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Clown Makeup Everything you need to know

So you were thinking today and concluded that you’re interested in learning how to apply clown makeup. Let’s take a moment and take a few steps back. First off, what are clowns anyway, and where did they originate? A clown is a creative channel created to personally express oneself through jokes, costumes, props, and of course, clown makeup.

Everything you need to know about clown makeup

According to Wikipedia, Joseph Grimaldi coated a white base over his face, neck, and chest. He then added some red triangles on his cheeks and some thick eyebrows. On his white face, he drew substantial dramatic lips that were formed into a mischievous grin. During his time, he excited his audience. Almost the whole of London came out and saw Grimaldi perform on stage. Grimaldi completely changed the way this clown looked and acted. The clown before him didn’t wear makeup, really just a little bit on the cheeks to emphasize an expression of sadness. So when Grimaldi took over, he brought in the makeup era, the crazy colorful garments. He turned the sad little clown into a whole new age clown. Hence today, we have a variety of them, but if you take notice, all clowns complement each other.

This back was in 1801. As I did some more research, I discovered that the first clown went by Pierrot, also known as Perdrolino. He was a French clown with a bald head and a floury white face. This dates back to the 17 century. There are many types of clowns. A white face clown, a tramp clown, Auguste clown, mime clown, rodeo clown, creepy clown, jester clown, barrel clown, bullfighter clown, and the character clown. One may think applying clown makeup is complicated. Honestly, it isn’t. All you need is the time, the place, and the patience. Following the steps, you are a master at applying clown makeup in no time.

Given that there are various clowns, you can attest that there are many different ways to apply clown makeup. This is because it all depends on what kind of clown you are trying to personate. For example, an Auguste clown does not paint their whole face and neck with a white base. Instead, the white base will go around the eyes and the mouth. A greasepaint is then applied to the beard area the same shade color as the person’s skin. The noses on these clowns tend to be much larger, and their wigs are much more colorful. Do you love makeup? Are you a makeup artist? If so, you may not find it hard to apply clown makeup. For starters, please note that you need at least half an Hr to an Hr to complete an entire clown makeup session. Why white paint, though, as a base? It was said that clowns decided to paint their whole face white because it allows these total clowns freedom of facial expressions, thoughts, etc. You are being, if your on stage with your regular face and its a lot of people in your stadium, nine times out of 10, they cannot see your facial expressions. Thus, it was a bright idea to incorporate the white face paint into all this. The clown before this one didn’t wear makeup-colored clothes the way clowns are portrayed now.

Another thing to note is what kind of clown are you trying to be today? Are you a happy clown, sad clown, in between? Keeping these critical things in mind will also help the clown makeup application faster and smoother. Makeup is all about creativity. Don’t be afraid to jump outside the box and explore the different types of clowns you can imitate. The battle of capturing the audience’s imagination can be won over or lost depending on your clown’s face. Who would have guessed that even the joker started as a clown? Originally, the joker was depicted as a campy clown, but this clown grew darker over the years. Hence now we have a joker.

What are some materials may I need to get started?

So you will need a thick white cream or white powder. It all depends on what you prefer. You will also need red and black professional face paint.

As stated earlier, if you are into the makeup field, you should have already guessed that you will need to make up brushes and make-up face sponges to help blend in the clown makeup. Some black eyeliner enhances your dramatic eyebrows. Remember to use a setting powder or setting spray. This allows the clown makeup to stay on your face without rubbing off so quickly or creasing.

Most importantly, you will want to make sure you have a moisturizer or face moisture wipes. Your face has to stay clean and dry at all times before the clown makeup is on.

How do I apply clown make up?

The most important rule to apply any makeup is a good face moisturizer. Think about it. You want a nice smooth application. So make sure you get that moisturizer or face primer. As you apply the moisturizer to your face, you want to make sure your face is completely dry before attempting any makeup application. Sometimes you may not have 30 mins or an hr to complete your makeup. If this is the case, I strongly recommend you use makeup wipes that contain moisture. The next thing you’re going to want to do is make sure your hair is tied back or tied up.

