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Personalized wedding gifts

When a couple marries today, they have often lived together for a long time, and the tradition of giving household items as wedding presents is no longer necessary. Today, an excellent wedding present is instead something unique or personal.

So what is a personalized wedding gift? A personalized wedding gift could be A tree, design products, gifts for the home, engraved gifts, money, experiences, time capsule, or something you made yourself. But keep reading for more tips on personalized wedding gifts.

Personalized wedding gifts

On this page, you will find many tips on wedding gifts that are both personal and different. A unique and personalized wedding gift is more fun to get and more fun to give away. Here you will find many suggestions for imaginative and customized wedding gifts in different price ranges.

The gift is worth more than what the price tag says

It is fun to have a unique wedding present andthe to have a sweet memory or item leftover from an important day in life. A wedding present differs a little in comparison to a Christmas present or a birthday present because what one gives in a wedding present tends to be a bit more permanent.

A tree

Instead of giving them another toaster, you can provide them with a tree to have in the garden. Getting a tree in a wedding gift is an excellent and personal wedding gift. It is a wish that the marriage should remain as long as the tree. It is more fun to look at a beautiful tree than a toaster.

Giving away design items usually always works well. It can be a beautiful candlestick holder or George Jensen’s objects, Carat Orrefors crystal candlestick holders and stainless steel are also very popular. 

Georg Jensen Bloom Tall Large Stainless Steel Serving Bowl

A stylish Georg Jensen bowl will adorn their home for many years.

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2pcs Silver/Tall Candle Holder

Candlestick holders are also very popular wedding gifts.

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Silver bowl set with spoons

Silver bowl set with spoons is the ordinary wedding gift often exchanged between the bride and groom. A silver bowl set with spoons comes in various styles and sizes, but it is always an elegant gift to consider. It would be a wonderful wedding or housewarming gift. Silver bowl sets are silver trays, silver serving sets, silver tray sets, silver punch bowl sets, etc. A silver bowl is a beautiful addition to any home as it creates an elegant sense of style for serving drinks.

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Orrefors Carat 11-5/8″ Crystal/Brass Candlesticks, Pair

Orrefors candlesticks carat is very popular to give as wedding gifts.

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Personalized Portrait Scottish couple

The Scottish couple’s personalized portrait is guaranteed to have a positive reaction from the recipient. The background is royal, with a castle, beautiful lawn, and landscaping behind them. You may choose a special occasion for the couple to present such a gift. You may also gift it to your partner, especially with a liking for Scottish culture.

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Scottish couple

Table Lamp

If you have a friend getting married, it’s the perfect item to give them as a wedding present. This wedding present can decorate their own house and make it feel homely.

As you know, each house needs good lighting to make it feel comfortable. With this table lamp, you can give them a homely vibe and comfort, making it a perfect wedding gift idea.

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Georg Jensen Cobra Medium Candle Holder Set of 2

It is also very popular to both giveaway and gets Georg Jensen items.

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Creative and imaginative wedding gift

You get a very different and very personal wedding gift if you buy three boxes and stacks on each other. Fill the boxes with gifts. Let the presents in each box represent something unique.

  • Top box ‚Äď The top can be the joys of life ‚Äď a champagne bottle and two glasses.
  • Center box ‚Äď can have some tasty cookies, tea bags, coffee, and some beautiful mugs.¬†That box represents an everyday life together.
  • Bottom box ‚Äď the bottom box you fill with cleaning supplies, washing gloves, and the like.¬†Some face masks, bath bombs, and chocolate cake.¬†That box shows that marriage needs both works on care to feel good.

Set the drawers on top of each other and decorate with a beautiful ribbon, maybe some flower or something else you come across. It can also be neat to turn everything into cellophane.

Wedding Gifts for the home

If you still want to buy some kind of kitchen equipment, consult with the bridal couple if they wish porcelain, or if they collect on a series of glasses.

Mr. and Mrs. Aprons Gift

This is perfect for newly engaged couples and a great keepsake to commemorate that special day. It will surely be admired on display in their home. It is carefully made for those who appreciate distinctive quality and elegance. Ideally, these matching aprons are the perfect choice for couples who relish spending time in the kitchen since they will protect your clothes from all kinds of accidents. It is a great gift for husband and wife.

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Wedding Keepsake Boxes

If you want to take a walk down memory lane, this gift is perfect. Memory boxes can hold your keepsake objects or treasured documents in one adorable handcrafted fabric box.

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Dinnerware Sets for 6

Give the couple porcelain, but check with them first so that it really is what they want.

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Orrefors More Wine Glass, Set of 4

Often, the bride and groom have lived together today and have started to collect both glass and porcelain.

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Orrefors More Stemless Wine Glass, Set of 4

It can therefore be difficult to buy wedding gifts for the home.

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Queen Comforter Set 8 Pieces

It can be appreciated with some more exclusive bedding.

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Gevi Espresso Machine

A beautiful coffee machine can also be excellent if you like coffee. That is one thing that the couple may not indulge themselves.

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Ceramic Nonstick Low Stockpot Lid

Wedding Gifts for the home should you ask the bridal couple before buying them. A roast pot is something they may not already have at home.

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Modern Reversible Cutting Board Set

A good wedding present is a cutting board of slightly thicker wood.

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Sabatier Forged Triple Rivet Knife Block Set, 15-Piece, White

Giving away knives is said to mean bad luck, but for those who are not so scared …

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Engraved gifts

You get a very personal wedding gift if you choose to engrave the present. It can, for example, be a champagne glass and ice bucket, a barbecue set (yes, there are actually to buy with engraving), and can be a different and personal wedding gift. Or why not an exclusive wine box that contains everything they will need, such as a drip ring, wine opener, thermometer, etc. Combine the gift with a bottle of wine of some more expensive kind.

