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Star Wars birthday

As the saga was introduced 40 years ago, up to this day, Star Wars is as popular as it was before. Families have shared in the film’s language where only Star Wars fanatics will truly understand. Many have grown to see the journey of their well-loved and hated character in this phenomenal film. Likewise, it has become one of the themes being used in birthdays and celebrations because of its extreme popularity. But how can you arrange a Star Wars birthday party, and how will you be able to catch the essence of the film?

How do you arrange a Star Wars Birthday?
How do you arrange a Star Wars Birthday?

How do you arrange a Star Wars birthday party?

There are numerous ways you can make it a party that will likewise be as memorable from the invitation, food, decor, and the games that you can prepare.

You don’t need a huge budget for this party as long as you have the creativity and, of course, the know-how about the Star Wars effects you can use to make it a standout party. You can print out some images of Yoda or Darth Vader, use some buntings paired with colored paper, and pick out the font that is the same as the Star Wars font. It will surely make your preparation all come together with just a little effort.

Guests can come in Jedi robes which are easy to find, or they can also come wearing an Ewok costume, Han Solo, or be the Luke Skywalker among the guests.

For the celebrant of any age, it is also easy to make some DIY costume if you are pressed for budget or if you have no time to look around for one.

Some characters that are just simple to make includes

  • Obi-Wan Kenobi costume is doable using a dark and light brown bedsheet.
  • Finn costume may be replicated cause pants, and some jackets may already be available in your wardrobe.
  • For Princess Leia costumes, all you need is all white garments.
  • Chewbacca Wookie costume is also simple to make and may be used by kids.
  • Star Wars stormtrooper costume, which is also doable as there are DIY tutorials for such costume.
  • Yoda costume is so adorable, especially for a toddler.
  • Darth Vader’s costume is just perfect coupled with a lightsaber.

There are so many ideas to choose from, and it will just depend on what available materials you have.


When a kid receives an invitation to a party, they are excited to attend and be part of the celebration. Imagine how happy they would be to be part of a Star Wars party if guests are impressed with the design and presentation of the invitation.

An invitation should be perfect cause if it is not, the kid’s guardian may decide to forego instead of attending the party. They may not be as keen to attend, nor will they let their kids be there if they find the invitation lacking or if it is poorly designed.

It should always have complete details of what the party is about if it is a birthday party or just a simple theme party.

Inform the guest of the time and when or where the party is going to happen. Instructions about the venue if it is an unfamiliar place, attach the map or instructions on how to get there. If it is a costume party, of course, you can let them know what costumes they need to be in. If the invitation already has the theme, title, and design of the Star Wars party, you may let the guest know whether they need to arrive wearing a certain color or if they can go casually.

It is also imperative to ask the guest if they will bring another person with them so you can plan accordingly. Here is where RSVP is very useful.

If it is a children’s party and parents are not allowed, also include that information, or the parents and the kid’s guardian must be counted.

Inform the guest of what food you will be serving. If it is just a peanut butter jelly sandwich or if it is just cookies and cupcakes. Parents will inform you beforehand of any instructions or information about their child that you need to note.

In this instance, since it is a Star Wars party, you may use a traditional Star Wars Invitation that you can purchase in sets. If you want it customized, you can also request for such and if you need to add other information or you want a whole different Star Wars design.

Unique Star Wars Invitations

This party invitation is for 16 guests. If you are planning to have just a simple birthday get-together, this will do for the budget.

It also comes with an envelope to make everything attractive.

It is classic but well designed. Perfect for your child’s birthday.

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Premium Darth Vader Invitations with Envelopes made by Amscan

A premium invitation that pops with color. The package includes 8-pieces of invitation with envelopes that have Darth Vader’s character in front. They sized it right and made it from high-quality paper.

They priced it affordably, so if there are more guests you want to invite, you can get a few sets to complete what you need.

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Star Wars Classic Postcard Invitations by American Greeting Store

Features Yoda and is one of the well-loved characters in Star Wars. Your child’s party will surely be a standout starting with the invitation. Kids will be excited to find out what is waiting for them at the party.

A very cost-effective invitation that is attractive and yet affordable. You can get it in sets of 8 or order more to accommodate more guests on your kid’s list.

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So what food should you prepare for such a party theme? It is a good thing that most ingredients are available, and with these ingredients, you can make lots of food -Star Wars style.

Pretzel turned into a lightsaber

Using green, blue, and red icing, a simple pretzel can be turned into a lightsaber. Dip each pretzel but leave an inch so your lightsaber will have a stem or handle.

You will need pretzel rods and candies that can be melted. Choose green, blue, and red, and melt each in the microwave. Once the candies are all melted, use them to cover at least two-thirds of the pretzel rod. Place on top of the cookie sheet and let dry.

Cupcakes patterned after Princess Leia

These are available for purchase in bakeshops as long as you let them know what designs you prefer. If you are not one to dabble in baking, that is the fastest way to have these cupcakes.

