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Gift to Harry Potter nerd

What does a Harry Potter nerd want in a gift? Should you buy a gift for a Harry Potter nerd and think about what they want? Here you will find lots of tips on great gifts for Harry Potter interested: the movies, metal models, lamps, or pillows. But keep reading for more great tips.

If she or he has read the Harry Potter books, it can be a success to get Harry Potter models, pillows with the characters in the story, or a lamp with the golden wit. Maybe a Harry Potter party can be a fun idea too?

What is a nice gift to a Harry Potter nerd?
What is a nice gift to a Harry Potter nerd?

Decorative Pillowcase Set 

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Pillows with symbols from the book

Metal Model Kits ‚Äď Harry Potter Set of 5¬†

Metal models of different objects from the fairy tale

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Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle with Lighted Sculpture

The Harry Potter lamp is also fun to decorate. A geeky light for the Harry Potter is fantastic.

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Harry Potter Purse

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Harry Potter Tumbler

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Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Symbol Silver Storage Box 

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Harry Potter Dobby USB Memory Stick

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Harry Potter House Crest T-Shirts

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Harry Potter Vintage Journal and Hogwarts Pen Set

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An advent calendar for Harry Potter Fans

For those who like Harry Potter, this year also has an advent calendar. Behind every hatch, a small character hides from the story of Harry Potter.

Harry Potter books

If she or he does not already have the books, it is a great idea to start there. The books have much more content than movies. So if the child has not read so much and has only seen the film before, it may be a good idea that he or she also gets the books, because they give so much more.

The orphan boy Harry is told that he is a magician, and his whole world is changing. This story has captivated many children. Like 12-year-old Harry Potter? If so, there are books, movies, coloring books, and lots of collectibles that are fun to get. Imagine your magic wand, a timekeeper, or the new Harry Potter cookbook. The Harry Potter books that are available are these.

The Harry Potter books that are available are these. NOTE: they should be read in order. The books at the end, which are unnumbered, are standalone, but if you have not read the rest, you still have not much exchange of them, so start from the top down.

1 Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone
4 Harry Potter and the flaming cup
7 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
2 Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
5 Potter and the Phoenix Order 
Harry Potter book collection 1-7
Harry Potter book collection 1-7
3 Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
6 Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

There are two stand-alone books Harry Potter the Damned Child, and Harry Potter, a Magical History. The series has also been supplemented with the  Harry Potter cookbook. If you buy it, promise to cook Mrs. Weasly’s mashed potatoes with herb chicken. That mash, it was goddamn good! My daughter promised to invite us to many dinners when she got this cookbook. But the cooking interest did not last so long. Guess it’s us adults who are allowed to test the recipes if there is to be anything. But that mash!! Yummy!!

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child ‚Äď Parts 1 & 2
Harry Potter A magical story

The Harry Potter Movies

There are some movies to buy as a gift for a Harry Potter lover. The first thing you need to buy is a box of the Harry Potter movies. Then there have also been two films for Fantastic beasts and where you find them and Grindelwald’s crime.

Harry Potter: Complete 8-Film Collection

Of course, an excellent gift for a Harry Potter fan is the movies if she or he doesn’t already have them in her collection. Some films can be seen many times. The last three films do not have Swedish speech. So be prepared to read aloud if you buy them for a younger child.

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Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

1926 threatens something mysterious to reveal the magician’s values. Newt Scamander’s attempt to investigate and rescue magical animals is nearing its end, but then the muggle Jacob Kowalski happens to release some of the creatures.

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Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes Of Grindelwald

Grindewald’s crime is standalone but still associated with the Harry Potter series. You get puzzle pieces to the story that you did not get in the regular movies or the books. If you have a Harry Potter nerd in your area, this will be an appreciated gift!

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Coloring books as a gift to a Harry Potter nerd

There are also nice coloring books to give a Harry Potter nerd as a gift. This coloring book is very good as there is a lot of coloring, there is a lot of variation in the pictures, it is very detailed and fits a bit older children or adults best. There are several good coloring books with Harry Potter in this series.

Great gifts for someone who likes Harry Potter

Like Harry Potter nerd, it is crucial to have lots of collectibles too. Here are some great things a Harry Potter fan wants in the gift.

Keychain with Hogwarts weapons
Keychain of Deathly Hallows
Spoontiques Hufflepuff Foil Cup
Buy advanced models made of metal: the Hogwarts Express, Hagrid’s cabin, The Golden Swift, and Gringott’s dragon. They are of different difficulty. Please complete with some tools for model building.
Bookmarks with Lord Voldemort’s seven Horcruxes
The Marauder Map of Marauder’s Map

LEGO Harry Potter
HARRY POTTER 4-Pack Ball Pen Set


The time turner is a piece of jewelry from the books. Hermione, Harry Potter’s over-ambitious mate, uses it to catch up with more lessons. Hermione was not allowed to tell anyone about the timer. But at least she lets the best friends know to save Sirius and Buckbeak.

The time turner is like an hourglass in a chain. To travel in time, she turns on the hourglass the number of turns that he or she wants to travel back in time. The time traveler then ends up at the place where he or she was at the same time at that time. It is then vital that even in the past, I do not discover the time traveler.

Home decorations

Bookends with the house-elf Dobby


Harry Potter mug with platform 9 3/4


Lego as a gift for a Harry Potter enthusiast

The Hogwarts Express Train transports all students to and from school. In addition to the train, you also get with the station with platform 9 3/4 where the train departs as well as many characters from the books.
Hogwarts Castle The school where most of the action takes place. These amazing construction sites are not only fun to build. They are also very fun to play with.
Lego guys with Harry Potter characters are extra fun to get. All of a sudden, the usual building is transformed into Hogwartz
Newt’s bag from the movie’s amazing wonders and where to find them. Help them take care of the creatures and close the bag. Much harder than you first think.


Collection figures

Candy from the Harry Potter books

Games with Harry Potter theme

Trivial pursuit with Harry Potter Theme ‚Äď here the kids will win by far.

Trivial Pursuit with only Harry Potter questions.


James Potter (Harry’s Dad’s) wand
Harry Potter magic wand
James Potter (Harry’s Dad’s) wand

More Harry Potter gifts

Gift to Harry Potter nerd
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