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Harry Potter Birthday Cake

16 Ways to Achieve a Creative Harry Potter Birthday Cake. Harry Potter is one of the most loved wizards of all time. In the year 1997, the first book of the Harry Potter series entitled the Philosopher’s Stone was published. Since then, it has been a phenomenal hit for people of all ages. Its movies were also victorious. People all over the world enjoy celebrating birthdays with the Harry Potter theme too!

Throwing a Harry Potter-themed party and having a Harry Potter birthday cake is always a great idea.

Make your kid’s Birthday party unforgettable with a Harry Potter Birthday cake

To help you with this party, here are 15 easy ways to achieve a creative Harry Potter birthday cake that every Potterhead will surely love! Make sure to pack your wands, tune your brooms, prepare yourself for magic, and let’s go!

Bake a butterbeer Harry Potter birthday cake. Butterbeer is a classic Harry Potter drink. It is a well-known wizarding beverage that is said to taste “a little bit like less-sickly butterscotch.” Although it is known as a beverage, incorporating its flavor into a cake will definitely level up your Harry Potter Birthday cake. Butterbeer is made with three main ingredients in the book, namely butterscotch, sugar, and water. For the simplest butterbeer cake, you can bake a vanilla cake with your favorite vanilla cake recipe and add butterscotch syrup in between layers for that butterscotch flavor burst. This could make your cake layers slide, though, so make sure to use cake dowels for support. You can then proceed to decorate your butterbeer cake! You can opt for simple white icing and some butterscotch toppings.

Achieve a sprinkle burst Harry Potter birthday cake with these Harry Potter sprinkles. Sprinkles always add colors and fun to any baked goodies. These sprinkles are specially made for Harry Potter-themed desserts with the colors of the Gryffindor house, which are red and gold. Some little thunderbolts are in this sprinkles set. You can use these sprinkles to cover your entire cake. This method is fool-proof and will surely make your cake fun and colorful. You can also make use of these sprinkles as your cake fillings for that sprinkle surprise in every slice!

Recreate Hagrid’s iconic cake. It’s never a bad idea to recreate the classic Hagrid’s Birthday cake to Harry. This large sticky chocolate cake is easy to make, and the decorations can be achieved by even the least creative person you know! To recreate Hagrid’s birthday cake, you’ll need a circular chocolate cake. Next, You’ll have to prepare your icing. To achieve this cake’s iconic green and pink colors, use this Wilton Icing Colors, 8-Count Icing Colors set. After these preparations, you can now cover the cake with pink icing and decorate it with the words “HAPPEE BIRTHDAE” in the color green and add the celebrant’s name at the end.

Level up your Harry Potter birthday cake with Harry Potter’s character figures! These famous trio Harry Potter character figures and Harry Potter, Ron and Hermione figure cake toppers are perfect on top of your 7-12 inches cake. This will surely elevate the appearance of your cake and will save you a lot of time in decorating. These are also made of high-quality materials so that you can repurpose them as home decorations after the party.

Plan a cake surprise. Surprises are always a good idea, and nowadays cake surprises are getting more and more famous. For your Harry Potter birthday cake, you can hide a small Harry Potter-inspired gift inside of the cake. This Harry Potter Silver Plated Time Turner Magical Hourglass 22″ Necklace will make the best surprise gift for the Potterhead who just turned age. You also choose other gifts which are more personal and thoughtful.

Make your Harry Potter birthday cake stand out with a printed cake topper. These 7.5 inches edible Harry Potter Cake toppers are suitable for any cake. Simply moist the top of the cake with water with a fine mist and spray. Pat the top with a kitchen towel to absorb excess moisture. Make sure not to overwet the cake because it will make the colors of the topper run. Gently, hold the topper and place it on top of the cake. Then, press the edges with your palm to secure it. This Hogwarts edible cake topper design is also great for your Harry Potter birthday cake.

Use Happy Birthday letter toppers. Sticking to the conventional letter toppers never goes out of style. For your Harry Potter Birthday Cake, check this Harry Potter-themed Happy Birthday cake topper out! To make your cake more Potterhead-ish. This Chosen One cake topper and Little Wizard cake topper will also be good choices! This will help you stick to your Harry Potter theme and save you time for writing the greeting on the cake.

For the Potterhead who is obsessed with the game of Quidditch, Get creative and create your own golden snitch cake topper! One way to do this is to make a golden snitch cake pop. You need to smash some cake and mix it with some ganache or frosting to make the cake pop. This will make the cake crumbles moist and easy to form into balls. For the covering, you can make use of melted white chocolate with a mix of gold dust.

Dip in your cake balls and let them cool in the fridge. For the wings, you can use your leftover chocolate mixture and use this wings mold for that realistic wings effect. Just make sure to let the chocolate solidify in the freezer before removing it. Once the chocolate hardens, stick it to the cake balls with the use of melted chocolate.

If you want to save some time, you can also use some gold-wrapped Ferrero Rocher for the body and this pre-cut wings decor for the wings. You can use this golden snitch as a cake decoration or simply as a treat to your guests.

