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How to cover garage walls for party

If you have the correct planning and accessories, you can transform your garage into a party area in no time. The garage is often the largest and most spacious room of a house. Consider using your garage if you’re having a lot of guests and are concerned that your garage isn’t big enough.

How to cover garage walls for party

Plywood and OBS

Garage walls can benefit from the plywood sheathing that covers the exterior of your home and the roof. A wall covering that can be smacked with two-by-fours repeatedly, so you don’t have to be picky about where to install hooks to hang your tools, is ideal.

You can choose from smooth, knot-free cabinet grade material to utility outer sheathing with knotty veneers to oriented strand board (OSB), a highly sturdy plywood substitute created from laminated wood shavings. All of this may be fastened to the studs like plywood and painted if you so want.

Acoustic panel

Since they absorb sound before it hits the wall, acoustic panels are an efficient noise reduction tool. The panels will not only aid to reduce sound transmission through the garage walls, but they will also help to improve the sound quality within the garage. Porosity-expanded polypropylene is used to make acoustic panels, which can be customized in terms of size, shape, and thickness.

Cloths in a variety of colors are used to cover panels for residential use. A soundproofing panel can be turned into a work of art by adding a custom print from a manufacturer that offers this service.

Mass loaded vinyl

A 4 ft wide roll of mass-loaded vinyl is used for sound absorption purposes. It is possible to place it on the garage floor, but it is recommended that you hang it on the garage walls to reduce noise. Sandwiching it between two layers of drywall is advised for optimal efficiency.

Foam mat

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on drywall, this is an excellent alternative you should try. Foam mats can be used to reduce noise without altering the structure. This is a good alternative if you don’t have to perform any renovation because you live in an apartment or a rental unit. As insulators, these mats will help to keep the temperature in your home at a comfortable level. Fuels like oil and gasoline do not affect them.

You won’t have to worry about foul smells from these foam mats because they come with an adhesive back that makes them easy to install.

Hangover blanket

Moving blankets, like soundproof curtains, perform an excellent job of dampening noise. Since moving blankets were first invented, they have been utilized by moving firms to safeguard their clients’ valuables from any possible damage. Because they are built of heavy materials, they are good at reducing noise pollution.

For the best results, shop for heavy-duty options. Denser materials provide more strength and durability. To make installation a little bit simpler, look for grommeted options.

Install drywalls

Even though it’s the priciest choice on my shortlist of methods to decorate garage walls for a party, it’s well worth it. If you can afford it and have the technical know-how to install it, it’s worth noting that it is extremely effective in absorbing noise. Adding drywall to your garage walls will help keep noise from leaking in and out of the space, making your garage a more pleasant place to be.

You’ll need to buy drywall that’s the same width and height as the current garage walls. Take a tape measure and accurately determine the size of the wall you wish to soundproof before placing your order online. To begin, patch up any holes and cracks in the existing wall before moving on to the drywall installation. If you don’t have access to green glue sealant, you can use one of these other adhesives.

Thick, noise-reducing drapes

Using noise-reducing curtains may seem strange at first, but I can assure you that they do their job. In addition to being good for windows, they can be hung on the wall and perform a fantastic job of reducing noise. First-time purchasers should opt for thick, soundproof drapes, as the more mass they contain, the better their ability to block out noise.

Paint covering

When it comes to choosing a garage wall covering, many individuals go for paint as an alternative. It is possible to find low-cost paints out there. Keep in mind, however, that outside paint is almost always preferable when painting a garage. Compared to interior paint, it is more durable and easier to keep clean.

Drywall for fire safety

Consider whether your local construction rules need an alternative to drywall before proceeding. The International Residential Code, which is followed by the majority of local governments, stipulates that any adjacent walls or garage ceilings must be coated with drywall to prevent fires. The walls of the garage must also be drywalled if it is fewer than three feet away from the house’s main living space. If you’re stuck with drywall, consider covering it with mold-resistant vinyl wallpaper. It’s easy to clean and won’t damage your walls.

Boards made of wood and pegboard

There are several densities of fiberboard, but hardboard, which is commonly available in 1/4-inch-thick sheets, is best suited for use as a garage wall material. With a smooth surface that may be painted or left as-is, it’s easy to nail to the studs. Unlike pegboard, which is formed of the same material but has a different thickness, pegboard is perforated every quarter of an inch.

If you’re looking for a simple way to hang things in your garage, this is the product for you! The noise you create in the garage will be contained if you use either of these materials on top of a layer of sound-absorbing fiberboard.

Wallpaper covering

In most circumstances, wallpaper is relatively inexpensive. Wallpaper could be used to cover the walls of your garage. Wallpaper, in comparison to other types of wall coverings, is not as long-lasting. Keeping the wallpaper in the garage clean and preventing it from peeling is difficult if there is a lot of dampness or dirt.


Garage wall coverings come in a wide variety of styles and colors. They’re all low-cost and simple to do. Everything is up to taste and individual discretion.

How to cover garage walls for party
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