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Winter party

Having a theme at kids’ parties is something that kids usually like extra. Why not organize a winter party or a Christmas party?

How do you arrange a winter party? For example, make your invitations shaped like snowflakes. You can dress up in a hat, scarf and woolen socks. Decorate with a white cloth, white balloons, white napkins, and paper snowflakes. Good things to serve at a winter party are cupcakes with white frosting. Good games at a winter party are making snowmen and sledding race.

How do you arrange a winter party
How do you arrange a winter party?

A winter party can be held both during the winter and the summer. To do it in the summer, maybe even makes it more fun. Here you will find many useful tips on activities, clothes, and invitations to the child’s winter party!


The invitation for a winter party can be a snowflake that you cut-out. Or an invitation card with a snowman. You can attach a snowflake, glitter, cotton, or coconut flakes of snow on the invitation card.

If you can find a small soft toy like a penguin, snowman, or polar bear yu can hang an invitation card around the neck of the toy. You can also cut out the animals in the paper and stick it on the card.

Start your invitation like this:

Come and join us on a journey to the North Pole (if you had polar bears) and the South Pole (if you had penguins sent out).

How to dress at a winter party

If the party is held in the winter and to be outdoors, you need to write it in the invitation so that guests will be dressed appropriately. But for a winter party during the summer you dress in scarves, hats and woolen socks.

Decorations at the party

Keep the party indoors decorate with white balloons, white paper tablecloths, and crepe paper snowflakes of paper that you cut. You can also make a hole in the ice of paper and put up warning signs warning of thin ice.

It is winter, and the feast is held outdoors, it can be fun to make a big snowman in the garden and let it keep a welcome to Maja’s party sign. Decorate also with snow and ice lanterns. The lanterns are done by freezing water in buckets where you just let the water freeze in part, then empty the bucket. Then you get a light that has a void in the middle where you can put a candle to get cozy lighting in the winter party.

Make a table of snow ‚Äď decorate the table with pine branches, pine cones, etc..¬†You can then place the thermos with tea, coffee, or hot chocolate on the table.¬†If you want a table durable, you can pour water over, so it freezes.¬†If you build benches, it is useful if you can cover them with a blanket, so visitors do not become too wet when they start melting.

What to serve at a winter party?

On a winter party can offer cupcakes with white frosting. If you find you can use snowflake sprinkles on cakes, otherwise, it works equally well with coconut.

If you are outdoors, it can be practical to serve something hot like hot dogs. Hot chocolate with whipped cream and mini marshmallows tend to be popular. Hold winter feast in summer, and vanilla ice cream becomes a popular treat.

Candy bags

To get some winter mood at the party, you can paste the snowflakes or snowmen paper onto a paper bag. Fill the paper bag with wintery candy such as marshmallows, candy canes, sugar cubes, white chocolate, and other white candy you find.

What can you play at a winter party?


Let the children build their snowmen. Here you can award a prize to the funniest, most prominent, scariest or funniest snowman.


Divide the children into teams and give each side their straws and a jar of their snowballs. Snowballs are made of cotton balls. Set a large pot of cotton balls a short distance away. When the race starts, the children run-up to the big jar and using the straw to suck up a cotton ball. After running the child back to their team and drop the cotton in the team’s jar. Since the straw is left over to the next person, the cloth must not be touched with the hands, so if you lose it, you have to bend down and suck it up through the straw.


Hide pieces of white yarn in various lengths in a range (icicles). Divide the children into teams and let them locate the yarn pieces. Each group brings together its yarn pieces. The team that gets the longest icicle wins the competition.


You can make an angel by lying on your back in the snow and bring your arms and legs up and down create snow angels. Then you have to get up carefully so that the angel does not get destroyed. Since angels can be decorated with a spray of food coloring with water and birdseed, the price may be awarded to the funniest / cutest snow angel.


Carve a target in the snow. You are painting several circles inside the large using a spray bottle of caramel and water. Stick a flag in each circle indicates how many points you get if you hit the right circle. Then you have to throw five snowballs and get as many points as possible.


Divide the children into teams and then take time. In 10 minutes, you’ll see each side to build the tallest tower they can, our of snow. Top tower wins.


Other games that fit well to play in the winter celebrations are toboggan races or put the carrot on the snowman are two examples of other great games.

Activities in a winter party


Share shoeboxes and paper, glitter, cotton, small toys, tissue paper, newspaper, and flirt bullets. Then let the kids build a respective peepshow.


Build snowmen indoors using marshmallows.


Outdoors, you can paint in the snow or the color snow lanterns with food coloring water. Mix water and food coloring in spray bottles or empty ketchup bottles and give the kids a respective bottle and let them create art.


Festival also held on skates and such a skating disco is a good idea.


Build snowmen or ice sculptures with a little extra by pre-freezing watercolored in different forms. Take it all out in the snow and let the kids use them for decorating the snowmen. Or create ice sculptures by putting together the various ice cubes.

What are good games for kid’s parties? Good games are chocolate pudding games, put the tail of the pig, apple mask, and quiz. More tips on good games for the kids, you can find here.

What do you do at a princess party? First of all, dress up in a royally way! There are many good games for a princess party. Some suggestions are the Princess and the Pea, a quiz with questions about the famous princesses, Cinderella, or kiss the frog. More tips for the princess party get here.

What theme can you have of the children’s party? Topics that children love to have their birthday parties are princess party, slumber party, Pippi Party, pirate party, Moomin Party, or ghost party. More tips on themes for children’s party, you can find here.

What to give the birthday child a gift of a children‚Äôs party?¬†Great gifts are small games, activity books, magnifiers, large magnets, dinosaurs, slime, or movie tickets‚ÄĒmore tips on¬†gifts to kids¬†here.

Winter party
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