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Aircraft-themed birthday party

Children usually like to have a theme for their birthday party. An unusual theme often guys tend to love is to throw an airplane party.

How to organize an airplane party? Send fine airplane invitation cards or airline tickets with the invitation. Decorate your home with aircraft and clouds on the ceiling and along the walls. Serve the children an airplane cake. Excellent games at the party’s folding paper planes and compete with them or visit a flying club. Finish the party with candy bags where you put small gifts like an aircraft.

Party Tips to organize an airplane party
Party Tips to organize an airplane party

But let me tell you more about the aircraft’s party!

Invitations to aircraft parties

Fill In Cards

The most convenient is of course fill-in cards with an airplane theme.

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Old fashion airplane tickets

Print the invitation on a regular printer paper and then fold it into a paper airplane. Or cut an aircraft of colored paper and type the letter on it.

Or send ordinary invitations and place a small toy plane in the letter.

Makes a ticket (or feel free to use these!) where you write such Vallgren Airlines on. Write the guest’s name and every guest traveling from (departure) and your address (arrival), and the date and time for the party. To get the ticket to looking like an old-fashioned ticket, you can draw it with a wavy edge to make it look perforated. Do not forget to write If you are unable to get on this flight, please call Vallgren ticket office and enter the phone number they should call.

Aircraft decor for the party

How to decorate for an airplane party?

When the children arrive, they leave the presents at the ‚Äúcheck-in counter.‚ÄĚ

Hang paper airplanes from the ceiling and the walls‚ÄĒcraft clouds of cotton or thicker paper that you tie firmly among the planes.

On an airplane party can have white balloons (cloud). Decorate the table with a blue tablecloth and decorate with toy airplanes on the table where kids eat.

What to wear to an airplane party

If you have clothes with aircraft and an old airplane cap are, of course, the right clothes. But otherwise, you will not need anything special. If you want, you can start the party with the children who may manufacture respective board planes which they may have during the party.

What can you offer to eat at an airplane party?

Cut the cake paper of a world map. Bake a cake base of the pan and cut it out like an airplane. Here it may be useful to have a paper airplane as a template to make it a little easier to shape the plain like an aircraft.

Serve lemonade and cookies to the children on each tray.

Party favors for aircraft parties

Besides the usual candy in the candy bags, it is fun to add some small gifts. Maybe you can find toy airplanes or stickers to put in the candy bags.

On the flight usually get small bags of everything.¬†Maybe you can find small chip bags or small packets of candy to put in the bag.¬†It can also be fun to make your covers for the chocolate bars and mark them with ‚ÄúThank you for flying with Vallgren Airlines.‚ÄĚ

Games at the party

Draw a large aircraft that you put up on the wall. Let children draw and cut out the respective pilot. One child at a time comes forward and is blindfolded and gets spun around. Then they attach their pilot as close to the deck as possible. The child who comes closest wins a small prize.

Fold paper airplanes ‚Äď Most children can safely fold already simple aircraft.¬†But to learn to wrap a more advanced aircraft in excellent paper can be an enjoyable activity at the party.¬†Then you can compete with airplanes that will fly the farthest.¬†Want to share a prize for every child, you can also have the price of the shortest hop, oblique, best, coolest crash, etc.

Book with tips on aircraft models you can fold
The paper in bright colors to fold fine aircraft

Find the aircraft ‚Äď fill a bathtub with cotton balls, which are clouds.¬†Now the children, one at a time come back and blindfolded, look in the clouds to try to find an airplane.¬†The aircraft they find they take home with them.

Cut clouds and airplanes and tape them to the floor. Then play music and let the kids fly around the room with outstretched arms. Turn off the music and then. When the music stops, you have to be on an airplane. If you stand on a cloud, you are out of the game. The winner is the child who is left in the end.

Activities at the party

Once the children arrive at the party, they can get produce their respective aircraft. If you wish, you can build airplanes that kids can wear during the party. You can create a plane by giving each child a large box and cutting out holes for the head at the top and bottom legs. The pieces that have been cut can be used to cut a windshield that they can then dress with plastic. The leftover pieces can also be used to create a rudder and propeller. Cut out two aircraft wings on the page where children can also be wood out his arms. Decorate airplanes with color! Attach the propeller in front of the plane with the help of paper clips.

Is there an airplane club nearby? Find out if you can visit with the kids and watch the planes and perhaps sit in a plane. It will be fun!

Wood Airplane Kits

Another fun activity at the airplane birthday party is to decorate wooden airplanes.

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How do you arrange a circus party?¬†Send ‚Äúcircus tickets‚ÄĚ as an invitation.¬†Children are dressed as a clown, ringmasters, and circus princesses.¬†Good food to offer the circus people is ice cream, cotton candy, and popcorn.¬†More tips for¬†organizing a circus party, you can find here.

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Aircraft-themed birthday party
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