Apply a nice thick coat of white cream or white power. If your goal is to go full clown, then I suggest you cover your neck and ears as well in a nice thick coat. Be careful when doing this. I have seen reviews on some clown makeup kits that you may have to apply the white cream makeup in layers until you have completed a fully covered thick look. Although, when doing this, it allows the cream to dry faster converse to you, just caking a whole bunch of white paint on your face at once. Take your time. With your eyebrows completely covered in white paint, you’re going to draw some out-of-the-box eyebrows. A good idea would be to outline with the black eyeliner and fill it in. Note you will be drawing your eyebrows where your eyebrows will normally be. Next, you want to disguise your lips with oversized red ones. For this, you will use either black or red to outline your lips. Always remember the bigger the lips are, the better it helps contribute to your clown. After the main part is out the way, you will begin to Draw designs such as shapes and lines to help complete the finished look. Triangles can appear at the top or below the eye. These key details will play a part in what kind of clown you portray. Big circular cheeks and dramatic eyeshadow. Freckle is a nice attribute to add to your clown makeup in the most vivid colors. Some fake tears will be cool as well. You will want to use one of the smaller brushes to make more defined details in the linings or when doing the eyebrows. Never limit yourself when it comes to expressing your creativity. This will help make your clown’s makeup unique. Like any makeup, your brushes are a key tool in making any designs you desire. You use a bigger brush to make different shapes in more profound sizes. Be unique and distinctive,

After it’s all said is done, you will apply a white face powder and set power over your clown face. As mentioned in some reviews, people have concerns about smudging off makeup. Well, if you make sure you get some setting powder and/or white powder, you can expect it to last longer and not rub off by a mistaken touch or rub.

Some examples of different clown makeup

Before I tell you where you can find some clown makeup, let me remind you there is a variety of different clowns’ makeup you can play around with. Whether you’re going to a Halloween party or performing in a show, each clown stands out in its own way. Mainly, the looks are all based on you. The mime clown doesn’t require you to paint your neck white. You will stop at the jawline. Many other clowns consider mime clown makeup to be amateur. The bullfighter clown uses the Tramp approach or Auguste. The tramp clown has been inspired by homeless people. They tend to put white cream around the mouth and near the eyes. Using a flesh color greasepaint, they will create a beard. You also have Jester from medieval times. You can basically say this was an original clown, for the Jester or fool was well known for entertainment, whether it’s music, storytelling, etc.

Now that we got that out the way, let me tell you how Amazon has a good selection of makeup kits if you’re looking to purchase some clown makeup to get started with. Rubies Deluxe Clown Make-up, available for $13.49, comes with eight water-colored based makeup palettes. It also includes one large tube of the white clown application that you will use to cover your entire face. Lastly, a red nose. This set is great for Halloween make up any kid or adult parties, or even for just playtime fun. They say that the merchandise sold from Rubies is officially licensed to Warner Bros Ent. So that’s dope because it complements all the Halloween movies and stuff.

Next, we have the Pennywise make up only $8.99. This makeup kit is 100% synthetic. It includes one tube of white makeup cream and three makeup sticks—a sponge to help you blend out the makeup and a red nose. As shown on amazon, this particular brand had a lot of mixed reviews. For the most part, many people like this brand but complain it has limited items for such a price. This will fall under some scary clown makeup.

Another brand that is highly favored on Amazon for clown makeup would be, Mehron makeup tricolor. This tri-color makeup palette contains three colors of cream professional makeup. This includes your white, red, and black. Although, if you don’t really follow the simple rules to applying the clown makeup, then you will find it a little frustrating. It comes with very detailed instructions on how to apply. As I said before, and I can’t seem to stress this enough, Please make sure your face is properly moistured, clean, and dry, for this is the only way to achieve a satisfying look. Makeup is all about being creative. Having the ability to bring your creations to life.

What if you don’t like all that black and red and you want it to be a little more girly or sexier? You can use white and pink paint to replace the red and black.

You can also use glitter and other products you would normally use to do your makeup. Avoid using glitter when in humid places.

So now that we got that out of the way, what are you waiting for? Go on Amazon and get you some clown makeup. Give it a try. Always remember it’s your personality that makes the clown, not your outfit. Also, remember that before you apply any makeup application, you want to make sure your face is spotless and moisturized—dry faces only.

Clown Makeup Everything you need to know
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