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Disco-Themed Birthday party

Disco is a perfect theme for a children’s party. Music is something that both small and big kids love. It’s a party theme that suits both girls and boys.

But how to organize a disco party? Invite to party with great glittery invitations. The clothes may be something sparkly, or so people dress up as their favorite artist. Use disco lights and a disco ball. Let the kids sign autographs and use them as place cards. Serve chips, popcorn, pizza, and soda. Fun games to play at a disco party dance stop and dance competitions.

Disco party - a kids disco theme
Disco party ‚Äď How do you arrange it?

Let me tell you more about how to organize the perfect disco party!

Invitations for a disco party

Great glittery invitations are great! It can be done on glossy paper, glitter, or sequins that you attach to the cardboard. It can be short shaped like a disco ball or perhaps a big shiny star.

It is also possible to write the invitations on a discarded CD, which you then paste onto colored or glossy paper.

Have you empty CD cases at home is fun to use them for the invitation, too.¬†Print a photo of the child‚Äôs birthday and the way in front.¬†Then cut out a ‚ÄúCD‚ÄĚ in silver-colored paper where you enter information about the disco party.¬†Date time so on.

You can also ask the children to bring a CD of their favorite artist.

How to dress for a disco party?

At a disco party, it is, of course, the glitz and glamor that comes. Or, ask the children to dress up as their favorite artists.

How to decorate at a disco party

Replace the lights in the room the lights with red, blue, and green.

When children come to the party, they may write their autographs. Then use signatures as place cards at the table.

Hang old CDs on the ceiling.

It’s also fun if there are lots of balloons on the floor to dance from.

Christmas lights on the ceiling and the walls are elegant. But the most important thing is of course to have a disco ball and disco lighting.

Christmas lights to decorate with
Disco lights
Mirror balls

What can you serve at a disco party?

What fits better at a disco party than chips, popcorn, pizza, and soft drinks?

The candy bags

Candy bags at a disco party, in addition to the snacks, contain small sparkly gifts, such that glitter lotion, glittery nail polish, stickers, glitter, and so on.

Buy a wider package of tinsel and give children respectively glitter jar of the candy bag.


The given game at a disco, of course, dance peak. Dance Stop is undoubtedly a typical party game too. Here the children are dancing to the music that ceases. Then you have to stand still for the music to start again.

Russian post ‚Äď A child goes out of the room and then taps on the door.¬†One of the other children ask
‚ÄúWho‚Äôs there?‚ÄĚ
‚ÄúRussian post.‚ÄĚ
‚ÄúWhat does he want?‚ÄĚ
‚ÄúLeave some letters.‚ÄĚ
‚ÄúHow many then?‚ÄĚ
(the child standing outside the door choose a number between 1-5) and answer such¬†‚Äú2.‚ÄĚ
‚ÄúHandle, embrace, pat, or kiss?‚ÄĚ
(select the one that stands outside any) and responds eg,¬†‚ÄúKiss.‚ÄĚ
‚ÄúTo him‚Ķ to him ‚Ķ to him?¬†When the postman answered ‚ÄúYes,‚ÄĚ will he or she come out and kiss the last one was pointed.

Magazine Dancing ‚Äď Children dancing in pairs.¬†Each pair gets a newspaper lying on the floor, eliminated. If you step outside, you are out of the game.¬†Turn off the music periodically when you turn the paper in half and continue to dance on the paper.¬†Keep dancing until only a winner pair is left.

Cut large numbers out of cardboard and put on the floor, and secure them with tape. During the disco party, once the music shuts off a few times and you call out a number. The child then stands on that particular number and will win a small prize.

Spin the bottle ‚Äď Here are all the children in a circle on the floor.¬†Spin an empty bottle in the middle. The child that the bottle points at has to do a task. ¬†It can, for instance, be doing a pirouette, dancing backward, jumping like a frog, and so on.¬†The child makes the task and then make up the next task and spins the bottle again.

Dance competition ‚Äď handing out different dance rates of the most beautiful, dizzy, funniest, hardest dance, etc.¬†Make sure that all children get a dance price for something.

Activities at a disco party

If you have access to a karaoke machine, it can be a fun part of the party. Otherwise, things move almost as good as singing on a skipping rope.

You can also teach the children some simple dances or hire someone talented teenager from the local dance school.

What can you play at a children’s party? Fun games in a kids’ relay. One can e.g., have 10-fight and award a prize to the winning team afterward. Other good games at the party’s kissing frog, dancing top, and chocolate pudding game. Rules and more tips on games for kids’ parties are gathered here.

What can you use in the theme of children’s parties? Good themes are slumber parties, knight parties, airplane parties, backward, parties, and so on. More party ideas can be found here.

How much is the gift for kids’ parties allowed to cost? When I looked at what my readers think so, it turned out that most people believe that it is enough to add about $ 10 on gifts to the child’s friends. Learn more about gift costs.

What to give when the child’s pals birthday? Great gifts for kids, such as soap bubbles, flying saucers, snowball makers, archeology kits with dinosaurs, and unicorns. More great gifts for the child’s friends can be found here.

What are nice gifts for a boy’s birthday? Great gifts for a boy’s birthday are headphones, dinosaurs, a hoverboard, or a stuffed animal. Everything, of course, depends on how old the boy is. More suggestions for gifts for boys of all ages are gathered here.

What’re great gifts for the girl’s birthday? Good presents to girls are a teddy, money, a bike or speakers are things that girls want. But what you should buy depends, of course, on how old she is. Do you have suggestions for great gifts for girls of all ages? You will find it here?

How do you arrange a detective party? Send encrypted invitations, and decorate the cake with a shoe print. Instead of candy bags, give your kids detective equipment. Clothes at a detective party are rock, dark glasses, and a fake mustache. More ideas for the detective party, you can find here.

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Disco-Themed Birthday party
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