfolded. It is a game that is guaranteed to make the visitors laugh and enjoy.

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Ring Toss and Bean Bags

A carnival game that can be played with teams racing to get all their rings tossed successfully on the cone. A fun and exciting game that will entertain both players and the audience!

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Bubble Maker

For children, popping bubbles is a nice activity. It fills children up with excitement to run around with their friends, racing to find who pops the bubble first. It is a magical experience for children and gives off a subtle increase in aesthetics. Bubbles around the venue will be a great sight to see!

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Face Painting

A nice addition to a candy-themed party would be to hire professional face painters to paint on children’s faces and add a touch of the party vibe to their attire. Children are free to choose what design they want to add to their face, their arms, and their legs depending on the design they choose!

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If budget permits, invitations can be made to have a number corresponding to one raffle entry for a chance to win amazing small prizes. For children’s parties, prizes could range from just a simple toy to goodies to take home. Parties that have guests that are teenagers to young adults can have prizes ranging from movie passes to mobile phone accessories. For corporate parties, prizes could be much more depending on the budget. Regardless of what the prizes are, a raffle is a fun and unique way to prevent your guests from leaving the party sooner than expected. It also gives them a certain thrill to knowing that they might be taking something home with them!

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Magic Show

A magic show is a fun way to engage young guests and keep them entertained. If budget allows, hosts can hire magicians to perform amazing magic for kids and other guests of the party. If your celebrant is into magic, he or she can also be the one to perform a show and amaze his or her guests with magic. This magic kit allows children to learn and practice simple magic tricks!

Above is only a handful of possible activities to be added to a candy-themed party. There are tons and tons of ideas and gimmicks that can be done to make your party stand out and be memorable! Having a candy bar or renting an ice cream truck for the event can also add a ton of value and enjoyment for guests during your party.


Invitations are an important part of party planning. It gives those who have been invited a chance to imagine what the party would look and feel like. A great invitation can entice someone to attend your party even though they have something else planned. It is also a means to inform your guests of the motif or theme of the party. It also says when and where the party will be held. If need be, state the type of outfit guests must wear to increase the aesthetics of the party even more!


A candy land party should be filled with playful colors. Outfits should conform to the party theme and must be playful and loud as well. Casual outfits with pastel colors may be an easy thing for you and your guests to wear and removes the hassle of renting or buying an outfit. For those who want to be a little extra, a costume or a candy-themed outfit can be requested in the invitations too. If the hosts choose to ask guests to wear a themed outfit, it is nice to have a surprise awarding for the best dressed and give an additional party favor or loot bag to bring home as a prize!

To sum everything up, throwing a candy land party is a very fun and exciting thing to do. It will engage and challenge you to design your venue with pretty colors and stickers that give off that candy theme vibe. It will also impart to guests that the party itself has been well thought out and planned. Candy-themed parties are not only appropriate for children but can be the motif for corporate events as well! Always plan ahead and have backup activities to keep your guests entertained in case of disruptions or unplanned events.

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Dream Candy Land Birthday Party
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