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Wedding gifts for kids

Should you give a wedding gift to a child? No, it’s not that common, but when I got married, my daughter also got a wedding present.

My sister gave my daughter a¬†swearing course as a wedding gift.¬†She absolutely loved it! We got a duck with a letter in its mouth ‚Äď with spa tickets. But there was also a second letter with a homemade gift cart for the swearing course.

During the swearing-in course, she was given an excellent book where she could write all the swearing words that they could come up with and the meaning of the words.¬†But with the facts in hand, it was not entirely wrong.¬†I wouldn‚Äôt say I liked the bit where she got a new look at hitherto unknown swearing.¬†But what I thought was good was that she had to learn what the words meant.¬†When you know what the words mean, it‚Äôs not as tough to scream ‚Äúfucking pussy‚ÄĚ when you‚Äôre angry.¬†Of course, adults will still respond just as severely to swearing as before.¬†Nevertheless, I experienced that the swearing-in rate reduced the number of swearing-offs and became less severe.¬†She also had a great day with her aunt.

Sure it is unusual to give wedding gifts to children, but it turned out pretty good anyway!

I want to find a personalized wedding gift, what should I buy? A personalized wedding gift can be a beautiful bowl engraved with the bride and groom’s name and date, wines for upcoming wedding days, a tree, or a time capsule. Here you will find more tips on a personalized wedding present!

Wedding gifts for kids
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