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How to wrap cylinder gift

Wrapping a cylindrical gift can be done in a variety of ways. If you want to make the gift look more authentic, you can fan or twist the ends of the foil. Alternatively, you can simply throw the presents in a gift bag, which streamlines the wrapping process.

How to wrap a cylinder gift using Wrapping Paper


Wrapping paper, sharp scissors, a label, a pen, and double-sided adhesive tape are all you’ll need to make beautiful bows. The card can also be measured in advance.

  • Pencil and tape measure
  • Tissue or brown paper
  • Scissors
  • Loop of clear tape for adhesion (optional)
  • Striped (optional)

The cylinder’s sides should be just above the center point, with roughly a 3-cm or 1-inch overlap all around it. It’s also possible to turn the paper 0.5 cm / 1/3 inch, remove the double-sided tape and go down the edge.

Guide on how to wrap cylinder gift step by step

First step

Take the cylinder’s diameter (D) into consideration while determining its circumference (3.14 x D). Circle 2 inches and write the result down. To determine the diameter, we must first determine the cylinder’s length. Take a note of this value.

Then To use the double-sided tape, first, fold the short end of the tape over and then insert it. Tape the paper to the rounded corners.

Second step

Wrap the rollers in the paper. Place the gift in the center of the paper, with the front of the wrapping paper facing down, after cutting the piece. Fold the paper’s long edge in a quarter-inch crease. Double-sided tape should be placed along the fold. Then, using masking tape, secure the end of the piece.

To accurately mark and cut your brown paper, please first fold it into two equal-sized rectangles. In addition, fold one of the shorter sides of the wrapping paper by about 0.5 inches to make it easier to stuff.

Third step

Place the roll horizontally, with the top and bottom facing the paper’s long side, and center the paper. Make sure the folded end is facing you when you begin wrapping the brown paper.

You can hold the fold with your finger. This is it. Wrapping paper should be folded in half and a stitch is sewn in the center. Holding the paper’s edge with one hand and the piece in the other, draw it inside slowly. This will result in a fan-folded piece of paper. Using your fingertips, you may fold the cylinder in half as you go along. To the finish, keep going with this.

Fourth step

A fan fold on both ends of the gift can be removed by removing the excess paper and applying double-sided tape at both ends. Use the same paper or another complementary color to cut a little circle from your wrapping paper and stick it in place on the dirt-covered edge as a substitute.

Using a piece of invisible tape, create a secure seam by pinching together the folded ends. Finish by taping everything together and then wrapping it in festive paper to hide the mess.

Fifth step

Crumple the paper by pushing it toward the top of the roll. Use thin, clear tape to seal the edges. It’s time to keep folding each other around the cylinder’s top 1/8 of an inch. At the very bottom of the cylinder, repeat this procedure.

Sixth step

Attach an endcap made of wrapping paper to the cylinder’s upper central portion with glue. With a bow, you may also cover the top. Add a bow or ribbon to complete the look. Make sure the long ribbon is centered around the cylindrical present. The gift’s top should be tied off with a knot tied in the ribbon that has been pulled to one side. Cut the tape into two long strips on either side. To finish the gift, tie a ribbon around the middle of it and the bow at the very top. The ribbon can be wrapped around the item and placed on the side if desired.

Simply tying a bow around the gift rather than using ribbon makes the item more elegant. Consider the color of the wrapping paper when choosing a bow and ribbon for your gift. Use a gold ribbon and a bow if you’re using red paper with a gold star. Finish by applying tape or wrapping paper to the cylinder’s inner circumference.

How to wrap cylinder gift using a gift bag

Step One

Tissue paper should be used to wrap the present. There is no need to search for it because it is hidden in a gift bag. You want to conceal the gift within the bag by covering it with a handkerchief.

Step Two

Choose a gift bag that is appropriate for your gift. A few sheets of tissue paper at the bottom of a gift bag will provide additional protection for delicate gifts. Use a gift bag that is the right size for your gift. The gift should be wrapped in a bag for example.

Step Three

Put the present in the bag. You can put the cylinder in the bag horizontally or vertically, depending on the situation. A bottle of homemade sauce, for example, can be placed vertically in the bag to avoid overflow. Place it on the bottom of the bag horizontally if you’d like to wrap it in a cylinder-shaped fabric.

Step Four

Add a patterned paper towel to the mix. Simply insert a thin piece of paper in the center. With one hand, clean your wrist with the paper while smoothing it out with the other. The inflated side of the tissue paper should face up in the bag. Inside the container, place the compressed edge of the tissue paper. On top of that, place the fuzzy edge.

Add another 3-4 thin sheets of paper and repeat. Use a paper towel that is the same color as the bag you plan to use it in. Thin paper in a variety of colors can be used.

How to wrap cylinder gift using both ends twisted

Step One

Cut the paper to the appropriate size after measuring it. To wrap the gift box properly, you’ll need more wrapping paper if you twist it. To begin, place the item on the wrapping paper and verify that there is enough material to completely encase it in the package.

Allow 0.5 inches of additional paper to be used as a sleeve. Pull the wrapping paper from both sides of the gift to ensure that it completely covers the item. Is there a great way to test your skills? The problem, though, is that you must ensure that every single page is consistent. Finally, having extra paper is a good idea because you can always cut it down later.

Step Two

A paper should be rolled around the rollers to make it easier to remove the paper. You should place the present at its widest point, with its front-facing down, on top of the sheet of wrapping paper. Fold one of the paper’s long sides in half, about a quarter of an inch. A double-sided tape strip can be used in the same way. Wrap the paper in a coil and secure it with duct tape. First, make sure the gift is centered in the tube, and then move it to the correct spot with your finger.

Step Three

Both ends of the paper should be twisted together. Bring the excess paper to the end of the tube, and then twist it gently. At the same time, you can build distinct prompts to make more specific alterations. Applying some tape to the twisted portion of the wrapping paper will keep it in place. Give your gift a candy-wrapper effect by removing all the excess paper from the gift wrap.

Stacking gifts horizontally is perfect for cylindrical items that don’t need to stand, as the gifts are placed vertically.

Step Four

Tie a ribbon around both ends. With the ribbon tied on both ends of the wrapping paper, you may enhance the effect of decorating and modification. Remove the extra ribbon by tying a knot in the ribbon. Additionally, ribbon and wrapping paper can be used in conjunction. If needed, add tags or gift cards.

More advanced ways To Wrap a Cylinder Gift

Beautiful Round Gift Wrapping

Gift wrapping with tissue paper and Gift wrapping paper

How to Wrap a Round Object


The joy of gift-wrapping will fade if you encounter a shape that’s tough to handle. No matter how horrendous it is, it doesn’t matter how pretty it is beneath the tree if you don’t get the results you want from the cookie jar.

But don’t be alarmed. When you use this guidance and the expertise of our gift-wrapping experts, you may pack a cylinder neatly and neatly without worrying about all the messy edges. Many people are unfamiliar with the proper way to pack cylinders, even though packing squares and rectangles is a simple task.

It’s possible to wrap and tie the edges like fireworks, but with some care, you can do it better. Measure and cut the paper as the first steps. Using a cylindrical gift as a guide, you can quickly figure out how much paper you’ll need.

Take a long piece of wrapping paper and wrap the entire cylinder with that. Trim the paper to a 1/2-inch overhang on all sides. Both sides of the gift’s paper should be pulled apart. It’s time to wrap it up and secure it with a knot.

How to wrap cylinder gift
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