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How to Wrap a Blanket?

A blanket is a special gift for your loved ones. Whether it’s for a baby’s first birthday or an anniversary present, wrapping them up in a blanket is a great way to show your affection. It can be a fun and easy task or something more challenging – like wrapping up a massive piece of furniture. Here are some tips on how to wrap up a blanket gift successfully.

Giving a blanket as a gift reminds that person that you care for her physical well-being since a blanket is one of the essential things needed inside the household. Since the weather temperature can be very unpredictable due to climate change, a blanket is necessary.

Blankets come in different designs, textures, and thicknesses, making it challenging to wrap traditionally. In the past, wrapping a blanket was pretty much straightforward. We need wrapping paper then covering it quickly. Still, now since blankets have also evolved throughout the years, the materials being used in blankets have made them thicker and heavier, making it tricky to wrap since the wrapping paper can no longer support the weight and size of the blanket.

How to wrap a blanket in an gift box

Before wrapping the blanket there are tools and materials needed

  1. Scissors – used to cut excess wrapping paper and tape
  2. Measuring Tape – used to measure the size of blanket
  3. Clear Tape for Gift Wrapping – used to tape the gift wrapper and cardboard box
  4. Large Cardboard Box – used to placed the blanket
  5. Wrapping Paper – used to wrapped the cardboard box along with the blanket
  6. Ribbon – used for decorating the gift
  7. Gift Card – used to show that there is thought and creativeness for the gift
  8. Clear Packaging Tape – used for securing the cardboard box to ensure that it can withstand the weight and thickness of the blanket

All of these materials can be easily found inside our households or can be brought for a low price. All the person needs is creativeness and resourcefulness to better wrap this gift with ease and compassion.

How to wrap the blanket

Step 1: Measure the blanket – There are different sizes of blankets usually. They come small, medium, and large it is best to better measure its dimensions promptly before buying the right size cardboard box. Most of the time, the size of the blanket can be similar to the size of the bedsheet.

Step 2: Measure your cardboard box to scale – Now that the blanket has been measured perfectly, find a cardboard box that will exactly fit with the size and thickness of the blanket, make sure that it is durable enough to handle the weight and thickness since most blankets are made with thick materials that can be heavy at some point which is why a durable cardboard box is necessary.

Step 3: Prepare the cardboard box – Now that you have the cardboard box reinforced its corners and bottom with packaging tape to add security since a thick blanket can be a little heavy due to the materials being used in making it. Ensuring that the cardboard box will not be bloated when a thick blanket is placed, and the box can withstand the weight and size.

Step 4: Lay your cardboard box and blanket – The cardboard box is secured. It’s time to place the blanket, which is folded nicely, ensuring that there will be no excess threads that can potentially be the start of damaging the entire blanket.

Step 5: Cut the cardboard box to scale – Cut any excess cardboard box that might get in the way of the wrapping process since most cardboard boxes usually have excess areas for packaging. But for security purposes, add another layer of cardboard box before putting the blanket because the thickness of the blanket can destroy the bottom layer when transported.

Step 6: Enclose the blanket in the cardboard box – After securing the blanket enclose the cardboard box and use the packaging tape to secure the top box to enclose it properly. Make sure that it will not look bloated after wrapping it because it might look unpleasant when giving it as a gift.

Step 7: Wrap the cardboard box – Now that the cardboard box is secured and enclosed, it’s time to grab the wrapping paper and start measuring the dimensions of the entire cardboard box. Make sure to find a thick gift wrapper to ensure that the gift would be a surprise.

Step 8: Wrap the cardboard box one section at a time – Measure the exact dimensions of the box and then start wrapping it one section at a time. Most of the time, it will take at least four sheets of wrapping paper for the entire box, which is why it is better to have extra wrapping papers.

Step 9: Extend with an additional sheet of gift wrapping paper – If the cardboard box is much bigger than expected, excess wrapping paper is needed to wrap the entire cardboard box better. Since the cardboard box is also large, it can require a lot of wrapping paper.

Step 10: Create triangular flaps on the sides – These triangular flaps will show creativity, so it is essential to have them on the sides for additional decorations and creativity. This is a clear sign that you are very sincere and compassionate about giving this gift.

Step 11: Decorate the box – After wrapping the cardboard box, it is time to add decorations such as ribbon and gift cards to better show your compassion and creativity in wrapping this blanket gift. Write a short message on the gift card to be better personalized and show appreciation. Overall, wrapping a blanket can be a real challenge, especially for a person who cannot wrap huge and thick gifts since the blanket can be made from thick materials. A blanket can be heavy at some point, especially when folded. That makes it difficult to wrap and might look very unpleasant. Being bloated inside the cardboard box can easily be recognized what kind of gift is inside. Usually, they can predict that it can be a pillow or stuffed toy which ruins the entire surprise, so it is crucial to wrap the blanket as neatly as possible so that the surprise would not be wasted and the expression of happiness is terrific. 

