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Ghost party

At a birthday party is always fun. Having a theme makes it a little more fun, not just for those who are invited, but also for the organizer.

How do you arrange a ghost party? The invitation makes you a black paper where you paste white ghosts. At a ghost party, you can dress up as a ghost, witch, or mummy. Decorate the home with ghosts and cobwebs. At the party, you can serve a cake that you decorate like a cemetery. Good games on a ghost party are to guess the contents and the mummy.

How do you arrange a ghost party?
How do you arrange a ghost party?

A ghost party is fun, and it doesn’t have to take place during Halloween, it can be held year-round. The ghosts do not care what time of year it will be haunting.

Start planning the party

First, you need to start thinking about where the party will be held. Do you live in a house with plenty of room in the basement, it is, of course, a suitable place. But it is just as good in the living room or make the child’s room into a dark cave. 

One tip is otherwise hiring a sports hall or if there are no other suitable premises where you live.¬†If you are going to have the party in the backyard, there might be smart to buy or rent a party tent with sides that you can decorate so that it becomes a cozy ‚Äúroom.‚ÄĚ

Make a spooky invitation

When you invite to a ghost party, have the invitations need to have a right look. One tip is to make your cards, for example, black paper base and where you cut the ghosts in white paper pasted on. You can also do the opposite and cut a spider from black paper pasted on a white background. Instead of paper, you can use fabric or yarn to create a spooky invitation. Or why not take a cloth and put some cotton in the middle, tie a ribbon for, you have a ghost. Draw eyes and attached the invitation card in the belt of the ghost.

How to dress up for a ghost party?

To dress up as ghosts need not be so difficult. Find an old sheet and cut out holes for the eyes. No ghost party without a mummy, of course, and here it blends well with an old bedsheet torn into strips to wrap the body in. Make sure the color part of the sheet with bloody red paint to make it look terrifying.

Witches also fit into a ghost party! They are dressed up in back with some red accents such as belts, scarfs, and necklaces, completed with a witches hat and somewhat fitting makeup, like a wart on the cheek or nose.

Suitable clothes for Dracula would be black pants and a white shirt. He also needs a black robe, pretending teeth, and do not forget the hair gel for backward licked hair.  

Make sure to have fancy make-up at home and make-up children with blood and insects in the face. Let the imagination flow!

Decorate the party room

The invitations are sent, the upholstery is fixed, and now it is time to deal with the decoration! Make your ghost of white cloth filled with cushions, balls, or other in the middle before tightening with a cord or rope. Attach a spring at the top and hang up the ghost in the garden, at the door, and inside the house. Small ghosts can make napkins and tissue paper. White balloons, as you draw a black eye on, are also useful.

Put some cobwebs in the corners of the room and let the spiders climb down. Let them almost end up in the faces of the guests. Make sure to replace the lights to colored in orange or black and hang cobwebs on them and in the windows. As it should preferably be dark on a ghost party, it is good to cover the windows with black cardboard, tissue paper, or likewise. If the party is in the living room, you can put sheets over the furniture both to provide the right atmosphere but also to protect them a little extra.

On the feast table, it will be excellent with black cloth. Set the table with orange napkins and red plates. It is most effective with candles on the table. But pay attention to safety! Instead, use battery-operated candles in candlesticks or battery-operated candles.

Also, have some ‚Äúspooky‚ÄĚ music or sounds in the background.

What are you going to eat at a ghost party?

Pasta and spaghetti boiled and dyed with food coloring are quite scary‚ÄĒthe ketchup for blood sausages and cut fingers.

Bake a cake, cover it with cream and put black licorice pieces such as eyes or making a round cake that you cover up with glaze. Hurry to garnish a spider web with chocolate icing before it has set. Garnish with toy spiders or make your own out of melted chocolate.

You can also decorate the cake to make it look like a cemetery. Color the cream green, so that it seems like the grass (or use coconut colored green). Put biscuits at the cake to make it look like tombstones.

Sometimes it is better to serve ice cream cake. And it could not be more comfortable than pouring ice cream in a dish and decorate so that it looks like a ghost. Buy candy teeth and decorate around. Decorate the meringue with chocolate eyes, so they look like small ghosts.

Serve red ‚Äúbloody‚ÄĚ lemonade out a black bucket and why not put in some dry ice in the bottom so that the smoke fine from the cauldron.¬†Fill out a pair of plastic gloves with water and freeze.¬†Remove the gloves before loading ‚Äúice cubes‚ÄĚ in your drinks.

The candy bags on a ghost party

Buy black fabric or tulle to use as units instead of bags. Fill with candy eyes, false teeth, and other scary stuff. Tie on a red ribbon.

What to play at the party


Find some boxes that you fill with different contents. For example, fill one with sour milk, one with flour, one with peeled grapes, or anything else that can be scary to touch. Cover the opening of the box so that you can not see what it contains. Divide the children into two teams and let them dip their hand, one at a time, and guess what’s in. The team with most the correct answers, wins.


In this game, you need two rolls of toilet paper. Divide the children into two teams and let each group decide who should be the mummy. Count down to the start. Now, the team wraps the mummy completely with toilet paper so that no parts are visible anymore. The team that is ready first wins.

Who is haunting?

Let one or two children leave the room. Those who are left hide under a sheet, so they look like ghosts. When those who left are coming in again, they guess who is hiding behind each sheet. The ghosts may just say buuu and haunting. The first one that guesses correctly is the one who gets to go out next time.


For this, you need several black buckets in different sizes.¬†You can also attach the fabric to the opening and make holes of various sizes.¬†Mark out how many points each hole provides.¬†Color some tennis balls black and glue on yarn (legs) so that it looks like spiders.¬†Now the kids can try to get the spindles into the different holes‚ÄĒthe smaller the gap, the more points.

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Ghost party
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