Let your creative juices flow and do your own Harry Potter cake decorations with fondant. Fondant is a thick paste made of sugar and water. It is used in candies, icing, and decorations of cakes. The way to use it is often compared to clay because you can pretty much mold any figure you want.

For beginners, this fondant set will surely assist you in making your first fondant project. For your Harry Potter birthday cake, you can make a fondant figure of the sorting hat. First, color your fondant with dark brown color. Take a small piece and flatten it into a circle, and press the edges lightly to make it thinner and a little bit uneven and natural. Form a circle on the remaining fondant and form it into a triangle. Using the modeling tool from the fondant set, press creases on the triangle. It will help a lot if you look at the photo of the sorting hat as a reference while doing this. Put a deep crease below the triangle for the mouth and use your fingers to make eye sockets. Finally, put them together by pressing down the triangle fondant to the flattened circle to finalize the hat. Let it sit overnight, and voila! You now have a cake decor for your cakes and cupcakes.

Make your own harry potter cookies as cake decorations! If you are still having difficulty making your decorations, you can bake some cookies and use these spellbinding Harry Potter cookie cutters. These five shapes will help you make more Harry Potter-related decors or treats. You can also utilize these cutters to form fondant figures and cake decorations.

Use a wizarding sweet to bring life to your Harry Potter birthday cake. Chocolate frogs were very well-liked sweets made from chocolates in the shape of a frog. A frog shape is difficult to achieve, but it is now made easy thanks to this chocolate frog’s mold. Melt some chocolate, pour it into the mold, and let it cool down overnight. Once the chocolate solidifies, it is ready to be removed. You can use this as a cake decoration for your Harry Potter birthday cake or eat it as it is!

Complete your Harry Potter birthday cake with some cupcakes on the side. Your guests will surely adore cute cupcakes topped with this 30 pack Harry Potter-inspired cupcake toppers. These toppers are of high quality and will help you to stick to your Harry Potter theme easily.

You can also let your guests choose their Hogwarts houses with these Harry Potter Hogwarts Houses cupcake toppers. The cupcake toppers represent the four Hogwarts houses, namely Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin.

Make a Harry Potter layer cake. Another creative Harry Potter birthday cake that you can make is a layer cake with Harry Potter colors. For a Gryffindor, bake a vanilla cake with yellow food color from the  Wilton Icing Colors, 8-Count Icing Colors set, and red velvet cake layers. Stack them alternately. This will imitate the color of the Gryffindor scarf when the cake is cut open. You can also do this idea with the other houses. For instance, for a Slytherin, you can use a color combination of green and white.

Transform the Quidditch pitch into a Harry Potter birthday cake. The Quidditch pitch is another important Harry Potter location. To achieve a Quidditch-inspired Harry Potter birthday cake, you need a lot of creativity, patience, and time. For the arena, pipe some green frosting in your oval cake using this grass piping nozzle. For the forts, carve your cakes into vertical rectangles and place them on the sides of your arena. To achieve better-looking forts, use fondant to cover them. Divide your fondant into 8 pieces and color them according to the color of the Hogwarts houses. Cut squares and group the colors that correspond to one house. For example, for Gryffindor, you should use yellow and red. Press the edges of the yellow and red squares next to each other to let them stick together.

When you’ve finished sticking them together, you can now go ahead and cover your fort. Stick your fondant using water or shortening. Repeat the process for the other three forts. Once finished, go ahead and work on the roof. For the roof, you need brown fondant. After mixing the color with your fondant, make little thin fondant rolls and stick them on their sides together to form roofs. To finalize your Quidditch-inspired Harry Potter birthday cake, create the walls. Using the same technique with forts’ fondant, cover your horizontal rectangle cake slices and place them on the side of the oval arena.

For Harry’s number one fan, this simple cake will make surely make their birthday complete. Use a white-colored cake and top it with this Harry Accessory Kit.

Not only will it make their birthday livelier, but this accessory kit can also be repurposed as costume accessories or house decors. You can apply this idea to the other characters. For the Potterhead who loves Hermione, you can top their birthday cake with her wand and some mini-books.

Surprise your Birthday boy or girl with a Book of Spells cake. The Book of Spells contains the spells used in the Harry Potter series. Each Potterhead will surely be delighted by this Harry Potter birthday cake! To achieve this, you’ll need to have a rectangular-shaped cake. Cover your cake with white fondant and use your fondant set modeling tool.

Create book page creases on the sides. After this, use a brown fondant for your book cover. Make sure to cover the front, back, and spine of your book. After this, make some yellow fondant and use this baroque style mold to create the details on the four corners of your book.

To add more detail, print out the Harry Potter initials “HP” and trace it out with your yellow-colored fondant. Please place it in the middle of the book. For added color and shine, brush some gold dust on the initials and the corner details.

Brushing some of this bronze dust on the edges of the books will also be great.

Harry Potter Birthday Cake
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