However, if you have some know-how in baking, Princess Leia cupcakes can be made using cake mix. You only require colors such as red, dark brown/chocolate brown, white frosting. Chocolate brown/brown/black frosting is used to design Princess Leia’s head, and her eyes may be black frosting. Use pink for the lips by combining red and white frosting. Though there are a few DIY cupcakes available online for Princess Leia cupcakes, you can also purchase ready-to-eat cupcakes online.

Star Wars Cupcake

It is a combination of bright colors and flavors that will fill the guest’s tummy in no time. It is patterned after the galaxy, hence the wonderful array of colors. Violet, green, blue, pink, purple, white, and more.

Also, when you place the cupcakes on the table, they will surely catch attention with their fun colors.

Baby Yoda Sandwich

There are jams and jellies you can use to turn simple bread into a Baby Yoda sandwich. This is best served for children’s parties or even adults.

Other Star Wars Inspired food and drinks

  • Star Wars macaroons
  • Princess Leia donuts,
  • Star Wars Pizza
  • Chewbacca Cookies
  • Stormtrooper pretzels
  • Yoda Soda
  • Star Wars cake pops
  • Ewok inspired granola bars
  • Star Wars-inspired chips
  • Star Wars Jell-O
  • Star Wars birthday cake
  • Jedi Juice, and more


Backdrop or table covering can be a black cloth and then some stars or space design. A glossy black table cover will do better than just using a black unglossy one.

For the wall, you can use prints of the Star Wars logo or the word Jedi. Some wordings as “May The Force Be With You” may be printed as well and pasted on the wall. Cardboard stand-up is another great idea, such as Yoda stand-up, or the unique characters as preferred. Since there are stand-ups available you only need to choose which will have the most exciting and impressive effect on your child’s party.

Other ideal decors

  • Star Wars balloons
  • Star Wars photo booth
  • Star Wars masks
  • Star Wars props
  • DIY lightsaber
  • Star Wars Robes
  • Prints and Cutouts of Star War Items
  • Star Wars Banners

Chewbacca Life Size Cardboard Cutout Standup by Cardboard People

This lifesize standup is perfect for a Star Wars birthday party because of its impressive finish. Each visitor will not be confused regarding the theme of the party but will be impressed. They made it of premium materials, and this lifesize cutout will stand firm and tough, even after the party ends. Worth the money you will spend.

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Storm Trooper Life Size Cardboard Cutout Standup by Cardboard People

With a width of 25 inches and a height of 71 inches, they manufactured this lifesize cutout using only high-end materials. It has advanced graphics with colors that are all on point. This standup will surely make your child’s birthday party stand out.

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Star Wars Games

Pop the Star Wars Balloons

Hang some Star Wars Balloons on the wall. Create a division so there would be two teams that can play the game. Each team may have at least five or more members. The team that will pop a higher number of balloons will win the game.

Star Wars Scavenger Hunt

Two teams will play this game. Each will receive a list of items they need to look for. It is a timed game where the team who finds the least items on the list will lose the game or the first team who will finish on time and gets all the items will win.

Hunt for the Astroid

They patterned this after the Easter Egg Hunt, where a kid who finds the most Astroid will win the game.

Star Wars Obstacle Course

Make the perfect obstacle course in your yard or where there is an area to accommodate several kids. This is timed, or the one who falls from the made-up obstacle course will be out of the game.

Star Wars Yoda Target Practice

You will need a rolled cardboard for this game, just like the size of a toilet paper core is 4 to 6 inches for each cardboard. Print some Yoda images and paste them in front of the rolled cardboard. Place each on top of the other, forming a triangular shape. Use a nerf gun to shoot on each.

Darth Vader Bowling

The bowling pins are where you will paste the Darth Vader image. Let the kids knock the pins down, and the most pins hit by any of the kids will win the game.

Star Wars Pinata

It can be a DIY Pinata, or you can also purchase one. Death Star Pinata is a DIY Pinata that uses paper mache, spray paint, black tissue paper, paint, tapes. It may not be able to hold too many candies inside, but the one who hits the Pinata can get a token or a gift instead.

Darth Vader Star Wars Pinata by Unique

It includes a string that can be pulled when you fill it with candies to make the party more exciting. Once the Pinata is hit, the kids will scramble to get a hold of some candies, or small party favors that can fit inside this Pinata.

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Pin The Ball on Baby Yoda, Galaxy Wars

The package includes a large poster plus the ball sets, a blindfold, including the 24 pieces of ball sticks, and the glue dots (8pieces).

They made the poster and the stickers using copperplate paper which makes it durable and not easily damaged by water because it is waterproof. This fun game is well-loved by many kids cause it is easy to play and promotes friendship and bonding with kids. It will surely be an activity that kids will look forward to during the party.

The poster being sturdy can be reused or pasted in the birthday celebrant’s room afterward.

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Star Wars birthday
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