Adult party

Anything but Clothes

Anything but clothes or most commonly known as ABC is a college party where you can wear anything but not clothes. This means that everyone must dress up in funny and silly costumes and sometimes a bit scandalous outfits. This also means that you have to be creative about what you are going to wear. […]

The Complete Euphoria Party GUIDE

We all know that Euphoria is the feeling of extreme excitement, and it is synonymous with cloud nine, but the question is, How can you throw a Euphoria-themed party? I listed some ideas on how to start the plan, but first, you must know what the Euphoria-themed party is about? How to throw a Euphoria-themed […]

Breakfast At Tiffanys Inspired Birthday Party

Looking for ideas for a Breakfast at Tiffanys Inspired birthday party? Few movies and the film industry have had the cultural impact that Breakfast at Tiffany’s has. Although it was produced decades ago, the legendary film influences Halloween costumes, musical songs, and fashion. A brunch at Tiffany’s is a glitzy occasion. For a bridal shower, […]

Coco Chanel Birthday Party

How To Organize a Coco Chanel Birthday Party? Fancy putting on a birthday party with a touch of class? When you want to add a bit of elegance to your birthday party, why not try something totally different? One lady who certainly knew a thing or two about the class was Coco Chanel. I have […]

Beach Party ‚Äď Decor, Invitations, And Clothing For Beach Parties

Looking for Beach Party ideas? There’s virtually nothing better than summertime beach parties with your favorite folks, sitting by the surf and soaking up the sun. In this article, we’ll provide our best suggestions for planning your party and must-try beach party ideas for a themed get-together. Let’s have a look at some beach party […]

The Perfect Tea Party

Tea parties are the perfect social event. A tea party can be hosted for any occasion any time of year. I’ve been to tea parties for birthdays and baby showers just because someone wanted to host one. There is a lot that goes into a tea party, either as a guest or hostess. The important […]

Best Naruto Birthday Party Ideas!

Is the birthday celebrant a Naruto Anime fan? And you want to arrange a Naruto Birthday party and give Naruto collectibles as gifts for him or her? You’re just in the right place. You see, Naruto is a popular anime series in Japan loved by millions of kids, teens, and even grown-ups all around the […]

Toga Party

For those who have heard what a toga party is but does not have a clear idea of what is all about and what preparations are to be done, for starters a toga party is a sort of having Greco-Roman themed costume party. It is called a toga party because participants or the party-goers are […]

Star Wars birthday

As the saga was introduced 40 years ago, up to this day, Star Wars is as popular as it was before. Families have shared in the film’s language where only Star Wars fanatics will truly understand. Many have grown to see the journey of their well-loved and hated character in this phenomenal film. Likewise, it […]

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