How To Wrap A Blanket Without a Box

Blankets make good gifts regardless of the occasion. Unfortunately, blankets are also soft and big and can be difficult to wrap without tearing the wrapping paper if you don’t have something sturdy like a box to put them in. Here’s one way you can cover a blanket easily, even when you don’t have a package that’s big enough to fit the blanket. You’ll need a tape, tablecloth, ribbon, a roll of cellophane, and some decoration, whether it’s a butterfly, flower, or something else you can use to personalize the gift. You can get all these supplies from your local dollar store. Once you have those items, it’s time to begin wrapping the blanket.

  1. Lay the entire roll of cellophane out on a flat surface then spread the tablecloth out on top of the cellophane, placing the blanket flat on top of both the tablecloth and cellophane.
  2. Fold the edges of the tablecloth in on both sides so they cover the edges of the blanket.
  3. Hold the edges of the tablecloth and blanket together then fold them into the middle of the blanket. You will be folding the other side of the blanket to the middle also so if it’s easier to visualize think of it as folding the blanket into thirds. Once that is done, repeat with the other side of the blanket and tablecloth. At this point, no blanket should be showing.
  4. Wrap the cellophane over the tablecloth and tape it into place. You may need help for this step.
  5. Fold the top and bottom edges of the tablecloth over the rest of the tablecloth and tape them down.
  6. Fold in each end of the tablecloth and blanket towards the center of the tube, leaving a bit of room free in the middle. This will make the next step easier.
  7. Fold again, this time, from the middle of the tube where you left the gap.
  8. Secure the package with ribbon.
  9. Decorate the ribbon with whatever you want to, whether it’s a bow, flowers, a butterfly or a nice card. This is your chance to add a personal touch to the present and make it a little extra special.

This is a super simple, fast way to wrap blankets when you don’t have boxes of the right size available. I like it because it’s not extravagant or requires many materials. Another advantage of wrapping your blankets like this is you can use this method for any size of blanket you want to gift. If the blanket in question is bigger than your flat working surface, fold it in half before beginning step 2 of the folding process.

The Best Way to Wrap a Throw Blanket

Throw blankets are lovely gifts for any occasion, not just birthdays and Christmas. Just about anyone enjoys curling up with a warm, fuzzy blanket, so they’re also well-received gifts. Whether you’re tossing it over the back of a chair or across a daybed, there’s always space for more throw blankets. The only question is how best to wrap a throw blanket, soft fuzziness and all. Though there are a few different ways you can wrap your throw blanket, including with ribbons and in a box, I would say using a gift bag is best for a couple of reasons. The gift bag is a festive, neat way to present the throw blanket. It’s straightforward and requires a minimum of time and preparation. The throw blanket is also small enough to fit inside most large gift bags.

To wrap a throw blanket in using a gift bag, choose a gift bag appropriate to the occasion, fold the throw blanket up neatly (folding it into thirds is an excellent way to ensure a small, compact fold), and place it inside the gift bag. Cover the top of the blanket with tissue paper that either complements the blanket or follows the theme of the occasion or holiday (red and green for Christmas, pastel colors for Easter, etc.). Adding a bow or ribbons to the gift bag will add a little extra flair. I would also slide a greetings card with a personalized message into the bag right either on top of or next to the tissue paper where it will be found first.

How to Wrap a Blanket with a Ribbon

Another quick, easy way to wrap a blanket is with a ribbon. You’ll want to use a broader (about an inch across is easiest) ribbon for this and find one that complements the colors and pattern of your blanket.

Lay two lengths of ribbon out on a flat surface, crossing each other at ninety-degree angles in the center of each length of ribbon. Then place the blanket on top of the ribbons, fold it in thirds, then flip it over so the folds are facing downward. Then fold the left and ride sides in a third, touching the edges in the middle. This will give the blanket a neat, unbulky finish. Then tie the ribbons around the blanket. Adding a bow or other decorations adds some class to this presentation, and a gift card or greeting card also gives it a personal touch. I would use this option not just when I’m in a hurry but also when I want to showcase my work, such as gifting a handmade afghan or quilt since it leaves much of the blanket in plain sight. If you want the pattern to be a surprise, make sure the backing is facing out when you fold the blanket before tying the ribbon.

Creative Ways to Gift Wrap a Blanket

There are many different ways to gift wrap blankets that are effective, efficient, or easy. However, if you want your wrapping job to be as spectacular as the blanket itself, express your affection to the person you’re gifting or stand out from the other gifts on the table, you should consider using one of these alternate methods for wrapping blankets.