Oakmont personalized marble wine cooler

Stylish wine coolers ‚Äď the wine cooler will be the engraving you choose.

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Ultra rare custom bamboo BBQ brill tools

Even barbecue tools are available with engraving, so why not give the bride and groom a personalized wedding present?

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Personalized leather wine gift box

It will be a personal gift if you have the box engraved with the bride and groom’s names.

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Thali with Haldi Kumkum Containers

Haldi / Kumkum box is a traditional wedding return gift for the bride’s sisters and cousins.

The box usually has a Shivling / Ganesha idol, sweets, bangles, and other auspicious/ decorative Hindu things. The box is given to the bride’s sisters and cousins, who then send it to the bride.

The box may be kept for puja, a wedding box, or a display.

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Custom shadow box with champagne flutes wedding gift

Give the couple some nice champagne glasses with names and a shadow box as a wedding present.

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Carved heart tree personalized sign

Now you can treasure that moment forever with a personalized sign of a tree in a beautiful autumn scene with your names carved inside a heart.

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Money as a wedding gift

It has become increasingly common for the bride and groom to want money in wedding presents instead of things. They don’t want more gadgets in the home. But not everyone is comfortable with giving cash as a gift. As a bridal couple, it is essential to remember that there should be an opportunity for everyone to give money anonymously so that no one needs to be ashamed of providing too little.  Maybe you can have a relative administer it if you want money as a wedding present.

There is also nothing that says that you have to give the bridal couple what they want; a wish list is precisely the wishes, not an order form.

Giving away money may not be such a personal wedding gift. So if you want, you may want to wrap the money in some fun way. Fold them into a money cake, fold them into flowers or maybe put them in an envelope and write a personalized greeting to the bride and groom on a beautiful card.

Imaginative wedding present

There is something well-conceived for this particular bridal couple. Preferably not something which they can go to the store and buy themselves. It may be something that gives a higher value than if they had gone out and bought it themselves. Let me take an example. A personalized wedding gift could be a box of different wines that you purchase and label with when they are allowed to drink each wine. It can be something like the first wedding day, five-year wedding day, ten-year wedding day when the first child is born, when they bought their first house together or when they brought home their puppy. It will then be an excellent memory to have from the wedding day, anniversaries to look forward to, and not just a box of wine.

Creative wedding gifts

You can even personalize your wedding gift with a personal and beautiful touch. When I got married, we were given a spa visit as a gift. My sister had wrapped a plate sawn like a heart in thin red fabric and glued it on a bath. The bath duck had a gift card on a spa visit to his beak, just like a letter pigeon. In the envelope, there was also a wedding present for my daughter. I thought that was very nice. It was an adorable and personal wedding gift. These are the gifts you remember for a long time. It is unusual for a wedding present for children, but it was a fun memory for her as well. What she got, you will know if you click on the link.

Picnic basket

A picnic basket, some nice champagne glasses, and a bottle of champagne.

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Digital photo frame

Buy a digital photo frame and collect pictures that other guests have also taken and put everything into the photo frame. Admittedly, they do not receive it on the wedding day with it being an excellent and personalized wedding present, which they will surely appreciate.

Digital photo frame in a wedding gift.

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Tandem bike

A tandem bike ‚Äď it will be a fun and different wedding present.

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Time capsule

You get a personalized and inexpensive wedding gift by making a time capsule for the bridal couple. Let the participants at the wedding write a separate greeting to the bridal couple, put down a bottle of wine served at the wedding, and ask the bridal couple to send a greeting to each other. The time capsule is then delivered to the bridal couple on their fifth wedding anniversary.

Something you did yourself

If you have any hobby, you might be able to create a personalized wedding gift there, which is also cheap. You might be ready to paint a painting, embroider a portrait with their wedding date, sew something, or carve something beautiful that you know the bridal couple needs. If you take pictures, you can offer to photograph the wedding. When the images are printed, you buy an excellent album and insert them there. Keep in mind that the bridal couple would undoubtedly like to have the photos on a USB memory too!

From the parents, it can be an excellent and personal wedding gift to give the child a recipe book with all the family recipes inscribed.

A symbolic wedding present

Maybe you are not very familiar with the bridal couple and do not want to spend big money on a gift. Then there are cheaper gifts to give too! You could pick up a package like this.

Maybe your romantic evening together basket ‚Äď which you fill with goodies, a bottle of wine, chocolate, scented candles, and massage oil.¬†Wrap the basket in cellophane, and you can get a wonderful gift to hand over to the bridal couple.

Connoisseur gift basket

The connoisseur box is a personalized romantic gift kit with sweets.

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A nice basket to put the presents in
Massage Oil
A picnic blanket

Wedding gift from parents, what will it cost? As a parent, you may want to give a slightly larger wedding present when the children get married. But how much you should put into the gift can not say. It depends on your financial situation. If the parents have attended and paid for the wedding, it is reasonable that they give only a small symbolic wedding present.

What should the wedding gift cost? There are no rules for how much or little money a wedding gift should cost. Also, a wedding gift should not be seen as any payment or consideration for being invited to the wedding. Choose a wedding present based on how your financial situation looks and how close you are to the bridal couple.

What is a good gift on the wedding day? Good gifts to give to someone on the wedding day is a trip, chocolate, or jewelry that you engrave on your husband or wife. More tips on good gifts on the wedding anniversary can be found here.

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