How Much Money To Give For A Quinceanera Gift?

A quinceanera is a traditional event famous mainly in Mexico and Latin American Countries. This event marks the 15th birthday, a day famous for the transition of a girl from childhood to young womanhood. All the invitees bring a gift for the pearl to make her day worth-memorable. That’s being said, how much money to give for a quinceanera gift?

Gifts or money given to the girl mainly depend on your relationship with her and your association. It also accommodates the fact that how much Padrino or Madrina are spending on the party arrangements. To whom you are going to gift also plays a crucial role in determining the amount of gift. Typically, an average gift amount will be no less than $50.

Quinceanera is not just a simple birthday. It is one of the paramount days in a girl’s life which accompanies a birthday party– really an extravagant one! People send special invitations to friends and family members, who in turn bring unique and customized gifts for the young girl.

How Much Money To Give For A Quinceanera Gift?

What Kind Of Gift Do You Give At A Quinceanera?

Relation With The Party Girl

Whenever I receive an invitation to the Quinceanera festival, the first question I ask myself is, what’s the status of my relationship with the party girl. Is she a friend of mine? Is she a close relative or a distant one? This question has prime importance in choosing the type and value of the gift.

Though the gift is something that shouldn’t be considered in financial terms, it’s a bitter reality we have to align every step of our life with the budget we have at that time. So optimization of the budget with relation to receiving person produces a product which we call a gift. But whatever is the case, I always give first preference to the relationship status instead of a financial one.

Organizers of the party; parents and grandparents

It’s a known fact that even a simple party costs hundreds and even thousands of dollars. As the girl’s parent, you might prefer to give quality time and memories to your daughter instead of expensive gifts. Gifts are readily available for everyone but memories you make with families last forever.

One day you will hear your daughter saying, “My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person; he believed in me,” that day, you will realize money can buy everything but not belief and happiness. So, being the birthday girl’s parent, you should choose to make the best possible arrangements for her big day.

I also believe gifts bring hearts together, so I choose such gifts as some of her favorite shoes or her last Barbie doll or anything like that. I prefer something that can’t be available in exchange for money, it can be cheap, but feelings and memories attached to it should be precious. I have witnessed such gifts surely bring a smile to her face.

Cacophony of gift selections; relatives

There’s a common tradition related to Quinceanera that close relatives buy dresses and shoes for the party day. They also give monetary gifts realizing the scale of the party, the primary purpose of this tradition is to lessen the burden of expenses from the family. Though this is not a must-follow rule to follow such customs bravado people don’t show anomaly from such traditions.

It’s always been a mystery to choose the right gift for the right person, but I have few rules that always helped me overcome this messy situation. Just stay with me to create some thumb rules for yourself, which would benefit all the upcoming events in your life.

Friends and choice of gifts

What are friends? I believe a good friend is like a four-leaf clover; hard to find and lucky to have. They are the people who make your day, which makes your celebrations worth enjoying. They are like your non-biological brothers or sisters to whom you have a deeper association than the biological ones. So choosing gifts for friends is the most sensitive and tedious task for people like me.

A few days back, we celebrated the birthday party of one of my closest friends. It took almost five days to choose the right gift for him. Why so? Because friends have developed expectations from each other. It’s never customary to break those expectations or disappear from the scenes at the eleventh hour.

Whenever a friend invites me to her Quinceanera party, firstly, I prefer to find her own wish. But it’s always an arduous task to ask someone about her choice to keep the secrecy of surprise. Being a friend, I usually know her choice, but that’s not the case in most cases because she has some unique wishes and expectations from everyone on her special day.

At such arcane moments, I find my out by looking at the registry. Most quinceanera girls create their event pages via Mi Padrino, where she can put her choices to let her invitees know about her wishes or needs. So I usually look at that one to find what she is seeking and buy accordingly.            

Type Of Person; Conservative Or Non-Conservative

It’s an obvious thing that you must be profoundly knowing your friend or family member’s nature. Ask yourself if she is a religious girl or totally a materialistic one. Depending upon the answer you get from yourself, choose the most relevant gift accordingly.

Gifts for a religious girl

If my friend or relative who has invited me is a religious person, choosing the appropriate gift becomes way easier. I usually buy Bible and other such holy books for the girl.

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Gifts such as a Silver keepsake box with a cross can aggrandize the pleasure of her day. If she is among my close relatives, I will obviously buy some additional gifts along with religious ones.

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Gifts for a modernistic girl

If the party girl is tech-savvy or the modernistic one, then electronic equipment is the best gift for her, in my opinion. If she is close to my heart, then the latest version of the iPhone or other such gadgets would definitely make her smile.

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But buying phone covers would be more than enough to serve the purpose.

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Or maybe a lady’s bags will be a gift for her.

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Custom Gifts As An Ambassador Of Assiduous Relation

No matter my connection with her, whatever my budget is, I consider it a must for this particular event to buy or create customized gifts instead of ready-made available in the market without considering what type of person she is.

You might be wondering why I’m cajoling you to purchase customized gifts. Just stay with me for a while, and you will feel the importance of this blandishment. Customize offerings always create a sense of charisma for your gift and obviously for you.

For instance, let me give you an example; for instance, you are buying an iPhone cover for your friend, which won’t be more than a few tens of bucks. Having or purchasing such things from the market is not a big deal, so this can’t be regarded as a precious or worth-praising gift for anybody to receive on the other end.

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Now, take the same gift, the iPhone cover, and customize it with her name over it by using her favorite colors. Such a move will definitely make her smile because her friend, relative, or invitee has spent some time choosing and designing something for her. On your side, the same cover with limited customization would cost you not more than 10 to 20 dollars additional.

I’m jotting down a list of a few gift ideas whose customization would make her day. You can buy a necklace, bracelet, or a journal and make it unique with quince’s name over it. I also prefer to buy some make-up kits or an age-specific perfume for her with a hand-crafted box covering them. An instant camera or the latest version of AirPods can also be enough to serve the purpose.

When my pocket usually remains empty during my early years of age, and someone invites me to attend her quinceanera event, I devised some ways to gift her instead of giving her nothing. God forbids if you have such time no need to worry I have a solution for you. No need to lend money to gift her; make a handwritten card for her.

In that card, offer your willingness to assist her in planning and managing event arrangements, and that’s it. It would be way more charismatic for her than any expensive gifts because time and availability always occupy the highest levels in your heart.

The Bottom Line

Words are never enough to justify the beauty and importance of gifts. I believe sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart, and that’s the case with quinceanera’s gifts. Depending upon the relationship status and type of person, you can give her any customized gift irrespective of the amount of money. The thing that matters the most is nothing else but your presence. 

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