  1. Wrap the blanket using cloth instead of wrapping paper. Use cloth that matches the pattern of the blanket or is part of a matching set. For instance, if you’re giving someone a bedspread set you could place sheets and the blankets within the pillowcase the fold over and close the opening of the pillowcase with safety pins. Pin the greeting card to the pillowcase in the same way. I appreciate how eco-friendly and practical this gift is. It doesn’t use up any paper supplies, there’s no mess to clean up just open the present and place it straight on the bed no mess or clean up required!
  2. Present your blanket in a basket. Take any basket that the blanket will fit comfortably in. Then fold the blanket neatly inside. Alternatively, you could create a little nest in the basket with the blanket. Either method should leave space in the basket for any other gifts you may want to add to the basket. These gifts may be connected to the blanket itself, for instance matching pillow cases and sheets. Or they could be connected to the occasion; for instance at a baby shower, you could include baby towels and wash clothes, baby shampoo and body lotion. Don’t forget a greeting card or gift card! If you want to add a little more color to the basket, tie bows and ribbons to the handle. Everyone loves gift baskets and this is the perfect opportunity to make your blanket into the gift basket of your dreams.
  3. Make your own wrapping paper design! For this option, you will need a box big enough to hold the blanket, plain white paper or butcher paper and whatever art supplies you want to use to decorate the wrapping paper. Measure how much paper will be needed to cover the entire box and cut it out. Once you’ve cut it out let your creative side free! Using stickers, stamps, crayons, markers and pencils decorate the wrapping paper in the way you want to. The paper will turn out unique and personalized to the person receiving the gift. Once you’re done decorating (if necessary, let glue dry before moving onto the next step), place blanket in the box, seal it with tape then wrap the box using your own special wrapping paper. I really enjoy the creative process and freedom this method allows. If you’re giving the blanket as a gift from the whole family, having your children help you decorate the wrapping paper makes not just an extra special paper, but extra special family time.

How to Wrap Blankets for Christmas

Christmas is the perfect time to gift a blanket! It’s cold, and anyone would be happy to have the extra warmth and comfort a blanket gives. Not only that, they’re relatively inexpensive, so they won’t be too extravagant to buy, which helps, especially if you have multiple people to buy gifts for during the holiday season. You’ve got your blanket(s) and are ready to wrap it up but aren’t sure how best to make it the most Christmas-Esque wrapped present under the tree. Don’t just use Christmas-themed wrapping paper or boxes! Try these tips for having your blankets wrapping stand out from the crowd. It would be best if you had most of the supplies needed on hand already, and those that aren’t are easily bought at any dollar store at any point during the holiday season.

Step 1: Make your ribbons fit the Christmas theme with colors of red, green, white, or silver. Adding jingle bells, snowflakes, or candy canes will make the wrapping festive. You can add to your package other festive items are holly, holly berries, pine needles, and pine cones. These items will give your packages a more outdoorsy look while keeping with the Christmas theme.

Step 2: Use tinsel instead of a bow. You can do this by bunching a small length of tinsel up into a pom-pom and gluing it directly onto the box or to the ribbon once it has been tied around the gift. This is an excellent addition if you decide to merely wrap your blanket in a ribbon rather than wrapping paper or putting it in a box.

Step 3: Instead of using a ribbon to tie the blanket, use a thick leather belt that looks like Santa’s belt. If you don’t have one handy, check your local thrift stores. Cinch the belt tight enough to hold the blanket in place but not so tight it scrunches the fabric. Attach a little note “from” Santa wishing the giftee a Merry Christmas and asking them to return his belt at their soonest convenience.

Step 4: Elf in the Blanket! For more than a couple of years now, there’s been a tradition of ‘elf of the shelf’ with an elf in different areas of the house throughout the holiday season. End your elf’s journey in the gift bag or basket with the elf. You could tuck him in, set him up with toys, or have him waiting quietly for your child to discover him along with the blanket.

Step 5: Wrap the blanket in butcher paper that you’ve decorated with Christmas stamps and prints. This gives the paper a uniform look but allows you to dictate pattern, design, and colors. Make them all different colors, red and green, silver and blue. It’s up to you to decide what says Christmas the merriest way possible.

Remember this no matter what, you choose to spruce your gifts up to get them in the Christmas spirit. A little extra color or some decorations with a Christmas theme will add Christmas cheer to your blanket regardless of the rest of the wrapping materials. Even a candy cane design or some reindeer stickers on the name tags create the Christmas vibe that goes a long time every holiday season. Whether you’re done with Christmas shopping by the end of November or are rushing to get it done the week before Christmas, following any of these tips for wrapping your blankets will help them stand out on Christmas Day.

How to Wrap a Blanket?
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